Find The Best Granada Hills Preschool For Your Child


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Find The Best Granada Hills Preschool For Your Child

  1. 1. Selecting a Granada Hills preschool is an important stepfor your child, who is moving out into the big wide world. They join preschool at a time when their minds and personalities are still developing and are impressionable to their surroundings. However, if you want to secure them a place in one of the best schools, you need to put them on the waiting list when they are born.
  2. 2. The majority of preschools accept children from the age of two up to five, which is when they become eligible to be enrolled in school. To give them the best start possible, you need to visit and assess several preschools and then submit an application to all the ones that meet yourrequirements. It is important to keep your options open in case you are not successful with your first choice application.
  3. 3. If you want to find out which preschools are available inyour area, there are several sources where you can obtain a list with the contact information. Yellow pages and the local phone directory should provide you with a fairly comprehensive list of contact details. Alternatively, you can use the internet to browse through the National Association of Family Child Care website for information, contact details and general information on each school.
  4. 4. Alternatively, you can ask around family, friends and colleagues to find out if they recommend the school they used for their children. Once you have selected several,arrange to visit and have a look around. Do not be fobbedoff with the excuse that visitors disturb the routine, so you would need to come out with school times. To make aproper evaluation you need to visit the school when it is in full operation.
  5. 5. You will have so many questions to ask, that it is easy to forget to ask about something important. It will help to take a written list of questions with you. Questions aboutfees, holiday arrangements and school hours are just a few of the practical details you will want clarified. Child issues and the schools policies and procedures concerning child- care should be on the list for further discussion. When a child will be eating in the school, you need to discuss anydietary requirements and any other special needs for your child.
  6. 6. How many children are in a class will have an impact on how much individual teaching attention each childreceives. The smaller the class size the better it should be for the child. Parents should observe the interactionsbetween teachers and children throughout their visit. Bythe time their child is ready to attend, the staff members may have changed, but the standards, teaching program and the methods employed should be the same.
  7. 7. The physical environment should be clean, bright and child friendly. You can visually inspect and form an opinion about the hygiene standards by just being observant. There should be different areas for the children to work,play and spend some quiet story time, or even facilities to have a nap. There should be an outside area that is large enough and suitable fitted out with age appropriate equipment.
  8. 8. Parents enrolling their child in a Granada Hills preschool isgetting them ready to start school. Children have a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning which needs constant stimulation from their surroundings. They learn to socialise in a more formalized environment and separate from the family.
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