Neustar on Mobile Security (mHealth Summit 2012 WIPJam)


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Neustar on Mobile Security (mHealth Summit 2012 WIPJam)

  1. 1. Real Intelligence, Better DecisionsNeustar Information ServicesWIPJam @ mHealth SummitDecember 2012Panel Topic: Security and PrivacyModerator: Lisa Peterson, Director, Mobile BusinessDevelopment
  2. 2. Company Background • Approximately 1,500 employees worldwide • Corporate headquarters in Sterling, VA (USA) A trusted, neutral provider of real-time • Offices in North America,information, analysis, and registry services Europe, and Asia for the Internet, Telecommunications, information services, financial services, • FY2011 Revenue: retail, media and advertising sectors. US$620.5 Million Neustar applies its advanced, secure • Stock Symbol: NYSE:technologies in identification, location, and evaluation to help its customers promote NSR and protect their businesses. •
  3. 3. Mobile Is A Game Changer» mHealth application and content providers are tapping into the unique characteristics of mobile to enable patients to access care and medical information anytime, anywhere Personalized Rich & Immediate & Always On & & Contextual Interactive Dynamic Reach3
  4. 4. Need Medical Help? There are Thousands of Apps For That! Juniper Research estimates 44 M downloads of mHealth apps by end of 2012, and 142 M by 2016. iPhone Free Health & Fitness Apps4
  5. 5. Mobile Drives More Information Access & Sharing Identity theft/insurance Remote Consultation/Care fraud Lower Costs Increased CostsImproved data collection, Personal safetyaccuracy Personalized Content Security breachesReal-time Decisions Big Brother Relevant Notices/Alerts Incorrect Medical Information Increased Efficiency Third Party Access Balancing security and privacy risks with personal health information with the benefits of mHealth is critical ; all involved have accountability 5
  6. 6. Big Brother Pizza Scenario» © Neustar Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential
  7. 7. According to a 2011 World Health Organization report, governments cite issues related to data privacy and security and the protection of individual health information as two of the top barriers to the expansion of mHealth.7
  8. 8. Topics For Panelists» What industry regulations/policies must developers be aware of when it comes to securing PHI data?» Do mHealth apps receive more scrutiny then others (e.g. games?) Are there standards/regulations specific to mobile?» Discuss new concerns that mobile presents related to PHI data, validity of information and sources, security, patient privacy…» A key advantage of mobile is the ability for the doctor to communicate with the patient on a 1:1 basis in a remote setting vs. coming into a doctor’s office. What security measures need to be considered for this type of communication?» What if the health workers are using their own devices (BYOD)? What can be done to protect/secure the PHI data?8 © Neustar, Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. Topics For Panelists» What are best practices related to identity verification/authentication/authorization?» Location based applications are hot. What role does mobile location play in mHealth?» Many health care providers want to leverage mobile to deliver personalized information to their customers relative to their health status/treatments – what type of customer data can be used? What are the industry practices for opt- in/opt-out?» Are there best practices established for mobile finance/payments that can be leveraged by mHealth?9 © Neustar, Inc. / Proprietary and Confidential