Job Plex Overview


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Overview of solutions provided by the JobPlex division of DHR International.

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Job Plex Overview

  1. 1. JobPlex, Inc.PROFILEOverviewJobPlex is a leading global talent acquisition solutions companyfounded in 1996 serving a diverse client base. JobPlex was created toserve the middle management and professional markets, therebycomplementing the senior level executive search services provided byDHR International, a “Top 5” retained firm. In partnership, the twocompanies provide a total recruitment solution. JobPlex’s serviceofferings include Single Search Solution and Enterprise Solution.Due to our robust size and comprehensive methodology, JobPlex hasdeep expertise in a variety of industries and functional areas.Our ApproachJobPlex combines the use of direct sourcing, proprietary databases,technology sourcing and the strength of a core research group in atailored approach for every client. Our extensive global reach, multi-channel sourcing and targeted recruitment strategies allow us toattract a pool of highly qualified candidates. COMPANY DETAILSOnce candidates are identified, they are screened against the searchprofile with an intensive interview conducted by JobPlex to determineappropriate skill sets and cultural fit. Progress is reported in a timely Foundedbasis until a candidate is successfully placed, allowing you the 1996freedom to pursue your core business. JobPlex has built an excellentreputation due to the consultative nature of our approach. We are a Leadershipclient driven organization focusing on establishing and maintaining David Hoffmannlong-term partnerships. Chief Executive Officer Services Global retained middle management andCompetitive Strengths professional market searchesJobPlex focuses on the recruitment of middle managers and variousprofessional staff positions using a distinctive methodology that Locationscombines a team of researchers with the expertise of hands-on, Nearly 20 offices providing globalindustry-proven consultants to ensure successful hires. Due to our search servicessize, experience and reach, JobPlex services our clients in various Websiteindustry and functional areas, replacing the need for multiple vendors. http://www.jobplex.comJobPlex solutions are scalable; we pride ourselves on a high qualityprocess guaranteeing speed and accuracy. The appropriate solution iscustomized based upon the client’s needs. From a single search to anenterprise recruiting project, JobPlex ensures exceptional talentthrough unique solutions.
  2. 2. JobPlex, Inc.CUSTOMIZED SERVICE OFFERINGSJobPlex specializes in our Single Search Solution, as well as offers an Enterprise Solution service. Each offering isbuilt on the foundation of our technical research capabilities and will grow with your demands. JobPlex forms apartnership with each of its clients customizing a solution to become an extension of your organization.Single Search Solution Enterprise SolutionOur single search approach is specifically formulated JobPlex has created a unique offering, Enterprisefor middle to senior level positions. For each search, Solutions as a way of co-sourcing with clients towe will formulate a specific search strategy in enable you to react to changes in business conditionsconjunction with the Hiring Manager to enable us to effectively and efficiently. This solution creates atarget the exact person that will be successful. The single point of accountability and eliminates thesearch strategy will include specific details of the confusion of multiple vendors, programs andposition, target companies and relevant affinity resources.associations. Our sourcing strategy serves as ablueprint for timely and accurate search execution. Enterprise Solutions is an on-demand, strategic partnership with excellent processes for large hiringEach search will have an individual recruiter dedicated initiatives and incorporates a comprehensive andto its execution and this recruiter will work closely integrated service model using multiple recruitingwith your Hiring Manager to ensure success. channels tailored to your specific needs.Candidates will be fully screened and interviewedprior to presentation to your Hiring Manager. JobPlex will customize a plan based on the size of the recruiting project and types of positions you needUpon mutual interest, the candidate’s background will filled. This program will be scalable around the peaksbe presented to the Hiring Manager for feedback. and valleys in your hiring process. With this specificUpon satisfactory feedback, the recruiter will work program, you will have dedicated recruiters who willwith the Hiring Manager to arrange an interview and bring search firm quality candidates into a streamlinedany follow up necessary. Our recruiter will continue to process. We possess unlimited bandwidth in types ofpresent pre-screened and qualified candidates to your positions, functions and industry segments due to theHiring Manager until a hiring decision is made and an significant size of the JobPlex team and multiple areasoffer is extended and accepted. of expertise of our Consultant and Research team. We will become your strategic partner, in consultation with HR, staffing and other internal clients to identify solutions for recruiting challenges.
  3. 3. JobPlex, Inc.SOURCING STRATEGY & RECRUITMENT PROCESSJobPlex will develop and execute multi channel sourcing and recruitment strategies. Our objective is tosource and attract a qualified candidate pool while managing cost per hire and improving overall quality andefficiency. The sourcing channels could include any of the following:Direct Recruitment Internet MiningJobPlex will identify target companies in partnership JobPlex will utilize our proprietary web miningwith Human Resources and line management. JobPlex technology to identify and source potential candidates.will source and identify individuals who possess the This technology will support the direct recruitmenttargeted skill set and proactively contact them to present activities outlined above as well as independentlyyour opportunity. generate lists and candidates that will proceed directly to the screening and evaluation phase of the process.Candidate Tracking System (CTS)JobPlex uses a web-based application for the proprietary Advertisinguse of tracking Executive Search candidates. The JobPlex will assist where needed in the execution of ansystem is comprised of stored Candidate contact advertising initiative focused on communicating yourinformation and resumes, tracked Client statuses, opportunities to key markets, professional associationsmanaging Candidates in Job Searches, and reporting and societies.information in one central database location for allJobPlex employees to utilize. Affinity Associations JobPlex maintains relationships with affinity groups andInternet Job Posting Boards educational institutions that become valuable resourcesJobPlex, in partnership with Human Resources, will for the attraction of diversity candidates.identify a number of Internet career boards and jobposting sites targeting the passive job seeker. Define Objectives & Specifications Search Requisition Approved - Ensure understanding of clients business & culture - Obtain client consensus on positions scope & responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships & profile of the desired candidate - Develop the search strategy - Review & get feedback on the search strategy with client Identify & Assess Candidates - Identify & confirm target sources using proprietary database (CTS) & network of contacts - Identify candidates, including internal ones as appropriate - Screen & evaluate candidates - Narrow list of candidates & review profiles with client Interviews - Facilitate client interviews of candidate - Obtain feedback from client & candidate - Select finalists to be interviewed - Feedback from client & candidates Select Candidate - Conduct finalist interviews - Conduct Reference Checks Successful Search Completion - Conduct any post offer testing that is required
  4. 4. JobPlex, Inc.FOCUS ON DIVERSITY Identifying and recruiting diverse candidates shapes our approach. Our vast network affords us the opportunity to access formal and informal contacts to broaden the research base. Additional emphasis is placed on research to identify diverse candidates. As a result, our focus reaches beyond individuals in a specific industry or functional area. JobPlex is made up of a diverse group of consultants who recognize the strength and benefits to a diverse workforce. We have consultants from many industries, many ethnicities, various years of experience levels, various functional backgrounds, and large and small company backgrounds. We identify well with other companies that have a strategic diversity management plan in place and a diversity hiringinitiative. Our approach to diversity as it relates to recruiting is to keep a laser focus on the requirements of the jobwhen qualifying candidates and to be as creative as possible when identifying recruitment sources. In doing so, wecreate the largest pool of qualified candidates. We have experience recruiting for the Federal Government onprojects where diversity requirements were mandatory and closely monitored. We can bring this same methodologyto client projects as needed.At JobPlex, we are acutely aware of the positive impact a diverse organization can have in a global businessenvironment. We consult with senior leaders in a variety of industries in addressing diversity and inclusion issuesand the formulation of strategies and practices that ensure the recruitment and retention of high potential individuals.To that end, we view a diverse talent pool as a recruiting advantage and through our extensive network ofprofessional, educational, trade and community organizations, are able to identify successful, creative and innovativecandidates.JobPlex recruits and presents a diverse slate of candidates to our 49% of all our searches areclients to achieve a workforce that reflects the community theyserve and the community from which they hire. The process filled with diversityincludes a series of action steps we undertake to deliver on this candidates.objective: Media placement print and electronic Diversity focused organizations Strategic web agents JobPlex’s proprietary database of candidates and Direct contact at targeted companies referral sources Consultant network of diversity contacts Specialized search services Trade, association, professional societies and academic institutions with high diversity participation Key Facts: The pool of diverse candidates is few in numbers and therefore higher in demand. A diverse group of employees is better able to develop products and services that appeal to a variety of consumers and to market offerings in a way that appeal to those consumers. A racially diverse group of managers is better able to work with business partners, employees and clientele in the U.S. and around the world.