Proof of me being fred fredburger's #1 fan


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Proof of me being fred fredburger's #1 fan

  1. 1. Proof of me being Fred Fredburger’s #1 fan: I own the Fred Fredburger shirt. I have been celebrating Fred Fredburger day (Oct. 30) every year since 2007. I made the best Fred Fredburger site on the web: I made the best/largest source for Fred Fredburger pictures: albums/z155/wintercool612/fred%20fredburger/ I dressed up as Fred Fredburger for Halloween and for my jr. high’s Halloween dance one year and for Fred Fredburger Day 2008 + 2009 so far. (Fred Fredburger Day is on October 30)
  2. 2. “I’m Fred Fredburger’s #1 fan!” is in ALL of my signatures, including my email, playlist, deviantART, etc. ------------------------------------- I'm FRED FREDBURGER's #1 fan!! I'm Lauren I'm wintercool612 + ------------------------------------- I'm FRED FREDBURGER's #1 fan!! I'm Lauren I'm wintercool612 [link] I own #fredfredburger-fc join today!! MY AVATAR WAS MADE BY *AllisonTC WHICH IS FROM ~fredfredburgerplz I made the best/largest source for Fred Fredburger videos: (still in progress) I favorite ANY deviation (picture) with Fred Fredburger in it on I own the largest collection of Fred Fredburger pictures on deviantART. I will continue ANY conversation about Fred Fredburger. The other person is ALWAYS the one who stops first.
  3. 3. I can actually DRAW Fred Fredburger. I refuse to be the one to delete any Fred Fredburger submission on deviantART or on any other site. I own the only Fred Fredburger fan club that is still running: http://fredfredburger- It’s also the only Fred Fredburger fan club that converted to the group platform on! I own the only Fred Fredburger fanlisting. I sent a friend request to every person that claims to be Fred Fredburger on myspace, YouTube, and facebook!!! I’m friends with every Fred Fredburger on iconator. I refuse to stop watching any Fred Fredburger related account on deviantART. I’m following every Fred Fredburger on twitter! Fred Fredburger was my desktop background when I had my own section of a computer at home.
  4. 4. Fred Fredburger is my background on myspace, twitter, and my myspace blog! Myspace: Twitter: Myspace blog: fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendId=495482055 Fred Fredburger is also my webcam, icon, main group, featured desktop, and in all of the descriptions of my deviantART profile! I watch Fred Fredburger on TV EVERY TIME he is on!!! My favorite word is yes (Fred Fredburger’s catchphrase). I found out about the spin off Fred Fredburger stars in: Underfist, almost a year before it aired. I have stayed loyal to Fred Fredburger since 2007 and still am. I am so obsessed with Fred Fredburger because: He is optimistic. Fred Fredburger is just an all around positive character. His catchphrase is the most optimistic word in the English language: YES. Fred Fredburger sets a good example for us all. That is to be happy and to have fun in life. Best of all he has a fantastic sense of humor and I have always enjoyed jokes. He also has GREAT taste in food. Nachoz and frozen yogurt always taste great to me!! Ironically enough, when I was little my favorite animal at the zoo was the elephant! Fred Fredburger looks like an elephant. :D If I do not own the ONLY one of any of the things in this list, then I own the first of each. 