The 5 Features of Writing


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The 5 Features of Writing

  1. 1. North Carolina Writing Assessment Tenth Grade Presentation by Nicole L. Winsley
  2. 2. What?We have to take a writing test? And it counts?
  3. 3. What is the NC Writing Test?The NC Writing Test is a writing examination you take during your 4th, 7th, and 10th Grade Year. Your 4th Grade year you write an original story. But......Your 10th Grade year you must write a persuasive 5- pargraph essay.
  4. 4. Where do I begin?First, lets look at the 2 types of writings prompts you might see this March.First, lets look at the 2 types of writings prompts you might see this March.
  5. 5. 10 Grade Writing Test Problem/Solution Definition Writing Cause/Effect Must give List specific Must give detailed causes or detailed Define a setMust give detailed effects examples using examples using List specific causes or examples using term, moral your own life regarding a your own life belief, or your own life effects regarding a specific topic experiences specific topic experiences concept experiences
  6. 6. Now lets look at the features of narrative writing.
  7. 7. Focus Answers the question: “So What?” Focus means setting the goal/purpose of your paper: BEFORE YOU EVEN START WRITING!Establish a SINGLE focus and SUSTAINS it throughout the ENTIRE paper. Focus is the “ANGLE” of your paper. 1. What is the most important piece in your story?2. Are there any ideas or events in your story that are not important to the main event? 3. What is your paper’s goal?
  8. 8. Organization The structural framework for your writing.The logical progression and completeness of ideas in your writing. Two types: Text Structure: Beginning, Middle, End Cohesion elements: The Glue that holds it all together. 1. Does your writings have a clear beginning, middle and end? 2. Can your reader follow your story logically from beginning to end? 3. Does your story make sense and feel finished?
  9. 9. Specific details and Info you use to ES develop your topic. LU Must be SUFFICIENT & RELATED. Sufficiency: Amount of detail AP Relatedness: Quality of detail BP O 1. Does all of the information support the RO main topic? AR 2. Do you have enough info to persuade your reader? TT I 3. Are you writing at the reader’s level of intelligence? O N
  10. 10. Style is the use of language that is appropriate to the topic. Style is how you write S 3 Elements of Style: Word Choice T Sentence Fluency Voice1. Does your story flow from start to finish? Y 2. Are you using precise words, power verbs, concrete nouns, specific L adjectives, and appropriate prepositions? 3. Can you writing be read aloud to an E audience?
  11. 11. C Conventions… using the correct sentenceO formation, usage, mechanics, andN spelling.VE 1. Are your sentences complete?N 2. Is there subject-verb agreement?T 3. Is there consistency in verb tense?I 4. Have you punctuated correctly? 5. Have you capitalized everything that you are supposeO to?N 6. Have you checked your spelling?S
  12. 12. Now lets starting writing the“WRITE” way!
  13. 13. Created by: Nicole L. Winsley Thomasville High School 2009-2010Features and guiding questions based on information found at LearnNC.