Coneheads - Movie Review


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Coneheads - Movie Review

  1. 1. Lauren Coleman Period 1 Videography I saw the movie Coneheads at home with family through a rented DVD. My dad recommended it. Coneheads came out on July 23, 1993. It is rated PG because there is no bad language or heavy violence. The whole movie is about two aliens named Beldar and Prymatt who are accidentally left on Earth during their mission for planetary conquest. They have lived their whole lives on the planet Remulak and are now left to adapt to the many customs of the United States. Not long after ward they have a child named Connie. She lives the life of an ordinary human and acts like one, unlike her parents. Miss Conehead doesn’t mind how her daughter acts, but Mr. Conehead does. Even though he wants to go back to his home planet he is forced to watch his daughter grow up in what he calls a “savage planet”. The story is developed logically. Since the main characters are aliens it’s only reasonable that they act very different from humans. The title is self-explanatory and understandable. The overall message is to tell the viewer that aliens can adapt to life on Earth, but that doesn’t mean they will fit in completely. Many of the ideas are fresh and challenging because “zerros” are mentioned as a really long amount of time. The family even keeps their beds on the wall and sleep while standing up. The only thing I found objectionable was how Mr. and Miss Conehead screech in the most ear piercing way as a sign of fear or objection. The actors and actresses did an amazing job for this movie. Mr. Conehead was really good at talking fast, serious, and with an unchanging tone. The director added a lot of ironic humor in the film, as well as keeping the Coneheads actions and way of life constant. The best piece of acting was when Connie asked Ronnie why it took so long to repair her Dad’s car. She talked fast and used a lot of big words about cars. The cast is well chosen because everyone fit their roles perfectly. If the movie were to be re-made today the cast wouldn’t have done nearly as good of a job. The same style of clothing and music would have been different too, which would have only taken away from the movie. The camera work, editing, lighting, sound, music score, and transitions were nothing special and typical of an ordinary movie. The costumes and special effects stood out. The clothing the Coneheads were wearing when they arrived on Earth and on Remulak was unique, different, and interesting. I thought the movie was well made and very different. I would only recommend it to adults because it was made in the 90s. The older style of clothing and music would relate more to adults because they lived through the 90s. Kids and teenagers are less likely to enjoy it because of how strange it is. I liked Connie and Miss Conehead, but Mr. Conehead acted strange for an alien trying to fit in with humans. I didn’t like how the Coneheads were almost arrested just for being illegal aliens. They came from a different planet! They didn’t know about being illegal or the United States. In general I thought it was enjoyable and funny, but not hilarious.