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Activity plan sport show

  1. 1. LITTLE EUROPEANS KNOW EACH OTHEREU LLP COMENIUS MULTILATERAL SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PROJECTACTIVITY PLAN FOR PRE-SCHOOL EDUCTION SUBJECTSCOUNTRY / CITY FRANCE – Bourbon l’ArchambaultSCHOOL KindergartenLEVEL / AGE GROUP 5 years oldTHE NAME OF THE ACTIVITYTITLE OF THE LESSONBaby Gym activityLet’s make a Gymnastic Show !TOPIC / MAIN IDEA• Psychomotor Development• Literacy and awareness of the body in space• Acceptance of risk-taking measuredSUBJECT Sport activityMATERIALS - Using the secure area "baby gym" of the sportshall, space 150 m² carpeted floor 5 cm thickand provided with wall cladding.- Hoops- Colorful carpets- Colorful carpets for reception (20 cm thick)- Low beam foam- Beams of different heights- Plinths and bars "Educ Gym"- Trampoline- Mini trampoline- Castle DIMA foam- Cylindrical foam blocks- Ramps foam- Horizontal Bar "baby gym"- Uneven Bars "baby gym"- Parallel Bars "baby gym"OBJECTIVES• Production racing momentum• Implementation of different rotations• Realization of simple paths on
  2. 2. o Trampolineo Mini Trampolineo Castle Climbingo Bars "baby gym"o Beams• Performing acrobatics figures (in pairs, trinomialor five)METHODS AND TECHNIQUES Warm in a fun form of 10 to 15 minutes, followedby a work shop (3 workshops - 8 children perworkshop), rotating every 30 minutes.ACTIVITYBeam :* Walk forward, jump, raising his arms* Walk and run a round in the central area, jumpspreading her legs and arms (star jump)* Walk and run a face plate in the central area, skipmaking a half turn* Walk and run a side board in the central area,jump grouping legs* Walk back* Walk then make a U-turn in the central area andwalk back* Walk, sit in the central area, hands behind histender legs forward, stand up, keep walking andjumping raising his arms* Same exercise but off the outstretched legs of thebeam2 parallel and inclined bars :* 4-legged walking forward* 4-legged walking on the side* Walk upright, one foot on each bar* Walks upright, on a single barGym floor :* Introduction to the wheel* ATR ("pear")* Tripod ("pear" with forehead resting on the floor)* Candlelight* Face Plate* Side plankRamps and green carpet
  3. 3. * Roll forward* Roll forward with taking knees, round back, backon their feet* Backward roll* Backward roll gapUneven Bars :* Shop around before the small bar* Shop around before on the top bar* Back to the tower in the high bar* Hold his hands on the top bar, move his knees overthe bar low, drop his hands together to catch thebottom bar and turn back* Hold his hands on the top bar, put his feet on thebottom bar and move his legs over the top bar backParallel Bars :* Move to 4 feet* Move like a crab* Swinging legs* Swing your legs up and one foot on each side (3times)* Swinging his legs three times and leave to one sideover the bar forwardHorizontal bar :* Move from one side to the other, by the handssuspended* Hanging by his hands and make a half turn* Swing his legs forward (legs straight) back (legsfolded)* Same then leave the buttocks backwardMMA :* Pyramid 2 (different figures)* Pyramid 3 (different figures)* Pyramid 5 (a figure)ASSESSMENT • Controlled Race meet the criteria required• rolls performed in tuck position• Casing body control and balance in the differentexercises required
  4. 4. Gymnastics workshops were held during a semester,Tuesday afternoon (16 sessions of 2 hours). A soundand light show was given by the children of Greatsection to close the session "gymnastics workshops"in the late afternoon, Tuesday, March 26, 2013, atthe village hall. Parents and kids had a good time!Our aspiring gymnasts have really put their heart.