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Meida pack tvc presentation- no rate

  1. 1. TouchmediaBangkok Interactive In-Taxi Media NetworkThe Reach of Conventional Media with the Effectiveness of the Internet
  2. 2. Agenda1. Overview2. Product Value Proposition3. About Touchmedia4. Pricing5. International Case Studies
  3. 3. OverviewTouchmedia’s in-taxi media network, Bangkok largest, distributes advertising,entertainment information and unique interactive experiences.Touchmedia has five years contract with more than 44.000 taxis in Bangkok.This gives us the capacity to reach over 61.776.000 passengers per months .A Bangkok taxis averages 36 trips per day with over 1.3 backseat passengers in 1 month 36 trips x 1.3 backseat passengers x 30 days x 44.000 taxis = 61.776.000 passengers
  4. 4. Touchmedia Value Proposition Touchmedia Uniquely Meets 5 Client Needs: More Involving Advertising More Innovative Cost-efficient Functionalities Targeting Precise Greater Measurability Effectiveness
  5. 5. 1. More Involving Advertising Theater Videos and flash programs Icons Interactive Flash Programs Viewers select the information that interests them The interactive advertising itself is entertaining, so they can do quizzes, play brand games, answer questions, see product demonstrations and enter promotions The result is dramatically longer viewing times (usually 80+ seconds* versus 2 to 6 seconds for most other print and outdoor media.) Taxis are a captive environment, quiet, 1-on-1, conducive to consumer engagementfor 50 % of viewers
  6. 6. 2a. More Cost-Efficient Targeting Average Income: Bangkok Average Taxi Passengers: Bangkok*Thb 30,000 or more 8.6 Thb 50,000 or more 56.0Thb 10,000-29,999 37.9 Thb 22,500-49,999 35.0 Thb 7,000-9,999 53.5 Thb 15,000-22,499 9.0 Data source:Thai National statistic office Data source: Bts Group Survey The above tables show that taxi passengers have considerably more disposable income. More spending power to buy your products or services.*For 38 % of passenger the actual figures will be considerably higher.
  7. 7. 2b. More Cost-Efficient Targeting* Taxis deliver large numbers Backseat passengers only, for 1,000 taxis, in 1 monthViewers of Video• 1,393,000 seeing TVCs on average 1.61 times Icons Entrants• 171,000, roughly half spend over 1½ minutes in the icon. Bangkok A Bangkok taxi averages 36 trips per day, with over 1.3 backseat passengers. In 1 month 36 trips x 1.3 backseat passengers x 30 days = 1,404,000 people.)*Results taken from international study of same media platform - not Touchmedia Thailand.
  8. 8. 3a. Greater Effectiveness* Taxi Passengers like the media and find it useful… 120 100 80 Fully agree 60 Agree Think its right 40 Negative 20 0 Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4Item 1 Taxi media is a good channel for product informationItem 2 Taxi media is a good way to occupy one’s timeItem 3 I usually use the screenItem 4 I recall messages delivered on taxi media wellData source : indipendent research provided by a retail client*Results taken from international study of same media platform - not Touchmedia Thailand.
  9. 9. 3b. Greater Effectiveness* Because it is interactive, RECALL is exceptional NOTE: Average recall 1 to 2 months after viewing is around 10 % for TV andAverage Recall Rate from press; less for newspapers & 10% magazines. Estee Lauder Data source : indipendent research Pepsi provided by a retail client Skoda GE % Recall Disney Disney GE Skoda Pepsi Estee Lauder Jan. 69.2 44.2 53.8 73.1 42.3 Feb. 72 45.6 60.8 68 44.8 Average 71.2 45.2 58.8 69.5 44.1*Results taken from international study of same media platform - not Touchmedia Thailand.
  10. 10. 3c. Greater Effectiveness *HSBC sponsors “Walking With Diesel 30th birthday promotion. Buy a one-Dinosaurs” off designer pair of jeans for THB 500. 1 day only/1 store only. Target:Mercedes Stadium event organizer, sell 200 pairs.“We saw a 20% spike in ticketsales from the day the advertising ONLY media used: Tvc’s in taxis.launched on Touchmedia” 10.00 The store opens to a queue of 3,000 people.20% of sales was 30,000 tickets, aresult they have seen with no other 10.30 The 2400 jeans had sold 10.40 Police arrive to control 1,500 people unable to get jeans.*Results taken from international study of same media platform - not Touchmedia Thailand.
  11. 11. 4. Precise Measurability Each individual trip is measured giving a far more accurate ROI for advertisers Every client receives a detailed report. Data we can measure: Trip / Viewers No. Of Trips No. of Passengers Video Number of Plays Duration Icon Icons Chosen Time; Pages Viewed Location (Bangkok) Pickup point Drop Off point Promotion Response Rates Mobile Downloads Contact Details Phone Numbers Emails Allows detailed profiles  Gender, Interests, Responsiveness, Location (home and office)  Use CRM to build a relationship beyond the taxi
  12. 12. 5. Innovative FunctionalitiesRelationships established with potential customerscan be maintained beyond the taxi Time-based advertising Location-based advertising Download Apps to mobiles Download e Coupons to mobiles Market research 3G SMS direct from the screen
  13. 13. Why is Touchmedia so Effective? Advantage #1: Involvement Viewers select material that interests them. Ads are entertaining – try make up on a model, look around a new car inside and out. More involving means a longer viewing time, around 80 seconds. Advantage #2: Demographics Taxis concentrate a Target Audience that’s affluent, educated, white collar and has high levels of expenditure, in larger numbers than other media. Advantage #3: Greater Effectiveness Interactivity and longer viewing times mean higher recall and response. Often many times higher. Advantage #4: Precise Measurability and Contact Details Each trip and what the viewer did is measured and recorded. We can even collect contact details right on the screen. Advantage #5: New Functionalities: Viewers can download information, catalogues, promotions, store locations and coupons Ads can be adjusted on the screen for taxi location and time13
  14. 14. What is Touchmedia: The Unit Theater Videos and flash programs Icons Interactive Flash Programs The viewing screen has 2 parts:A video “Theater” that runs 18 to 24 minutes. This is the same as the average taxi ride so each passenger will see the loop through once.And “Icon” buttons that call up the interactive programs on the screen.
  15. 15. Examples of International clients benefit from taxi advertising  Over 200 clients spanning most ad industry categories Two thirds do multiple programs vs. average new media level of below 15%  Mix of international and local clients
  16. 16. Hugo Boss* Banks* Qualifying Prospects Personal Loans Sampling campaign target: 4,000 Citibank, Standard Chartered, etc. 4 million viewers; 210,000 enter Apply on screen and confirm with followsampling up call.  One bank has run 5 programs Qualified 30,000 by gender, age, usageand purchase frequency  With 22,000 loan applications  Loans “in the hundreds of millions” *Results taken from international study of same media platform - not Touchmedia Thailand.
  17. 17. Ecco Shoes* Dyrberg/Kern Jewelry*Mobile Phone App MMS Coupon 600,000 passengers entered the Dyrberg/Kern Jewelry –1 monthinteractive icon where they coulddownload a branded ECCO pedometer  ad used by 1.1 million passengersApp for their phone  56,000 phone numbers entered to10,000+ regular users of the App in download MMS discount couponongoing dialogue with ECCO  1,500+ redeemed with spend of several million THB *Results taken from international study of same media platform - not Touchmedia Thailand.
  18. 18. Touchmedia - drivingyour message home Thank You!