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Welcome! welcome! welcome!


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Brief welcome presentation for a mock online course I created for EDU 609, at Ashford University.

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Welcome! welcome! welcome!

  1. 1.  Hello ladies and gentlemen!!! Welcome to LIT 342 – Intro to American Literature. It is my sincere hope to guide and scaffold you all into a world of classic literature in which you all are able to understand the extent to which our society today was built. In this course you all will learn basic literary terms and concepts. You all will be exposed to various genres of literature stemming from poems to plays. We will be reading all different types of literature from the Existentialist Era, to the Harlem Renaissance, to Contemporary or Post-modern literature. I am glad to have each and everyone of you in this course and I am eagerly excited to work with you not only as a group, but as individuals. I imagine that each and every one of you will bring something new and fresh to the course and I expect to learn from you all, just as you learn from me. So Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I’ll see you in the discussion boards. ~ Mrs. B