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ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications
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ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications


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Overview of ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications. From Incisor Magazine, May 2011. Co-authored with Mark Grazier

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ZigBee Energy Management and Sensor Centric Applications

  2. 2. 2 sensing something big Anyone with even a remote connection to the short-range wireless industry will know that wireless sensors and controls are the current preoccupation of legions of engineers, developers and marketeers. If we are to believe the hype, the success that has been seen so far for technologies such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, EnOcean, NFC, RFiD, etc, etc, is as nothing compared to the opportunity presented by wireless sensors and controls. Consumers may have bought a lot of Bluetooth headsets, and there are an awful lot of wireless chips in games consoles, cars, phones, but apparently, when we move into the M2M market, the health and fitness markets, smart homes/smart grids, the numbers are set to rise exponentially. Every man and his dog is claiming that he has the perfect solution. Well, every technology alliance and every individual wireless company is anyway. But which will prevail? To which fence should we nail our colours? And where should we put our hard-earned money? Incisor is uniquely positioned (a cliché as well worn as these trainers I’m wearing at the moment) to find out. We have relationships with pretty much all of the players. It was about time, then, that we reviewed this market. We put the word out that this special issue was to be published, and the response was, let’s say, enthusiastic. I can’t promise that the submissions here are entirely hype-free, but our contributors understand that there is only so much over-blown marketing bilge they can get away with then talking to readers that are as wireless market savvy as Incisor’s. You will have to judge for yourself which story carries most credence, and Dean Gratton has made his own, independent observations. Finally, Incisor.TV attended the Bluetooth SIG’s All Hands Meeting. If you really, really want to know what is going on inside the Bluetooth SIG, but couldn’t make it to Budapest, then watch the Incisor.TV movies in this issue. Vince Holton Publisher & editor-in-chief, Incisor / IncisorTV FOLLOW INCISOR CONTENTS EDITORIAL CONTACTS INCISOR IS PRODUCED/DISTRIBUTED BY: WIRELESS SENSOR AND CONTROL Click I.T. Limited SPECIAL FEATURE - Hampshire Gate, Langley, Rake Click here Hampshire GU33 7JR, England CONTRIBUTORS: Tel: +44 (0)1730 895614 BLUETOOTH SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP CONTACT DETAILS: ENOCEAN ALLIANCE Publisher/Editor-in-chief: Click here Vince Holton · ZIGBEE ALLIANCE Telephone: +44 (0)1730 895614 IMS RESEARCH Sales & Business Development: All enquiries – CAMBRDIGE CONSULTANTS Telephone: +44 1730 895614 TRAC Contributing writers: Click here EMBER Rebecca Russell, Manek Dubash, Dean Anthony Gratton NORDIC SEMICONDUCTORS Paul Rasmussen, Mads Oelholm. TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Views expressed within are those of the Incisor editorial and management representatives, and Click here DEAN GRATTON’S HELICOPTER VIEW of the representatives of sponsor companies. Incisor is distributed on a monthly basis PLUS - to companies and individuals with an interest in short range wireless technology. BLUETOOTH ALL HANDS MEETING Subscribe to Incisor free of charge at: Incisor.TV brings you four movies providing a unique Should you wish to stop receiving Incisor, insight to developments at the Bluetooth Special please send a message titled UNSUBSCRIBE to: Interest Group. The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Incisor and the Incisor brandmark are trademarks of Click I.T. Ltd. All other logos and trademarks are the property of the relevant companies. © Copyright Click I.T. Ltd 2011
  3. 3. 3 news Android to seize 45% Burden concluded, “The overall smartphone market growth for 2010 is not extension to tower and rooftop-based LTE macrocell deployments. In a traditional of smartphone market really so surprising: what is more significant is the 19% compound annual macrocell configuration, LTE promises to deliver 2-4X the capacity of current 3G by 2016 growth rate (CAGR) contained in our networks, but with leading operators forecasts through 2016.” witnessing mobile data growth of 7 - 30X 302 million smartphones shipped in 2010, over the last 3 years, LTE macrocells alone according to ABI Research, chalking up a will provide only temporary relief from data resounding 71% growth over 2009’s Small cell base station congestion. As a result, operators are leveraging both small cell architectures and shipment levels. combines LTE and Wi-Fi unlicensed spectrum in order to augment Android’s success since its launch is capacity in areas of high use expected to continue: some 69 million As mobile operators worldwide plan and concentration. smartphones running the Android operating deploy LTE networks to support the growth system shipped last year, and ABI Research in mobile data demand, a new class of expects that in 2016 Android will have captured 45% of the market. small cell base station, known as outdoor metropolitan picocell, is gaining traction. MusiCALL – clip-style “Android, Bada and BlackBerry have a great According to industry research firm, In-Stat, stereo Bluetooth opportunity to fill the vacuum being left by the outdoor metropolitan picocell market is the disappearance of the Symbian OS forecast to top $5 Billion in 2014. In that solution from Bluetrek within the next two years,” senior analyst same year, other forecasts suggest that Michael Morgan told Incisor. more than two billion Wi-Fi chipsets will Bluetrek has released a slightly different ship, reflecting Wi-Fis continued popularity take on the Bluetooth wireless headset Apple’s iOS, which held 15% of the market in smartphones and tablets, the devices solution, launching a product called in 2010, should continue moderate but driving mobile data and video consumption. MusiCALL, which is a clip stereo headset steady growth over the mid-term, backed Against this backdrop of increasing mobile with 3.5mm jack compatibility. by new product introductions. ABI Research data demand, LTE small cell adoption and forecasts 19% market share for iOS in Wi-Fi enabled device growth, BelAir You can clip the MusiCALL pendant to 2016. Networks has launched the BelAir100LP your shirt to give you wireless control of LTE Picocell, a compact outdoor small cell your tracks (play, pause, next, previous, RIM, which held 16% of the market in 2010, base station that combines LTE and volume +/-) whilst leaving your smart is expected to lose just a little ground: 14% 802.11n Wi-Fi and can be installed and phone in your pocket or bag. is the forecast for 2016. “RIM’s slight loss activated within 15 minutes. of share doesn’t mean falling shipments,” A 3.5mm input jack allows you to connect said Vice President Kevin Burden. “RIM has "In live network trials with Tier One your favourite earphones or headphones. found its niche, but the consumer market operators, weve proven that combining Music will stop when a call comes in and will grow faster than its portion of it.” licensed and unlicensed wireless restarts when you end the call. technologies in a small cell base station is a Of the newer entrants in the smartphone OS very effective way to handle growing mobile Bluetrek was showing the MusiCall at the arena, Windows Phone 7 and Samsung’s data traffic," Bernard Herscovich, President Spring edition of the Hong Kong Bada are both aimed at low- to mid-range and CEO, BelAir Networks told Incisor. "The Electronics and Global Sources Fairs that handsets. “With 4 million units shipped in BelAir100LP features a modular platform to took place during April. The suggested 2010 (amounting to a 1.5% market share), accommodate operators LTE preferences retail price (SRP) is USD69.99 or €59.90 Bada has taken off very well, very fast,” and leverages patented innovations that Morgan added. “Bada may reach 10% address the installation challenges – Bluetrek is also launching a headset it market share by 2016. Windows Phone 7, including backhaul, power and mounting – calls CARBON, and claims it is the on the other hand, which shipped in two that have impeded widespread picocell world’s first Bluetooth headset made of million handsets in Q4 2010, will have to adoption to date." carbon fibre. Apparently, the patented find incredible success through its Nokia mechanism embedded in the carbon fibre channel to take more than 7% of the market The BelAir100LP is designed to provide a tube allows extended talk time, yet by 2016.” high capacity underlay or coverage reduces weight to less than 6grams.
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  5. 5. 5 INCISOR.TV VIDEO REPORT Sponsored by Didn’t make it to the Bluetoooth Special Interest Group’s 2011 All Hands Meeting in Budapest? Never mind. The Incisor.TV crew was in attendance, and we now bring you four video pieces covering some of the main presentations made at the Bluetooth SIG’s annual event for its member companies. Click on the screens to view the four AHM movies. KEYNOTE: MIKE FOLEY The Bluetooth SIG’s executive director delivers the All Hands Meeting keynote, and talks of Disruptive Change within his organisation MEET THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Our own Vince Holton moderates the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors panel session. This is the opportunity to ask those awkward questions... INTRODUCING THE BLUETOOTH ECOSYSTEM TEAMS (BETs) Suke Jawanda, the Bluetooth SIG’s chief marketing officer, provides an overview of the SIG’s recently created BETs teams, which will manage Bluetooth’s successful implementation in new markets GUEST SPEAKER Hampus Jakobsson, of That Astonishing Tribe (TAT) says that the human/PC interface hasn’t improved for decades. Could his presentation ‘The future of screens’ be heralding change?
  6. 6. 6 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section Incisor special feature: All you need to know about wireless sensors and controls In this section, experts from Cambridge Consultants, TRaC, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the EnOcean Alliance, the ZigBee Alliance, Ember, Nordic Semiconductor, Texas Instruments and IMS Research, plus our resident techxpert Dean Gratton, examine the potential of a technology sector that is set to dramatically expand the short-range wireless market. M2M, sports and fitness, medical applications, payment and ticketing systems – the applications seem limitless. If it’s not clear which wireless technology will dominate, then read on. If you’d like to comment on any element, then email Incisor at:
  7. 7. 7 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section How smart are we being in our quest for smart metering? Richard Traherne, Cambridge Consultants. By Richard Traherne Head of Wireless and Commercial Director There’s no question that energy is firmly on the political agenda. The EU2020 energy targets, developed to tackle climate change, have now been approved by most European countries. They aim to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 20% in the period from 1990 to 2020, with the UK government in fact targeting an overall reduction in greenhouse gas of 80% by 2050. This has arguably been the most significant driver for the roll-out of an advanced form of metering, known as ‘smart metering’, across Europe. Smart meters will be a component within an overall infrastructure that will enable us to consume our finite energy resources in a more intelligent manner. Already, initiatives such as micro-generation, electric vehicles and smart appliances are well underway to play their part in this future panacea. Against this backdrop, wireless technology is poised to be an essential ingredient in the solutions that enable this future generation of A potential UK smart infrastructure energy infrastructure. With one of the largest independent wireless development teams in metering cannot be considered alone; smart countries the meters are owned by the grid the world, Cambridge Consultants has appliance and smart grid solutions must be operator, whereas in others they are owned by developed a range of wireless solutions over created, for all geographical locations the energy suppliers. This has a big impact on the years for the energy sector and is now required. In particular, issues related to funding sources for the overall system, its very active in the area of smart metering, as it standardised interfaces (to create inter- architecture, as well as to the security and is known today. However, in this article I’m operable devices and systems) and a growing access rights within a meter. going to take a wider view than just the concern for greater security and personal wireless technology. For the most part, data privacy have protracted the overall Conversely, equipment manufacturers want to ‘adequate’ wireless solutions exist, but the development cycle. reduce cost by increasing economies of scale smart metering market is still developing very and standardising designs wherever possible. slowly. In this edition of Incisor, I’m therefore At a geographical level, the ownership Presently, this is possible for the metrology going to review some of the wider issues that structure of energy supply varies considerably within the meters, but not for the new ‘smart’ will need to be resolved to allow targets, such from one country to another, even within communication, security and payment as the 2020 targets, to be met. ‘harmonised’ Europe. For example, France functions. Standardisation of these smart and Italy have large monopoly electricity functions is an uphill battle and there is a Overall, the programmes have become much suppliers, but these companies do not supply general acceptance that many of these more complicated than originally envisaged. gas. By contrast, the UK has six major energy functions will inevitably continue to vary from This has largely been due to the need to companies who supply electricity and gas, one country to another. In addition, people are obtain consensus and buy-in from a wide coupled with a market that encourages still learning about the implications of adopting range of parties, including governments, companies and consumers. Of course, smart consumers to switch supplier (currently about 100,000 switches per week). In some smart metering, so the requirements will continue to change as the market matures. ➔
  8. 8. 8 whitespace radio – special feature section In response to this regional variation and the Germany and the UK also have strong need to provide future flexibility, many manufacturers are attempting to design their national security groups defining the requirements for data security and privacy in Cambridge equipment in a modular (logical or physical) smart metering equipment and systems. Consultants Blogs manner based on clear interface definitions (APIs, communication protocols, RF Against this backdrop of competing Why are we blogging? We believe that standards, data objects, hardware modules, technologies and solutions, Cambridge the technology market is much better profiles etc), which some seek to standardise. Consultants has applied its experience of when it is highly connected, and social For example, the main options for data developing energy, communication and media is a fantastic tool that instantly objects in Europe are DLMS and ZSE (ZigBee security solutions over its 50 year history, to connects people who face similar Smart Energy), whereas in the USA ANSI C12 author a family of interface specifications to challenges, irrespective of whether they and ZSE are being considered. The energy assist companies to develop smart metering are budding entrepreneurs running their suppliers are generally powerful in these systems. These UMI (Universal Metering first high growth start up company or a standardisation decisions, when they are the Interface) specifications allows meter captain of industry in charge of a global entity purchasing metering equipment that manufacturers and energy suppliers to bluechip company. So, if you’d like to add they wish to be inter-operable. progress roll-out of smart meters, whilst to the debates, please feel free to retaining the flexibility to adopt new metering comment on any of our blogs. It would be In addition, the preferred wireless communication technologies at a later date. great to hear from you. communication solution for each geography UMI protects their investment by is still in flux. To take the UK as an example; standardising the connection of smart Patrick Pordage much of the planning in the UK is being led metering communications and control Marketing Communications Director by DECC (the Dept of Energy and Climate modules inside the meter. The UMI Cambridge Consultants. Change). Presently, the UK plans for all gas specifications cover a module interface and electricity meters to contain 2-way (based on SPI), an opto Interface used by Corporate Blog communications to the Metering HAN. In installation and service engineers, based on Our corporate blog covers new product addition it plans to install a Communications EN62056-21 (FLAG port) and security development, open innovation, Hub and IHD (In Home Display) in every interfaces with symmetric security based on accelerating start up companies and other home. It is envisaged that the IHD will engage AES-128 and asymmetric security based on topics that involve using innovation to the consumer to be more energy-aware, ECC-256. UMI has already been adopted by achieve market leadership, along with leading to reduction in consumption (akin to several key players, including Elster Gas in technology stories that we hope you will the fuel efficiency gauge in a car). The Europe. The specifications will be transferred find interesting/ Communications Hub will contain links to a to the UMI Alliance when it is formed, but are national WAN, the Metering HAN and already available without charge now. Consumer Products Blog hopefully to a Consumer HAN as well. The Topics include connected devices, consumer HAN will provide smart metering beverage dispensing, eco innovation, new information (e.g time-of-use pricing) to smart product introduction (NPI), open appliances. The consumer could therefore tell innovation, novel control interfaces and a washing machine when to finish and let it other topics related to our development of choose a low-carbon or low-price time to run. innovative consumer electronics, The Metering HAN will probably be wireless, domestic appliances and fast moving The UMI logo consumer goods. with ZigBee and Wireless M-Bus being two (see contenders. There is less support presently to news_pr252.html) standardise the Consumer HAN, although Wireless Medical Blog WiFi is gaining some support as a potential Examining mobilehealth and telehealth solution. The WAN is a long distance link from technology ad market challenges, this all 26 million UK homes to a new organisation blog provides insight from implantable called the DCC (Data Comms Company). This and hospital communications to will in turn pass messages on to the relevant consumer health applications. energy supplier. The WAN technology has not been selected yet and a variety of Mobile Wireless Technology Blog wireless and wired technologies are being Smartphones, netbooks and tablet PCs considered. are making mobile connectivity an essential part of everyday life for many In other regions the outlook is even vaguer at people. This blog examines the issues the present time. In France and Italy the faced by technology professionals, electricity and gas companies do not plan to network operators and industry analysts have shared networks for electricity and gas, working to keep people connected on the so there will almost certainly be separate So, the next few years will certainly be move. WAN connections to each home for gas and interesting times in the smart metering electricity. This will be particularly challenging market. If the published timescales are to be Short Range Radar Blog for gas meters, which are battery-powered. met, then a lot of further agreement is needed Devoted to the topics surrounding short These countries don’t plan to create HANs in a very short time, if good economic and range radar systems in the 0 to 10km within the home. There will be no IHD and no technical solutions are to prevail. Let’s hope range. Examples of systems covered connections to smart appliances. So the that we all don’t lose sight of the basic end- include in-wall, through wall, short range equipment may be very different indeed. goal, of preserving our planet, in our fight to border surveillance and in-fill radar for preserve or further our own positions! both ATC and military applications. This variation leads to changes in the way that security is maintained within the system. Security solutions must address personal data privacy, which is subject to legislation such as the European Human Rights Act for UMI and the UMI logo are trademarks of Follow us on Twitter: example within Europe. The Netherlands, Cambridge Consultants Limited. @CambConsultants
  9. 9. 9 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section Wireless sensors and networks – the compliance web Joe Lomako, TRaC unravelled! By Joe Lomako, Business Development Manager, TRaC Wireless technology has become an integral part of everyday life. It is almost impossible to go through a single day without using any wireless device in some aspect of your daily routine. It is everywhere; in all manner of products and with varying degrees of complexity and security. This is particularly the case in the wireless sensor and control industry, which really does cover an enormous range. If you sit and think for a moment and ask; what is the wireless sensor and control industry? What products belong to this family? Where are they placed and what do they do? Most consumers are aware of the “traditional” wireless products, such as mobile telephones or wireless broadband routers or car key fobs, but they are completely unaware of the less obvious devices out there? Well, they could be anything or anywhere, for example; A thermostat in a house or a commercial workplace, a drug delivery and are so anonymous in their existence in mesh network which assists in the monitor in a hospital or even in a leak that the user is completely unaware of the construction of larger (geography) networks. detector/alarm in a heavy industrial site engineering effort which has been There are also proprietary technologies such as an oil platform. These are just a expended in bringing it to market. The (protocols) which can be used instead of few simple examples of some of the wireless technologies which have been those mentioned but at the end of the day applications that demonstrate the wide used are somewhat diverse and the they all still use the phenomena that is area in which these technologies are being chosen technology depends on the radio – an electromagnetic wave. employed. I’m sure the readers of this application requirement and sometimes publication can either think of more through the personal choice of the Compliance Requirements: It has obscure situations where wireless designer, but of course mainly the former! already been mentioned that these devices technology is employed and are probably Clearly, however, an application that needs are used all over the world; opening up a even involved in the design and a high data rate in the tens of MHz would whole new chapter in the development of production. Getting a product of this type probably use something like Wi-Fi, and a these products. Almost everything which is to market can also be quite involved so requirement for a lower power, lower data put onto the world market has to comply let’s look at that in a bit more detail. rate and duty cycle could use Bluetooth with some certification or regulatory wireless technology, ZigBee or ANT+. standard(s). Which standards apply is very Ubiquitous Radio - These products are being used in the four corners of the world ZigBee does of course have the added advantage of being able to establish a true much dependent on the final application of the product. This sounds like common ➔
  10. 10. 10 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section sense, but sometimes selecting the correct present considerable extra expense as Each of the directives mentioned generally standard for the final application may be well as delays in the release to market for recognise “harmonised standards” where open to debate or simple error. It may a product. testing to the applicable product standard need the services of an expert to provide allows the manufacturer or person assistance on what should or should not Case Study: Consider a more marketing the product to assume a be applied. For example, a not uncommon comprehensive example such as the leak “presumption of conformity”. These misconception is that testing to the suite sensor on the oil platform. Scenario: The standards provide the minimum test of radio test standards is all that is sensors are placed at regular intervals requirements to comply with the required to cover the compliance along a pipeline carrying flammable liquid. appropriate directives; however, many requirements of a wireless enabled The leak sensor device has a dual mode manufacturers decide to test up to the product. This may be true in some in that it can detect leaks and then send minimum levels and beyond thereby instances, but as we have seen, products an alarm signal via a ZigBee mesh demonstrating further hardiness of their are so diverse in their complexity a network. product. If the manufacturer wishes to detailed compliance assessment should be place their products further afield than, say applied to ensure full coverage. There may So what approvals would be required the EU, there may be further requirements be, and usually is, some commonality here? Firstly, the RTTE Directive would of the individual countries of choice which between the compliance requirements of have to be satisfied. This covers Radio, must be satisfied. This again demonstrates similar products. EMC and Safety. But, what else? Well this the need for a structured compliance plan. unit is in a potentially explosive Take for instance a wireless temperature atmosphere and therefore would also fall Complex Process: In summary, controller (for use in the EU); the usual under the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC). This achieving compliance may appear to be a standards for radio apply irrespective of is a mandatory requirement and over 65% complex process, but it can be made the host product. This would be EN 300 of products require a 3rd party much simpler providing enough planning is 328 for a ZigBee or Bluetooth enabled assessment. In addition to this there may made to incorporate an accurate device, but the standard may differ for also be environmental requirements such compliance program into the design other wireless technologies. But when the as vibration, dust, heat, cold tests phase. It is also important, to ensure that other compliance requirements are because of the environment in which it is the design and compliance program is applied, such as safety, these may vary to be placed. Although many of these are suitable for the product and its final dependent on the intended operating not mandatory requirements, designing a environment. However if in doubt an expert environment. If the temperature controller product with these environments in mind hand is not too far away! is to be used in an industrial environment and demonstrating its hardiness through and domestic environment, dependent on these tests will positively enhance its its functionality it may require safety position as a quality and durable device. testing to two totally different standards. There is quite often a cross referencing of A somewhat similar approach is observed standards which usually helps in the with say a medical device which hosts a minimising and simplifying the process, but wireless communication module. Again again that is where the assistance of the the RTTE directive must be satisfied, as professional compliance expert can ensure well as the Medical Device Directive, but that the most cost effective process is here also, if the device is in a potentially traversed, because errors at the early explosive environment again the ATEX stage of the development process can directive may also apply.
  11. 11. 11 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section Bluetooth: The second wave By: Mike Foley, Mike Foley, Bluetooth Special Bluetooth SIG Executive Director Interest Group Each year, the Bluetooth SIG membership and staff come together to examine where we’ve been in the past year and take those lessons learned to move our charter, the creation and promotion of Bluetooth, the best wireless technology, forward. This year marked our tenth All Hands Meeting (AHM), and my what a difference a decade makes. At our first gathering of minds in Los Angeles in 2002, Bluetooth chipsets were selling at $13 a pop (they sell for less than $1 today), analysts were predicting “millions of chipsets” to sell by 2005 (we sold almost 2B in 2010 alone), and just over 2000 companies had signed up for membership in the SIG – that number stands at more than 14,000 strong at latest count. The first wave of Bluetooth technology was a success by any measure. The technology experienced explosive growth, moving time to build on that success. The first of five Bluetooth Ecosystem Teams, known from 0 to almost 2B units shipped in less wave helped transform the mobile phone as BETs. BETs are now working to support than eight years. “Bluetooth” is now a industry and created multi-million dollar the mobile phone, PC/CE, health & globally recognized brand and accessory industries as a result. Now, with wellness, sports & fitness, automotive, and synonymous with hands-free audio and Bluetooth v4.0, we’re at the beginning of a smart home industries. Each BET is made headsets. There are several key success massive second wave of Bluetooth up of representatives from the leaders in factors attributable for this success – it technology that is just as transformational. those industries and it’s those leaders who was the right technology at the right time; We’re poised to positively impact the lives will help us drive the market direction for legislation, like hands-free laws, acted as a of hundreds of millions of people the world Bluetooth technology in that segment. driving cultural force; many companies put over through billions of Bluetooth in much hard work, and we were connected devices. We’re adding two new board members to successful in creating strong commercial the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors – alignment with industry heavyweights in To seed the second wave, you will see change that has not happened before in the the mobile phone, PC/CE, and automotive change from the Bluetooth SIG – change in history of the organization. If you’d like to sectors. how we operate that will create change in be considered for one of the open seats, the marketplace. The SIG is turning the find the criteria and submission process While we’ve come an incredibly long way ship to once again be a market-focused here: at a record shattering pace, we stand at a organization. We are paving the way for place today that seems eerily familiar to entry into new markets, like healthcare and We’re going to market with an updated those who initially got this technology off smart energy and the smart home, where value proposition that reflects the true the ground. We’ve reached major wireless, let alone Bluetooth technology, brand promise of Bluetooth wireless milestones in shipments, price, and has not yet fully penetrated and there is technology: Simple. Secure. Everywhere. company support; we’ve beefed up staff much opportunity for Bluetooth sensors Let’s break that down: and created a world-class testing and and control devices. qualification program; we’ve witnessed the Simple. The promise of Bluetooth proliferation of this technology into over a thousand different device classes – and it’s To make that entry smooth, we’ve created a new marketing team structure consisting technology, and the experience of most users today, is that it just works. ➔
  12. 12. 12 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section The simplicity it brings to everyday life is Bluetooth is liberating data – data that devices worldwide. As more devices are that of convenience, of freedom, of ease. has been stuck in “dumb” devices and Bluetooth enabled, more value is accreted Simple is core to our brand promise. not used to its fullest capability. to the Bluetooth network and the individual Bluetooth technology enables devices that comprise it. The ever-growing Secure. In many ways, the keys to our applications – both on the “hub” device Bluetooth network is what separates this lives reside within the mobile devices we and in the cloud – to turn data into technology from competing technologies carry with us every day. Wireless does not information. That’s a very powerful and accretes great value into member equal insecure. Bluetooth technology is a promise. And it’s happening. products and convenience and value to secure fortress for the digital information end-users. we carry and share daily. It’s this promise, this reality, of “everywhere” that creates the Bluetooth Today, the scale of our technology and the Everywhere. You know Bluetooth is a network effect. Simply put, the value of Bluetooth network effect is very large. We global standard. You know it’s in our members’ product increases when are on a trajectory for it to be massive. thousands of device types, and billions of it’s powered by Bluetooth technology That second wave, combined with the first, products. You may think that has and thus is available to interoperate and will create a Bluetooth ocean of “everywhere” covered, but think again. By connect into the vast Bluetooth opportunity – five billion devices in the efficiently connecting devices everywhere, ecosystem compromised of billions of year 2015. It’s coming. Snippets ST-Ericsson reports first quarter 2011 financial results ST Ericsson reported net sales $444 million and an adjusted operating loss $149 million for Q1 of 2011. On the upside, the company told Incisor that its new high-speed modem sales nearly doubled sequentially "Revenue in the first quarter reflected normal seasonal trends but declined more than anticipated on a sequential basis due to a steeper drop in sales of our legacy products, which is not yet offset by sales of new products. Primarily due to these lower sales, our adjusted operating loss increased sequentially, said Gilles Delfassy, ST-Ericsson president and CEO. Zomm appoints CFO Zomm, the creators of a Bluetooth-based wireless Leash for mobile phones, has appointed start-up executive Nathan Gooden as its chief financial officer (CFO). Gooden is responsible for driving ZOMM’s financial strategy as the company continues its international growth. Having started his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he served as a lead auditor and member of the Offshore Investment Management Assurance Practice, Gooden apparently identified key financial drivers in clients’ businesses to improve productivity and overall profitability. NFC Forum White Paper on Smart Posters The NFC Forum, the industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, has published a White Paper about developing and deploying NFC Smart Posters, subtitled "How to use NFC tags and readers to create interactive experiences that benefit both consumers and businesses." The paper is available for download at no charge from http://www.nfc- Fortress Added to DoD Approved Products List Fortress Technologies’ ES520 Deployable Mesh Point and ES210 Tactical Portable Mesh Point have been added to the Department of Defense (DoD) Unified Capabilities Approved Products List (UC-APL), establishing it as an approved technology for use across the DoD. Fortress claims that the ES520 was the first fully rugged, tactical wireless solution suitable for outdoor use included on the Armys Information Assurance (IA) APL in 2009. Revised ZigBee Smart Energy V2.0 tech docs available The current revisions of the ZigBee Smart Energy version 2.0 Technical Requirements Document (TRD) and Public Application Profile are available for public comment by the Smart Grid community at large. Public comments received last year for both documents, and Alliance responses, are also available for review. The Alliance is now accepting public comment on these revised documents for 30 days.
  13. 13. 13 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section EnOcean Alliance: buildings controlled over the Internet The Internet protocol (IP) has become a worldwide standard, with not only PCs or laptops but many other different devices communicating over the Internet. Currently there is much discussion of the idea of assigning every socket and every lamp its own IP address and then connecting them over the Internet. What many do not know is that today already all electric appliances can be addressed over an IP network — enabled by batteryless wireless technology and matching access points. EnOceans wireless solutions harvest the power they need from their surroundings — from motion, light or temperature differences — and in this way enable entirely energy-autonomous and maintenance-free automation applications. Teamed with the TCP/IP protocol the user has possibilities comparable to those of established building automation systems plus cost- savings in installation, huge simplification of the cabling, and flexible configuration of space. For this reason the operators of a retirement home in Germany decided to install the batteryless wireless solution. In a first step, the wireless system is being installed in the new building of the retirement community. Then the existing, adjoining building is to be converted. All public areas will be subsequently fitted with combined presence sensors. opens the doors to the residents own windows and doors are open, how warm These and LED’s will ensure that lighting apartment and all public areas. Entering it is in individual apartments. is always optimal in corridors, recreation the apartment, the resident only has to Unobtrusively, residents can be assured rooms, cafeteria and the like. At the insert the card in the holder next to the maximum comfort, convenience and same time these presence detectors will door and electric appliances are security. Any serious deviation from save energy because lights automatically immediately powered. Removing the card normal daily routine becomes visible. turn off in rooms when they are will turn off lights and critical loads such unoccupied. as a cooking plate. The wireless Automation of the retirement home technology plus visualization software implements software from BSC, with its In future the apartments will no longer enable staff to supervise the status of all IP-oriented architecture. It allows an have mechanical keys. Every resident will get an individual plastic card, which appliances, as well as windows and doors, so they know at all times which unlimited number of sensors to be linked and is easily expanded. Installed on all ➔
  14. 14. 14 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section INCISOR TV Video presentations When it comes to assessing what is really going on in the market, there is no substitute for seeing products in action and hearing 100% accurate information from the people at the sharp end. Incisor TV provides that insight. Click on the links below to watch recent Incisor TV presentations IncisorTV at CES 2011 – Bluetooth Best of CES IncisorTV at CES 2011 – Day 2 IncisorTV at CES 2011 – Day 1 Rococo discusses LocalSocial Bluetooth High Speed Technology Frontline – Interoperability testing Bluetooth SIG BETS programme Frontline – BPA500 protocol analyser Aftermarket Bluetooth versus Factory fit Who needs stress? Says Jabra EnOcean Alliance – energy harvesting technology Aftermarket Bluetooth versus factory fit Bluetooth 2010 All Hands Meeting Anoto - 10 years of digital pen and paper BiteBack Sweden CES 2010 Daily Show report – Day 1 floors of the building are EnOcean access all chores to be handled with a single CES 2010 Daily Show report – Day 1 points with a LAN interface. These have device. their own processor and memory for 3,000 CES 2010 Daily Show report – Day 1 EnOcean telegrams. In this way no sensor EnOcean technology and IP create perfect BiteBack Asia signal is lost, even if the network or the solutions. EnOcean enabled devices BiteBack USA building computer briefly fails. An encoded possess a unique ID address, so they can IP link enables the networks of the two be integrated seamlessly in an IP network BitBack UK buildings to connect to one another. That through an access point. That does away IncisorTV commercial for CSR/SiRF merger enables the nighttime staff in one building with any elaborate, extra web server to take over supervision of the monitor in solution for each sensor and actuator. The DECT Forum and CAT-iq in 2009 the other building, when those are busy user is rewarded with more flexibility, Bluetooth SIG – Best of CES 2009 with an occupant. Another major comfort and convenience, accompanied WiMedia Alliance – UWB in 2009 component is iPads for the staff, tied by by low installation costs and reduced WLAN to the overall system. That enables power needs. Incisor showreel WiMedia special - UWB - a high performance solution / part 1 WiMedia special - UWB - a high performance solution / part 2 The EnOcean Alliance is a consortium of companies have created over 700 WiMedia special - WiMedia and Bluetooth leading companies from the building different products for applications ranging sector promoting the energy harvesting from room thermostats through to WiMedia special - Updating the wireless technology for green buildings. wireless window contacts up to smart grid WiMedia roadmap Confirming this technology’s rapid solutions. All products are entirely WiMedia - The future for UWB adoption rate, there are more than interoperable. This means that solutions Bluetooth low energy wireless technology 100,000 worldwide equipped with the from different manufacturers can work batteryless technology. Quickly becoming together in the same automation system. IncisorTV commercial for CSR – the industry standard for sustainable Products incorporating the self-powered BlueCore7 buildings, energy harvesting wireless technology are easily to integrate into IncisorTV commercial for CSR RoadTunes technology enables Alliance members to common building automation systems - develop products used to improve the such as LON, KNX, BACnet or TCP/IP. IncisorTV commercial for CSR energy efficiency and flexibility in BlueCore Player buildings. More than 170 member A guide to Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR 10 years of Bluetooth / Best Bluetooth of CES 2008 CES 2008 – Profile of Parrot Introducing Incisor 2007 Wireless Symposium
  15. 15. 15 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section ZigBee Alliance: Control Your World By Benno Ritter, ZigBee Alliance, VP Marketing and Business Development Since 2002, the ZigBee® Alliance, a non- building automation, and industrial plant Controlling Your Energy Use profit Standards Development management. The cornerstone of Organization, has grown to a thriving, ZigBee’s success has been its open Before we begin talking about products, it’s global ecosystem of approximately 400 standards approach that has spurred important to understand the capabilities members. These include some of the innovative low-power wireless solutions and benefits. ZigBee Smart Energy™ is a world’s industry-leading consumer designed to provide customers the tools global, low-energy consuming, low-cost electronics manufacturers, technology and technology to better manage their wireless standard for interconnecting and energy solution vendors, environment through the use of Wireless devices in home area networks (HANs) and telecommunication service providers, Sensor Networks (WSNs). delivering advanced metering utilities, energy service providers, infrastructures - essential components of semiconductor companies and As standards evolve and products are the many Smart Grid efforts underway manufacturers looking to develop launched, the Alliance continues building worldwide. Today, the majority of innovative products based on ZigBee’s its momentum by applying its core WSN communication between consumers and global wireless standards. Today, standards to new market applications. utilities is limited to monthly bills or organizations use ZigBee to deliver One of the key areas gaining momentum is outages. ZigBee Smart Energy enables solutions for a variety of areas, including the growing adoption of ZigBee Smart real-time wireless communication between healthcare, consumer electronics, Energy™ and number of ZigBee Smart utilities or energy service providers, the energy management and efficiency, telecom services, home and commercial Energy™ certified products in Smart Grid deployments around the world. Smart Grid and household devices such as In-Home-Displays, thermostats, water ➔
  16. 16. 16 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section heaters, and appliances. It gives Removing the direct “line of sight” consumers the information to improve requirements gives consumers freedom to their energy efficiency, save money and control devices from greater distances. help the environment. Using ZigBee As an energy efficient standard, Smart Energy, utilities and energy service consumers will enjoy remotes that last up providers can offer valuable customer- to 300% longer than remotes using centric programs such as demand infrared (IR) technology. response, remote connect/disconnect, “pay-as-you-use” and net metering. One of the newest Alliance initiatives this year is to develop a standard that delivers In January 2011, ZigBee Smart Energy the ultimate 3D viewing experience, reached the 100th ZigBee Certified ZigBee 3D Sync. This standard creates a product milestone. Various products more flexible and efficient connection manufactured by 49 different companies between 3D HDTVs and active 3D are available in every product category to glasses. ZigBee 3D Sync will also replace implement a robust HAN, from energy IR technology used in today’s 3D service portals to meters, In-Home- products, by providing a standard robust Displays, programmable communicating radio frequency solution. Consumers will thermostats and more. In order to make it enjoy greater freedom of movement while easy for utilities and governments to wearing 3D glasses without disrupting 3D deploy interoperable, secure, consumer- HDTV viewing. friendly smart grid solutions, all ZigBee Smart Energy products are required to Smarter Health Controls pass the ZigBee Certified product program. ZigBee Health Care offers new ways to help people maintain their independence Currently, ZigBee Smart Energy is in and live healthier, happier lives. With active deployment around the planet. ZigBee Health Care, the disabled and the In the U.S., 11 utilities are installing more elderly are able to stay at home rather than 40 million meters, with Texas and than in a hospital or assisted care facility. California leading the pack with millions The result is a higher quality of life while of meters installed. The State of Victoria lowering healthcare costs. Additionally, in Australia has deployed meters and has it enables secure monitoring and also begun installing water meters that management of noncritical, low-acuity take advantage of ZigBee’s extraordinary healthcare services targeted at chronic battery life. In the UK, British Gas has disease management. announced it will use ZigBee Smart Energy in its multi-million electric and gas ZigBee Health Care is a part of the meter base. Continua Health Alliance’s 2010 guidelines as the preferred low-power LAN standard While much activity has been centered for health care products. Now any variety around smart metering and devices in the of IEEE 11073 medical devices using home that connect to the meter, work is ZigBee Health Care, including starting on the plan to build the required glucometers, pulse oximeters, infrastructure needed to support millions electrocardiographs, weight scales, of Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs represent thermometers, blood pressure monitors special and very large loads and without and respirometers can connect to a careful management of EV charging, our network and report health information. current distribution system will collapse. ZigBees extremely power efficient design Recently the Society of Automotive is well suited to this class of device since Engineers and the ZigBee Alliance it allows them to work for long periods of announced a collaboration to use ZigBee time without needing battery replacement Smart Energy to define how EVs and the or recharging. grid interact. More Choices for Control Control for Your Consumer Overall, ZigBee standards give product Electronics manufacturers a straightforward, ready-to- For more flexibility and control, the implement solution to help their Alliance has expanded the number of customers gain greater control of, and standards designed for ZigBee RF4CE. even improve daily activities. A growing This wireless platform provides a more number of ZigBee Certified products of all advanced, energy-efficient solution for classes is a testament to the strength of use in remote controls and accessories the ZigBee WSN standards in the like keyboards and active 3D glasses. marketplace. And since the use of ZigBee Remotes using the ZigBee Remote in the Internet of Things is limited only by Control standard deliver two-way one’s imagination, the Alliance will communications, so you know when the continue to offer more innovative device has actually completed standards designed to help you control commands. Another great feature is that your world. it allows consumers to “just hit play,” without aiming their remote at a player.
  17. 17. 17 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section ZigBee propagation testing for smart metering networks By David Egan, Product Marketing Director and Simon McCarthy, Field Application Engineer at Ember Corporation The UK Government requires energy be argued that UK housing stock uses Ember’s SoC is particularly suitable for this suppliers to take all reasonable steps to different building materials. Yet numerous type of testing for two reasons; deploy smart meters at customer ZigBee products are already in use in residences by 2019, with the mass Europe, mainly in home automation or • It can support transmission power of rollout to start in 2014. ZigBee Smart lighting markets, and major European +8dBm and receive sensitivity of - Energy is a potential solution to be used manufacturers have satisfied themselves of 102dBm, a dynamic link budget of in smart metering home area networks the propagation performance of ZigBee. 110dBm and transmitting close to the (HAN), which will include electric However, no-one has published their test legal limit of +10dBm without the meters, gas meters and in-home data to inform the market in general. expense and power consumption of an displays. As well as the maturity and external PA or LNA; and popularity of the ZigBee Smart Energy With the increased interest in smart • The EM357 is a popular chip used in application profile, ZigBee’s essential metering in the UK tempered by the lack of many ZigBee Smart Energy HAN strength is its self-healing mesh available published material, Ember has devices in the US and the UK, so it is networking capability, ensuring robust worked with a number of organizations to directly relevant to the market. communications. test ZigBee propagation. Ember has provided its ZigBee technology for these The following are two examples, as well as However, many of these early HANs will tests, including the EM357 ZigBee system- the results, where Ember has supported not contain enough mains-powered on-chip (SoC), as well as technical this type of testing: the University of devices to create a mesh with alternate information and advice on RF and ZigBee Sheffield and EDF Energy. paths. And in many cases an in-home matters. display or gas meter will need to be able to communicate directly with an electric meter or communications hub. Additional routers would ensure robust communications, but they would add to support and hardware costs. This highlights a need to examine the point-to- point propagation properties of ZigBee, which operates in unlicenced radio bands in the 2.4GHz spectrum. Some who have had poor experiences with propagation of other 2.4GHz solutions may fear that ZigBee will be similarly challenged in real homes, resulting in communication failures and negatively impacting the consumer experience. Widespread use of ZigBee Smart Energy in US smart metering programme is of little comfort, because US regulations allow Trial 1 - Windows Closed, Ground Floor, (First Floor), [Second Floor] devices to transmit at much higher power ➔ levels (100mW/+20dBm) than in the UK Figure 1: Plan of one of the tests carried out by University of Sheffield and Europe (10mW/+10dBm). It could also (source: University of Sheffield interim report draft, March 2011)
  18. 18. 18 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section University of Sheffield tests The figure (on page 16) from University of apartment block. Again, the EM357 was used Sheffield shows results from one of the in this site survey, which has subsequently The University of Sheffield’s apartment blocks tested. been published by EDF Energy into the Communications Group within the SMDG HAN Workgroup working within the Department of Electronic and Electrical The results are very informative, showing the Smart Metering Implementation Programme Engineering has expertise in radio reference device (fixed node) in one corner in the UK. The paper can be found here: propagation modeling, active and passive of the building on the ground floor, and RSSI smdghanwg/ frequency selective surfaces (FSS), readings from various positions on ground home/real-world-experiences/EDF2010 antenna systems and wireless systems floor, first floor and second floor. ZigBeePropagationTesting.pdf?attredirects design. This group has conducted ZigBee =0&d=1 propagation tests using the EM357 SoC The receive signal strength (RSSI) values and is close to publishing an interim shed light on how the signal weakens as it Figure 3 shows a similar pattern to the report, which will detail controlled, goes through internal walls as well as free University of Sheffield tests. In this case the scientific tests carried out in a number of space. It also indicates the importance of tests being carried out from a fixed node reference building types, including terraced good choice of radio and good PCB design. inside a meter cabinet in the centre of one house with basement and apartment For example, a test using radios capable of apartment block floor to different points in blocks. transmitting at +5dBm with -95dBm receive each of six apartments on that same floor. sensitivity would represent a 10dB The tests incorporate typical positions of difference in dynamic link budget and would Summary meters and in-home displays. They include have significantly worsened these results. With growing interest in using ZigBee for a fixed device, usually positioned where a The forthcoming report will contain many smart metering HANs in the UK and elsewhere meter would be located such as a more tests like this and should be of great in Europe, testing propagation properties of basement or at the front door. A second interest to the market. these devices at 2.4GHz is important to device, which is located at different advise technology selection, architectural positions around the building, sends The LQI values are also very interesting. design and deployment plans. Independently messages to the fixed device. The signals Values of 255 indicate a good quality link, conducted tests are becoming available to were measured, recording both RSSI whilst lesser values indicate the presence of advise this process, and these can only serve (Received Signal Strength Indicator, in chip errors in the received packets. An LQI to encourage greater understanding of ZigBee dBm) and LQI (Link Quality Indicator, a 0- of 0 can still result in a successfully received propagation in the smart metering community. 255 value). packet, but it is an indication that it would take very little to change in the environment It could be suggested that ZigBee at 2.4GHz to change that to a lost signal. is a satisfactory solution for smart metering HANs in the UK based on testing done so far Point Distance RSSI RSSI RSSI LQI EDF Energy site survey using best in class ZigBee radios and good (mm) (min) (avg) (max) Ember assisted EDF Energy in testing RF implementations. (GROUND FLOOR) ZigBee propagation as part of a site survey L3 4225 -64 -64 -64 255 for a smart metering installation in an L1 4576 -72 -70.5 -70 255 L2 5661 -80 -78.8 -77 255 L4 7890 -67 -67 -67 255 L5 8147 -88 -87.3 -87 255 L7 10525 -86 -85.5 -85 255 L6 10666 -96 -95.2 -94 80 L8 10984 -96 -94.3 -93 114 L9 12171 -90 -88.5 -88 255 L10 13598 -92 -91.3 -91 252 L11 13670 -96 -94.7 -94 151 L12 16430 -96 -95.5 -95 57 Point Distance RSSI RSSI RSSI LQI (mm) (min) (avg) (max) (FIRST FLOOR) L0 3230 -72 -71.2 -71 255 L3 5318 -85 -84.3 -84 255 L1 5601 -85 -84.5 -84 255 L2 6518 -96 -95.7 -95 65 L4 8526 -88 -88 -88 255 L5 8764 -93 -92.2 -92 236 L6 11144 -95 -94.2 -93 165 L8 11449 -97 -96.5 -96 18 L7 11009 --- --- --- --- (SECOND FLOOR) L0 6460 -97 -94.8 -94 136 L3 7719 -96 -95.7 -95 40 L1 7917 -94 -93.5 -93 209 L2 8589 -96 -96 -96 0 L4 10197 -96 -95.8 -95 2 Table 1: Table showing test results related to figure 1 (Source: University of Sheffield interim Figure 3: EDF Energy propagation tests (Source: SMDG HAN Work Group report draft, March 2011). PropagationTesting.pdf?attredirects=0&d=1)
  19. 19. 19 wireless sensors and controls – special feature section Incisor interview: Nordic Thomas Søderholm, Nordic Semiconductor Semiconductor Thomas Søderholm, Business Development Manager at Nordic Semiconductor, discusses wireless sensor trends in 2011 with Vince Holton of Incisor VH: How do you predict worldwide market health monitoring of patients in their Bluetooth low energy may well be a demand for wireless sensors will develop homes (rather than them taking up an popular alternative, but the technology is in 2011? expensive hospital bed). only currently available in low volume. In comparison, Nordic’s proprietary TS: Nordic Semiconductor’s key market is Although Infrared (IR) remote controls will nRF24LE1/Gazell RF technology, for ultra-low power (ULP) wireless connectivity be around for some time yet, the way example, is ideally suited to RF remote in the 2.4GHz ISM band. We make silicon modern consumers access digital media control. It is a proven technology already radio solutions that can operate from coin will only be realized through the advanced used on millions of “wireless desktops”, cell batteries and consequently provide a functionality enabled by an RF link. RF employing inexpensive, robust, wireless connection for the most compact technology provides a faster response, bi- interference immune 2.4GHz electronic devices, including sensors. directional connection (IR is only one-way), transceivers. non-line of sight control and extended There are thousands of potential range compared to IR. And only RF has A recent commercial report concluded applications for such a wireless link so, sufficient bandwidth over a bi-directional the use of “body worn electronics despite the recent tough times, we believe link to support advanced user interfaces wireless sensors” could save the health 2011 will continue to show good growth in while consuming modest battery power care industry US$25 billion by 2012. ULP our market segment. There are three key and meeting mass-market cost 2.4GHz wireless sensors with long reasons for this confidence: first, the ULP constraints. battery life - monitoring vital signs such wireless connectivity segment is in its as blood pressure, pulse and blood infancy so there is large growth potential ZigBee-based RF4CE (Remote Control for glucose - can link to existing cellular or even if the world economy remains weak Consumer Electronics) has been touted as Internet infrastructure allowing patients to for the whole of 2011; second, existing a good technology for RF remote control shorten or avoid expensive hospital stays wireless products that were originally but seems to be failing to live up to its while still being in frequent electronic designed using older 27/49MHz early promise. In the medium term, contact with their health care providers. technology are migrating to technically superior 2.4GHz technology (Nordic has particularly seen high volume sales into the PC peripherals market due to this migration); and third, Nordic is launching some exciting new products this year, in addition to its µBlue™ nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy solution. Bluetooth low energy extends the Bluetooth wireless technology ecosystem by adding ULP wireless connectivity. VH: Which applications or markets will bring the biggest business opportunities for your company in 2011? TS: Nordic sees two strategic areas for its ULP wireless connectivity technology in 2011: RF for remote control and remote Sony Ericsson’s Xperia neo will soon benefit from ANT+ ULP wireless connectivity ➔