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As the mobile usage revolution gets truly underway, mobile application testing is emerging as a critical function. Testing in the mobile space calls for a complete reset in approach.

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Wipro Mobility Testing Presentation

  1. 1. Mobility: Resetting the testing approach1 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  2. 2. As the mobile usage revolution gets truly underway, mobile application testing is emerging as a critical function. Testing in the mobile space calls for a complete reset in approach.2 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  3. 3. Changes present the real test • Mobile device penetration is growing, as users deploy them for personal and professional use. • The number of Operating Systems range from iOS, Android, Symbian, RIM, Microsoft Windows, Palm, webOS, Linux, Bada, BREW, J2me, MeeGo etc. • These add an unprecedented level of complexity to app development and testing. • Product development cycle times are shrinking, forcing app developers to evolve just as quickly. • These developments have led to a dramatic change in mobility testing.3 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  4. 4. Implications Innovative approaches are being created everyday to address Different teams need to work on cross-platform complexities, the Testing costs and timelines have different handsets, operating challenges presented by gesture gone up as the number of systems, languages, carriers, and motion recognition, touch- platforms has increased. locations etc. sensitive screens, GPS and other advances. Test cycles are longer than The number of tools required has development cycles resulting in gone up several folds loss of business opportunity4 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  5. 5. Automation: The solution to accelerate testing (and reduce costs) • There is no single magic tool that can enable mobile app testing automation. • So, application developers and vendors must choose the tool best suited to their needs. • The key areas central to mobile app testing - Upgrades, Functionality, Performance, Automation and Security - must be kept in focus. • App performance must be tested in a data-driven objective manner rather than a subjective manner, in addition to being benchmarked against other apps.5 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  6. 6. Wipro’s MAAT or Device Test Automation Accelerator Features: • Support for devices, phones and tablets • Test cases are device-agnostic; the same test cases can run without any change on other • Only connectivity module and image capture devices with the same UI flow module require code support – the rest of the • A device can be prepared for automation in 6 framework is platform agnostic hours; framework has a tool to get this done faster • Ever expanding framework library to assist easy scripting6 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  7. 7. Choosing the right service provider • For rapid and accurate mobile testing, it is important for application developers to partner with a turnkey solution provider. • The key is for the provider to span devices, tools and automation solutions. • When selecting a test vendor, ask the following questions: Can the vendor ensure Can the vendor ensure scale lowered testing costs and by demonstrating a deep faster time to market with understanding of the infrastructure, resources, enterprise app market, a tools, ready-to-customize global presence, and use cases and validation expertise across platforms suites? and devices?7 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  8. 8. For more details please visit the link below : http://www.wipro.com/Documents/Mobility- Resetting_The_Testing_Approach.pdf8 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  9. 9. About Wipro Technologies Wipro Technologies, the global IT business of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) is a leading Information Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing company, that delivers solutions to enable its clients do business better. Wipro Technologies delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of “Business through Technology” – helping clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognised globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a practitioner’s approach to delivering innovation and an organization wide commitment to sustainability, Wipro Technologies has over 130,000 employees and clients across 54 countries. For more information, please visit www.wipro.com9 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  10. 10. Thank You ©Wipro Limited, 2012. All rights reserved. For more information visit www.wipro.com No part of this document may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the authors. Wipro is not liable for any business outcome based on the views presented in this document. For specific implementation clients should take advise from their client engagement manager.10 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM