Protection of women from domestic violence act 2005


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MAITRI is a humanitarian and developmental NGO established in 2005. Its mission is to
establish basic health, promote education and restore human rights to empower India’s
vulnerable populations. Maitri defends human rights and strengthens communities through
individual and community empowerment with advocacy, education, community-based program
development, and networking. Maitri is committed to improving the quality of life and dignity
of the vulnerable populations it works with, which include:

●       Destitute and marginalised widows
●       Migrant workers and their families
●       Underprivileged children

●   Members of uniformed services and their families

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Protection of women from domestic violence act 2005

  1. 1. Maitri J -92 Anant Ram Diary,RK Puram Sector 13 New Delhi 110066, India Helpline: +919810132908
  2. 2. Verbal and Emotional Violence •  nsults I •  ame calling N •  ccusations on your character or A conduct etc. •  nsult for not having a male child, I •  nsult for not bringing dowry etc. I •  elling and Screaming Y •  reventing you or the child in your P custody from attending school, college or any other educational institutions
  3. 3. Contd:
  4. 4. Economic Violence •  ot providing you money for maintaining you or your N children, • Not providing food, clothes, medicines etc. for you and your children, •  topping you from carrying on your employment or, S •  isturbing you in carrying on your employment, D •  ot allowing you to take up an employment or, N •  aking away your income , salary, wages etc., T •  ot allowing you to use your salary, wages etc., N •  orcing you out of the house you live in, F •  topping you from accessing or using any part of the house, S •  ot allowing use of clothes, articles or things of general N household use, •  ot paying rent if staying a rented accommodation etc. N
  5. 5. •  aise your voice. R • Talk to your friends and relatives about it. • Take the help of a NGO or police. • File an FIR (First Information Report) in the nearest police station. • Take the help of ‘The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act’, 2005 (PWDV Act, 2005) and contact the Protection Officer of your area and register D.I.R (Domestic Incident Report). • You can also directly go to the Magistrate.
  6. 6. Under the PWDV Act, 2005, you can get the following reliefs/orders: 1. Protection (from any act of domestic violence) order 2. Residence orders - right to reside 3. Monetary reliefs 4. Custody orders 5. Compensation orders 6. Interim and ex-parte orders NOTE: Any order made under this Act is enforceable throughout India.