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1st Rwanda E-Business Competition


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Published in: Travel, Business
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1st Rwanda E-Business Competition

  1. 1. 1st Rwanda E-Business Competition proposal<br />BaekJooHuem<br />(<br />KOICA Volunteer<br />
  2. 2. Summary<br />“Above the Fiber Network”<br />E-Business for Rwandan Economy<br />Competition for developing E-Business services to support Investment and Export<br />E-Business by Rwandan Young Specialist<br />20 Rwandan candidates will receive special training to be an E-Business specialist<br />4 months<br />4 months for Competition, Training and Publishing<br />
  3. 3. Summary<br />“Above the Fiber Network”<br />e-Investment<br />e-Tourism<br />e-Coffee-Bidding<br />
  4. 4. Background<br />Rwandan economy highly depend on coffee and tourism business. [a]<br />Foreign investment is very important to Rwandan economy. [b]<br />Internet services and developers to support coffee, tourism business and to encourage foreign-investment are needed.<br />Source: RIEPA Annual report (2007)<br />Source: BNR, MINECOFIN, OTF Group Analysis<br />
  5. 5. Objectives<br />To Create Economic Values by ICT<br />Rwanda has many things to make benefit through E-Business like coffee export, tourism, real-estate investment. These businesses (foreign market based) can be developed rapidly by the E-Business services which are connected to world customers and investors.<br />To Train Young E-Business Specialists<br />We will train young engineers and e-marketing expert E-Business specialists who will promote export based East-African businesses. This will make first objective sustainable <br />
  6. 6. Plan<br />
  7. 7. Training<br />E-Business Cases<br />Case Study (especially on Tourism, Coffee, Real-estate Investment)<br />E-Marketing<br />Market Analysis<br />Practical Online Marketing<br />E-Development<br />Web Design<br />Web Programming (PHP / ASP)<br />Database (MySQL / MSSQL)<br />
  8. 8. Create 3 E-Business Services<br />
  9. 9. e-Investment<br />Target User <br />Small & Medium Investor<br /> in the world <br />Expected Service Provider<br />RDB<br />List of Opportunities<br />GACULIRO<br />TC: $12m<br />ROI:17%<br />ROE:44%<br />KAGARAMA<br />5,477 mixed income homes of 60m2 (2beds), 80m2 (3 beds) and 120m2 (4 beds) set on 39 hectares and divided into 10 discrete phases of 548 units each. <br />Sale Price: US$60,000-80,000<br />Total Project Cost: $30,511,944<br />Equity Investment required: $12,204,777<br />Projected Return on Equity: 51 percent.<br />Projected Return on Investment: 20%<br />Government has already set aside the land<br />REMERA<br />TC: $12m<br />ROI:17%<br />ROE:44%<br />Contact<br />KAGARAMA<br />TC: $30m<br />ROI:20%<br />ROE:51%<br />TC: $30m<br />ROI:20%<br />ROE:51%<br />MUHIMA<br />TC: $14m<br />ROI:21%<br />ROE:42%<br />MUHIMA<br />TC: $14m<br />ROI:21%<br />ROE:42%<br />GACULIRO<br />TC: $12m<br />ROI:17%<br />ROE:44%<br />KIMISANGE<br />TC: $5m<br />ROI:12%<br />ROE:25%<br />BRICK MANUFACTURING<br />TC: $15m<br />ROI:87%<br />Expected Service in e-investment<br />
  10. 10. e-Tourism<br />Target User <br /> East Africa Traveler<br />Expected Service Provider<br />ORTPN<br />Lake MUHAZI<br />I have been to here!<br />Similar Places<br />Lake MUHAZI is located in the east from Kigali.<br />There is one restaurant, Jambo Beach near this lake. You can ride motor boat to look around. Don’t forget to find the bird tree that has many bird houses.<br />EDIT Last updated at 2009-4-14 12:31 by Hirwa<br />Kiseny ( 4.0)<br />*How to go?<br />To go Lake MUHAZI, You should take rent car. If you are over 10 members, You can hire small bus in the Kigali TOWN. They may request 70,000-90,000 RWF.<br />It will takes 1hour 30min. From Kigali<br />EDIT Last updated at 2009-4-10 11:30 by Hirwa<br />Location<br />Kibuye ( 3.5)<br />Here<br />Cyangugu ( 3.0)<br />See Large Map<br />Comments<br />Add<br />This place is very calm and silent. Transportation is only matter. <br />by Hirwa (2009-4-30 12:32)<br />Expected Service in e-Tourism<br />
  11. 11. e-Coffee-Bidding<br />Target User <br />Small & Medium Coffee Companies or Shops in the world<br />Expected Service Provider<br />OCIR<br />MIG Buremera1st of CoE2008?<br />Bid now !<br />The cultivation region of MIC Buremera, where Rwanda’s tall Arabica Bourbon Coffee trees are nourished with pure water and volcanic soils. <br />The coffee is as unique and complex as the micro climatic characteristics of the region blossoming with tea, spice and cocoa note.<br />EDIT Last updated at 2009-4-14 12:31 by Hirwa<br />Taste<br />Bid<br />Acidity<br />Body<br />Aroma<br />Finish<br />Flavor<br />Last Evaluation by : David Baek<br />7.13<br />7.20<br />7.27<br />8. 3<br />8.10<br />8.17<br />$5.0<br />finish<br />$6.0<br />finish<br />$5.30<br />12 bids<br />$5.0<br />Bid now !<br />5 bids<br />$6.0<br />2 bids<br />$5.3<br />1 bids<br />Location<br />History<br />Here<br />See Large Map<br />Comments<br />Add<br />In our coffee shop, this coffee is the best and the most expensive.<br />by Hirwa (2009-4-30 12:32)<br />Expected Service in e-Coffee-Bidding<br />
  12. 12. Development Team<br />
  13. 13. Award (10M RWF)<br />Gold Prize (1 team)<br />1M RWF<br />Business Observation Trip (Coffee, Travel, Real Estate) = 3M RWF<br />East Africa (Serengetti, Kilimanzaro, Arusha, Nairobi, Daresalam) <br />Rwanda (Gorilla Trekking, Mt. Karishimbi, Akagera, Nwengwe Forest, Huye)<br />Silver Prize (2 teams)<br />Business Observation Trip (Coffee, Travel, Real Estate) = 3M RWF*2<br />East Africa (Serengetti, Kilimanzaro, Arusha, Nairobi, Daresalam) <br />Rwanda (Gorilla Trekking, Mt. Karishimbi, Akagera, Nwengwe Forest, Huye)<br />
  14. 14. Needed Resources<br />Place for training<br />for 20 people, beam projector, screen<br />3 Web Servers to test and to publish<br />2 Internship TO in each organization(RDB-RIEPA, RDB-ORTPN, RDB-OCIR)<br />lab-top or PC for each Intern<br />internet modem for each Intern<br />Budget (15M RWF)<br />Budget for the prize (10M RWF)<br />Budget for the advertisement (1.5M RWF)<br />Budget for the training (2M RWF)<br />Budget for the ceremony of awarding prizes (1.5M RWF)<br />
  15. 15. Expected HOST<br />KIST & SFB<br />Place for training<br />Advertisement<br />Budget for the prize<br />RDB (RITA)<br />Web Servers to test and to publish<br />Network Connections for Servers<br />Trainers<br />Budget for the prize<br />RDB (RIEPA & ORTPN & OCIR)<br />2 Internship T.O. for 2month<br />2 lab-tops or PCs<br />2 internet modems<br />
  16. 16. Project Proposer<br />BaekJooHuem / Hirwa<br />ICT volunteer / RDB-IT (member of KOICA)<br /> <br />Educational Attainment<br />ph D. Candidate, Cognitive Science (Internet Information System) / Yonsei Univ.<br />Master degree, Cognitive Science (Internet Information System) / Yonsei Univ. <br />Graduate dissertation on “wrapper based real-time web integration system”<br />Bachelor degree, Computer Science / YonseiUniv (South Korea)<br />Experience<br />2004~2007 / CEO / ISELSoft“internet software & service developing venture”<br />Jonathan<br />Head of CEIT / KIST<br /> <br />