Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing


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Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex process consisting of hundreds of manufacturing steps.

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Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing

  1. 1. Analytics for Semiconductor Manufacturing Driving Business Performance through Analytics1 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  2. 2. HIGHLIGHTS Semiconductor Manufacturing Semiconductor manufacturing is a complex process consisting of hundreds of manufacturing steps. To improve business performance, investments in data management and analytics are growing. Analytics helps companies improve yield and provide better visibility to management across the plant2 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  3. 3. Key Facts about Semiconductor Industry • The industry has been a key driver for economic development. It has powered the growth in computers, consumer electronics and the Internet industry. • Semiconductor Manufacturing is a complex process consisting of hundreds of manufacturing steps. • The technology transition from 300mm wafer size to 450mm has major capex implications, demanding higher operational efficiencies, minimizing downtime of equipment and improving yield from the newer generation of fabs. • An interesting aspect of semiconductor manufacturing is that the front-end contributes 90% of capital costs and 80% of lead times.3 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  4. 4. Data Sources in Semiconductor Manufacturing In order to monitor and control the manufacturing process, data is collected at several of the manufacturing steps: MES Data (Manufacturing Equipment Data ERP and Planning Data Execution Systems) – Like temperature and – Transactional data – Manages shop floor pressure from equipment operations Parametric and Electrical Metrology Data and Data Defect Data Recipe Data - Measurement of - Measurement of process – Routing data within the electrical specifications and equipment generated shop floor and characteristics of defects chips4 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  5. 5. Semiconductor Metrics Equipment Utilization Since the equipment is highly capital intensive, any decrease in utilization reduces productivity Equipment Utilization and could substantially decrease returns. Yield The ratio of individual integrated circuits that Yield perform to specification, to the total number of circuits is called “yield”. Overall Equipment Overall Equipment Effectiveness Effectiveness OEE is an all-inclusive measurement of semiconductor equipment and manufacturing productivity.5 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  6. 6. Analytical Methods and their Applications Analytics can help fabs identify systemic factors like defective tools/ recipes that degrade productivity and efficiency, correlate parameters in real time to ensure yield improvements and failure analysis. Analytics today can help in: Fault Detection, Monitoring Classification Failure Predictive through Predictive and Analysis Models Control Maintenance Prediction Charts6 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  7. 7. The Future for Analytics and Semiconductors • Analytical solutions with data mining and advanced modeling features will be central to the ability to meet customer requirements in the future. • Performance improvements will enable the industry to neutralize margin erosion, ensure faster-to-market capabilities. • Innovations that include interactive reporting, enhanced GUIs and collaboration features will help achieve higher efficiency and reliability with optimized fab utilization. The future of analytics in the industry cannot be discounted or overlooked - it is a key ingredient of future fabs.7 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  8. 8. For more details please visit the link below: manufacturing-business-performance-through-analytics.pdf8 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
  9. 9. About Wipro Council for Industry Research Wipro set up the Council for Industry Research, comprised of domain and technology experts from the organization, to address the needs of customers. It specifically surveys innovative strategies that will help customers gain competitive advantage in the market. The Council, in collaboration with leading academic institutions and industry bodies, studies market trends to help equip organizations with insights to facilitate their IT and business strategies. For more information on the Research Council visit or mail wipro.insights@wipro.com9 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM
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  11. 11. Thank You ©Wipro Limited, 2012. All rights reserved. For more information visit No part of this document may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the authors. Wipro is not liable for any business outcome based on the views presented in this document. For specific implementation clients should take advise from their client engagement manager.11 © 2012 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM