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Power Finance Corporation Tax Free Bonds 2015 Application Form Call Anandaraman 9445296519


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Issue Opens on 5 Oct 2015, Monday
Issue Closes on
9 Oct 2015, Friday
(Subject to Early Closure)
Credit Rating AAA by CRISIL, ICRA & CARE
Allotment On First come First Serve Basis
Face Value &
Issue Price
Rs. 1000 per Bond
Interest from these Bonds do not form part of total income as per provisions of Section 10 (15) (iv) (h) of Income Tax
Act, 1961 read along with Section 14A (1) of the Income Tax Act.
 Since the interest income on the bonds is exempt, no tax deduction at source (“TDS”) is required. However interest on
application money would be liable for TDS as well as would be subject to tax as per present tax laws.
 Wealth tax has been abolished w.e.f. financial year 2015-16 i.e. assessment year 2016-17.
Feature Tax Free Bonds FD
Safety Quasi Sovereign. Secured. Low Risk. Moderate (Banks) to High Risk (Pvt Cos)
Interest Tax Free Taxable
Listed in Exchanges, hence Tradable.
Liquidity subject to Volumes
Not Tradable. Pre-Matured withdrawal
with penal interest
Capital Appreciation
Possible, as the bonds prices are linked to the
movements of Interest Rates in the economy

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Power Finance Corporation Tax Free Bonds 2015 Application Form Call Anandaraman 9445296519

  1. 1. Acknowledgement Slip for Lead Managers/ Consortium/Sub-Consortium Member/ Brokers/Sub-Brokers/Trading Members / SCSB’s POWER FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (A Government of India undertaking) Application Form No. Application Form No. Name of Sole / First Applicant ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Cheque / DD/ASBA Bank A/c No. Drawn on (Name of Bank & Branch) TEAR HERE Date, Stamp & Signature of Escrow Bank (Mandatory) Cheque / DD/ASBA Bank A/c No. Dated___________,2015 Received from Mr./Ms. /M/s. Telephone / Mobile Email Amount Paid (` in gures) Bank & Branch PAN DPID/ CLID TEAR HERE Acknowledgement Slip for Applicant Date Stamp & Signature of Lead Manager/Consortium/Sub-Consortium Members/Trading Members/SCSB 2. Investor Category (Please refer overleaf) Category I Category II Category III Category IV Sub Category Code (Please refer overleaf) 3. PLEASE PROVIDE APPLICANT’S DEPOSITORY DETAILS (Please Refer To Point No. 29A Of The Attached Abridged Prospectus) For NSDL Enter 8 Digit DP ID Followed By 8 Digit Client ID / For CDSL Enter 16 Digit Client ID NSDL / CDSL 6. PAYMENT DETAILS (Please tick ( ) any one of payment option A or B below) D D M M Y Y TEARHERETEARHEREPLEASEFILLINBLOCKLETTERS POWERFINANCE CORPORATIONLIMITED (AGovernmentofIndiaUndertaking) Dated ,2015 APPLICATION FORM (FOR RESIDENT APPLICANTS) ISSUE OPENS ON : OCTOBER 5, 2015 ISSUE CLOSES ON* : OCTOBER 9, 2015 I/we hereby con rm that I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions of this Application Form and the attached Abridged Prospectus and agree to the Applicant s ndertaking as given overleaf. I/we hereby con rm that I/we have read the instructions for lling up the Application Form given overleaf. PUBLIC ISSUE OF TAX FREE BONDS IN THE NATURE OF SECURED, REDEEMABLE, NON-CONVERTIBLE DEBENTURES VIDE SHELF PROSPECTUS & TRANCHE I PROSPECTUS DATED SEPTEMBER 22, 2015. To, The Board of Directors, POWER FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED LEAD MANAGER/ CONSORTIUM / TRADING MEMBER STAMP & CODE SUB BROKER/AGENT CODE SUB- CONSORTIUM MEMBER /BROKER’S STAMP & CODE ESCROW BANK / SCSB BRANCH STAMP & CODE BANK BRANCH SERIAL NO. 1. APPLICANT’S DETAILS - PLEASE FILL IN BLOCK LETTERS (Please refer to point no. 29A of the attached Abridged Prospectus) D D M M Y Y Y Y First Applicant (Mr./ Ms./M/s.) Date of Birth Name of Guardian (if applicant is minor) Mr./Ms. Address Pin Code (Compulsory) Tel No. (with STD Code) / Mobile Email Second Applicant (Mr./ Ms./M/s.) POWER FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (A Government of India undertaking) Credit Rating : “CRISIL AAA” by CRISIL Limited, “[ICRA] AAA” (stable) by ICRA Limited, “CARE AAA” by CARE Limited COMMON APPLICATION FORM FOR ASBA / NON ASBA REGISTRAR’S / SCSB SERIAL NO. DATE OF RECEIPT Applications submitted without being uploaded on the terminals of the Stock Exchanges will be rejected. While submitting the Application Form, the Applicant should ensure that the date stamp being put on the Application Form by the Lead Manager/Consortium /Sub-Consortium Member/Broker/Sub Broker/Trading Member/SCSB matches with the date stamp on the Acknowledgement Slip (B) ASBA Bank A/c No. ASBAA/c. Holder Name ____________________________________________________ (in case Applicant is different from ASBAA/c. Holder) Bank Name & Branch ______________________________________________________ 6D. Signature of ASBA Bank Account Holder(s) (as per Bank Records)(for ASBA Option only) 1) I/We authorize the SCSB to do all acts as are necessary to make the Application in the Issue 2) 3) 6A. PAN & SIGNATURE OF SOLE/ FIRST APPLICANT 6B. PAN & SIGNATURE OF SECOND APPLICANT Date : ___________________, 2015 Furnishing PAN of the Applicant is mandatory including minor s PAN in case of Application by minor. Please refer point no. 29A of the attached Abridged Prospectus LEAD MANAGER’S / CONSORTIUM / SUBCONSORTIUM MEMBER’S /BROKER’ S/ SUBBROKER’S/ TRADING MEMBER’S /SCSB BRANCH’S STAMP (ACKNOWLEDGING UPLOAD OF APPLICATION IN STOCK EXCHANGE SYSTEM) (MANDATORY) Please write a Sole/First Applicant’s Name, Phone No. and Application No. on the reverse of Cheque/DD. 6C. PAN & SIGNATURE OF THIRD APPLICANT All future communication in connection with this application should be addressed to the Registrar to the Issue. For details, pleaser refer overleaf.Acknowledgement is subject to realization of Cheque / Demand Draft / /Availability of funds in the ASBA account. Please note that you cannot apply for the Bonds through the ASBA Process if you wish to be Allotted Bonds in Physical Form Third Applicant (Mr./ Ms./M/s.) Amount Paid (` in gures) (` in words) A. CHEQUE/ DEMAND DRAFT (DD) to be drawn in favour of “PFC Tax Free Bonds 2015 – EscrowAccount - R” Cheque/DD No. Dated Drawn on (Bank Name & Branch) M K M K *For early closure or extension of the issue, refer overleaf PAN PAN PAN Options/Series of Bonds Series 1A / 1B Series 2A / 2B Series 3A / 3B Issue Price (`/Bond) ` 1,000 ` 1,000 ` 1,000 No. of Bonds applied for Amount Payable (`) Grand Total (`) Application Form No. 5. INVESTMENT DETAILS (For details, please refer Issue Structure overleaf) Options / Series of Bonds Series 1A Series 2A Series 3A Coupon rate / Annualised yield (%) per annum for Category I, II, III 7.11% 7.27% 7.35% Options / Series of Bonds Series 1B Series 2B Series 3B Coupon rate / Annualised yield (%) per annum for Category IV 7.36% 7.52% 7.60% For Category I, II, III & IV Tenor 10 years 15 years 20 years Face Value / Issue Price ` 1000 per Bond ` 1000 per Bond ` 1000 per Bond Frequency of Coupon / Interest Payment Annual Minimum Application and in the multiple of thereafter 5 Bonds (` 5,000) (individually or collectively, across all Series of Bonds) and in the multiple of One Bond (` 1,000) thereafter No. of Bonds applied Amount Payable (`) Grand Total (`) PUBLIC ISSUE OF TAX FREE BONDS IN THE NATURE OF SECURED, REDEEMABLE, NON-CONVERTIBLE DEBENTURES VIDE SHELF PROSPECTUS & TRANCHE I PROSPECTUS DATED SEPTEMBER 22, 2015. 4. IN CASE OF APPLICATION TO HOLD THE NCDs IN PHYSICAL FORM, PLEASE PROVIDE FOLLOWING DETAILS (Please enclose self attested copies of the KYC Documents along with the Application Form. For list of KYC documents, please refer overleaf) NOMINATION (Please see Page 30 of this Abridged Prospectus) Name of the Nominee : _________________________________________________________ If Nominee is Minor, Guardian’s Name : ____________________________________________ Bank Details for payment of Refund / Interest / Maturity Amount (Mandatory) Bank Name : ____________________________________________Branch : ________________________________ Account No.: __________________________IFSC Code : __________________MICR Code: ___________________ Company shall allocate and Allot Bonds of Tranche 1 Series 1A/1B maturity to all valid Applications (depending upon the Category of Applicants), wherein the Applicants have not indicated their choice of the relevant Series applied for. 01/121 23/13116-31 35026120 35026120 35026120 MMFSL MMFSL - FA0327