create apps for		 a new generation.    Windows 8 launches a world of                        opportunity for student develo...
3 steps to build your Windows 8 app  it’s easy to do   	    Get your dev tools            	Build and test your app        ...
get your development tools                                                                                                ...
build and test your app                                                                                                   ...
publish your app to the store                                                                                             ...
build apps that build your career                                                                                         ...
helpful resources for students                                                                                            ...
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  1. 1. create apps for a new generation. Windows 8 launches a world of opportunity for student developers. It is Windows made faster, more fluid and responsive to touch. And yours. it puts apps and active live tiles at everyone’s fingertips. You can be a first mover in this amazing app revolution, and build Windows 8 apps that could launch your career. This guide will point you to the right developer tools, tutorials, and resources. Jump in. The next generation is what you make it.
  2. 2. 3 steps to build your Windows 8 app it’s easy to do Get your dev tools Build and test your app Publish your app Download the software and tools We’ll point you to instructive Your app will be available to you need at It’s videos, hands-on labs, sample millions of people at the free for students. code and more. Windows Store. 2
  3. 3. get your development tools What is a WINDOWS Windows 8 app? They’re fast, fluid and perfect for touch. Windows apps are at the center of everything you do. Uniquely, they appear as a ‘tile’ on the Windows Start screen. Tap to open a Windows app and the content fills the entire computer screen. Content is the focus, while UI controls and distractions are minimized. Learn more Read the ”What’s a Windows 8 Style app” to see and understand all the cool design elements and User Experience (UX). by getting Windows 8 Get Visual Studio and all Use this collection of tools to create,You must have Windows 8 installed the tools code, debug, package, and publishon your computer. Windows 8 apps At DreamSpark, we packaged your Windows 8 modern apps.require the Windows 8 API for design together all the software and tools Get your tools at DreamSpark:and testing. you will need to create Windows ways to get Windows 8. 8 apps – at no charge to students. One click lets you download Visual Don’t forget your licenseChoices include: Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8, When you install Visual Studio 2012 • Free with your school’s including: Express for Windows 8, you will be DreamSpark subscription asked to get a developer license. • Windows 8 Software • Free 90-day trial Development Kit To complete this step, you will need • Special student offers and a Microsoft Account ( • Blend for Visual Studio to create w8gsg02). upgrades and edit imagesLearn more at DreamSpark: • The Windows App Certification Note: In order to install the developer Kit (WACK) to test your apps license, the user must be a Local Administrator on the computer. 3
  4. 4. build and test your app Testing is a snap Before submitting your app, you must test it. You will find the Windows App Cert Kit (WACK) in the Visual Studio 2012 Express software you downloaded at the very start. You can run the test from the Windows Start screen. Here’s how: - Get to your Windows 8 Start screen - Run the ‘Windows App Cert Kit’ app - Choose ‘Validate a Windows Store app’ - Select your custom app and select “next” Get inspired Watch a short video on the design principles for Windows 8 apps.Choose a Get hands-on help FIND Hundreds ofprogramming language We have a lab to help you create Code samplesTo build a Windows 8 app, you can your first Windows 8 app. Check out this helpful overviewuse a language you already know: Try the Lab Exercises from ( from the• HTML/Javascript Chapter 1, and feel success right Windows Dev Center. It covers from the start. everything from:• XAML/C# The lab is available in HTML/ • Setting up• XAML/Visual Basic JavaScript or XAML/C#. Pick the one • Learning tools and templates• C++/CX with which you feel most proficient. • Downloading hundreds of Download the Lab. Note: code samples: Approximately 170MB 4
  5. 5. publish your app to the store Allow time for certification Your app must meet high standards of quality to earn its way into the Windows Store. But once it’s in, millions worldwide will see your app. That said, the certification process can take a number of days. The process includes: - Pre-processingGet your registration code Submit your app When you submit your app to the - Security testsHere’s how: To create and submit your app store, be ready with: - Technical compliance• Go to package to the store, follow the • A name for your app - Content compliance• Follow the prompts to enroll. You directions after you select “Create • A price for your app (or free) - Release of your app can verify as a student using your App Packages ...” from the Store • An age rating - Signing and publishing school-issued email, DreamSpark Menu in Visual Studio 2012 Express registration code, or International for Windows 8. You will be required • A selling description, compelling You might be asked to revisit some student ID card. to register your Microsoft Account to screen images and a feature list for aspect of your code to improve its submit apps to the Windows Store. shoppers to read in the Store quality and performance. It’s part of the• Once enrolled, get the Windows learning process. Store registration code. It’s free for Note: If you are running a different your app is certified verified students. version of Visual Studio 2012 (Professional, Premium or Ultimate), As you proceed through the app• Enroll in the Windows Store. open the Project menu, and then certification process, you will choose Store. The Store menu receive emails to keep you aware• Instead of payment, simply enter of your app’s progress. the Registration Code you got appears only if you’re working on from DreamSpark. a Microsoft design style project or Learn more in the sidebar to the right. solution.Note: a credit card is required forregistration, but will not be charged ifyou have a registration code. 5
  6. 6. build apps that build your career TEMPLATES AND TRAINING You can download hundreds of Windows code samples, watch instructive videos, and much more. The Windows 8 development skills you gain will give you an edge when you graduate and venture into the real world.First in, first win Gain professional skills Among the examples are UX best App samples include:Windows 8 represents a huge right now practices for Windows 8 apps, giving - User Interface -worldwide opportunity. Think about Windows 8 is so new you can learn you a jump on making an app that More than 450 million people the same skills at the same time as darts, dances and delights. - Audio & Video - use Windows 7, and will professional developers who create given a simple, affordable way apps for a living. The best jobs are - Devices & Sensors -to move up to Windows 8. And, given to technology students with the Windows Store built into the best skills. You can be certain - Networking -every Windows 8 device, your apps Windows 8 development will be in be available to every user. You great demand. - Controls -can tap into a PC audience eagerly to open the apps you have Let us Make it Easierpublished to the Windows Store. We can guide you to Windows 8 app templates and samples to help youImagine, build, code your first app faster and easier.revolutionize You’ll find hundreds of Windows SDKStudents are always the ones to samples, and instructions on how totransform music, fashion, and pop incorporate them.culture. Now, you can reimagineapps and all they can do. You’re notbehind. You’re creating what’s next. 6
  7. 7. helpful resources for students LEAD THE WAY Don’t wait for a class on app building. Windows 8 comes with incredible support to help you build your first app fast. Get started now. Windows Azure - the perfect companionStarting Windows 8 hands-on lab building a cookbook University level courses on to your Windows 8 or app - Windows 8 Windows Phone AppStep 1Get Windows 8 and free developer tools- Game building for Windows 8 apps - Designing for Modern UI - Windows Azure is Microsoft’s open and flexible cloud platform that lets you deploy and manage your appsMore resources: App Development for Modern UI -Where to get your developer’s license - Publishing across a network of reliable global datacenters. What’s more, Azure Step 3 App Development for Modern Devices - lets you build an application using Get Registration code for Windows Store.Watch this video on creating great any operating system, developer The code is free for students.Windows 8 Apps - language or tool. Also Windows Azure introducedBuilding and testing Learning Mobile Services, a set of turnkey Microsoft blogs direct from the engineersStep 2 backend solutions to power responsible for Windows 8 -Get a helpful overview about Windows 8 app your mobile app. Acceleratedevelopment - Building Windows 8 - your mobile app development, Windows Store - incorporate structured storage,See how to test your Windows 8 app - Windows 8 App Dev - user authentication and push notifications in minutes.More resources: User Experience support and guidance -What’s a Windows 8 Style app? Learn more about Windows Azure Mobile. eBook on building Windows 8 Apps-Design principles of Windows 8 apps (video)- 7