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  1. 1. FLOWER DS 4 ECNatural pyrethrum insecticide Reg: PCPB (CR) 0835 100% NATURAL 0.8-2.1LitresofFLOWERDS4ECperhectare FLOWER DS 4 EC CONTROLS: Post harvest final insecticide wash for export vegetables. Final stage(s) insecticides application on products controlled by Maximum Residue Levels (MRL’s) such as export vegetables. Part of an insecticidal spray programme to help prevent development of resitance to other insecticide applications. RATE OF APPLICATION: SUGGESTED USES:ZERO DAYS P.H.I: Mealy bugs, Wire flies, Stink beetles, Worm scales, Boll worms, Red spider mite, Caterpillars, Cut worms, Ants, Flies. .......and many more! Trials have proven zero phytotoxicity on flowers and vegetables. Natural pyrethrum kills a broad spectrum of insects, and has high efficacy against Thrips, Aphids, White flies. Pyrethrins have a low recorded level of insect resistance. Workers may re-enter the greenhouse as soon as the fog or mist has settled. IDEAL ADDITION TO YOUR SPRAY PROGRAMME: We use natural pyrethrum with vegetables oils as natural synergists and a natural emulsifier to guarantee a 100% natural insecticide Flower DS 4 EC with 4% pyrethrins w/w Manufactured by: FLOWER DS 4 EC has zero residues and offers zero days pre harvest interval. It is perfect as a post harvest insecticide, and as a final wash/fog prior to export of vegetables and flowers. Because there is little recorded resistance by insects to pyrethrum (pyrethrins), it is an invaluable addition to a farm’s spray programme in order to prevent resistance to the other insecticides used in the programme. KAPILIMITEDP.O.BOX252-20100NakuruKAPILIMITEDP.O.BOX252-20100Nakuru Website: Cell: 0726 114 140 (Rebecca) Email: 0726 114 140 (Rebecca) Email: Cell: 0710 615 604 (Winrose) Email: 0710 615 604 (Winrose) Email: ZERO PHYTOTOXICITY: BROAD SPECTRUM: VERY SHORT RE-ENTRY INTERVAL: White flies Thrips Aphids