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Forest school presentation nature


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Published in: Education
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Forest school presentation nature

  1. 1. Forest School at Rubery Children’s Centre Nursery School
  2. 2. Forest SchoolBy providing a child with the space and time tothink in a natural environment, with open-endedchild-led activities and a secure area, ForestSchool is an ideal learning environment for all.
  3. 3. A Forest School Leader will introduce activitiesand then act as a facilitator in order for childrento explore the area following their owninterests.
  4. 4. A Forest School Session Getting ready – wet weather gear and wellies Rules at the site STOP DON’T PICK DON’T LICK Have FUN! Drink and snack
  5. 5. Why go to the Forest? Self confidence Collaboration Exploration Independence Risk taking Physical skills
  6. 6. What the Children will need At least 2 pairs of socks A pair of wellies A thick waterproof coat A change of clothes (named) Hats, scarves and gloves/ sunhats
  7. 7. Here the Children areusing branches toreach the top of thetree
  8. 8. Here the Children are developing their physical skills by balancing andstepping across the log circle
  9. 9. The Children are exploring a muddy puddle using branches and sticks. Thechildren are working together.
  10. 10. The Children enjoyed investigating the snow during the winter.
  11. 11. The Children work collaboratively to make dens in the forest using naturalmaterials and tarpaulin .
  12. 12. We have lots of fun playing and exploring in the Forest School even inthe rain.
  13. 13. Carrying large branches can be a challenge . The Childrenneed to develop their co ordination .
  14. 14. Here we cansee Childrensitting andwallowing inthe mud.TheseChildren werekeen toexplore thetexture of themud and thenwent on tomark makeusing sticksand also theirwellies.
  15. 15. The Children are using all their senses to enjoy nature. We encourage them todescribe and talk about what they can see, feel and smell.
  16. 16. The forest school enables children to form friendships with others whilst enjoying thebeautiful environment.
  17. 17. A member of staff is supporting the children as they hunt for insects underthe logs. The children are taught to return the log and to care and respect thehomes of these creatures with which we share our forest school.
  18. 18. These twoChildren arehaving to workcollaborativelyto move thebranch.The Childrenneed tocommunicatewith each otherand work as ateam toachieve theirgoal.They are alsorefining theirphysical skills.
  19. 19. There isnever anyhurry inForestSchool . Weencouragethe childrento stop andbe still andlook andlisten towhat theycan see andhear.This littleboy wasfascinatedby theclouds inthe sky.
  20. 20. There is lotsof open spacein our ForestSchool, Wecan take largegroups ofChildren at atime. Many ofour Childrenlive in flatsand do nothave accessto a garden.Here we areenjoying alarge groupgame of hideand seek.
  21. 21. Sometimeswe inviteparents tocome toforest schoolso theyunderstandmore aboutit andbecome veryinvolvedlearningpartners.
  22. 22. Exploring animal habitats under a log pile.
  23. 23. Here is a parent working alongside her child making bark rubbings.
  24. 24. This child isusing amagnifyingglass to look atthe tiny insectshe has foundon this treetrunk.
  25. 25. Our forest is a wonderful place to encourage imaginative roleplay. These old logs have become a bus.
  26. 26. We end each session with a song Find a stick and tap on a log.