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Positioning to Capture Government Funded Research, Development, and Demonstration Projects

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  1. 1. Positioning to CaptureGovernment FundedResearch, Development, and Demonstration Projects Phil Winkler Managing Principal Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  2. 2. OutlineBiography – Phil Winkler TestimonialsGovernment Contracting Specialists, LLCWhat’s New?Government Contracting Experience at APGovernment Contracting Work Process Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  3. 3. Biography – Phil Winkler• Owner and Managing Principal, Government Contracting Specialists, LLC• More than 30 years Government Contracting Experience, Air Products Specific areas of expertise include: Identifying strategic R&D & acquisition programs Managing agreements Understanding the Government customer Protecting intellectual property Marketing for funding opportunities Providing contract accounting Developing winning proposals Government lobbying Negotiating co-operative agreements and contracts Commercial item sales• BE, Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology• MBA, Rutgers University• Master’s Certificate, Government Contracting, George Washington University Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  4. 4. Testimonials from Fortune 500 Specialty Chemicals Company and ICCI Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  5. 5. Testimonials from Weyerhaeuser and University of Central Florida Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  6. 6. Government Contracting Specialists, LLCI formed Government Contracting Specialists, LLC to assist businesses and organizationswith research, development, and demonstration funding opportunities and commercial item saleWith the federal and state governments.My consulting practice is focused on the area of clean energy, both fossil and renewables.Current assignments include: • Consulting with several Fortune 500 companies in the areas of biomass, biofuels, wind energy and carbon capture. • Introduced client to senior DOE – EERE personnel to begin positioning campaign; client is now recognized as a key supplier of technical solutions to the biofuels area. • Assisting client with existing contracts in all areas of contract management from timekeeping to developing use fees for equipment used in the program. • Assisting client in contract negotiations with the DOE in developing protected data list, completing petition for advanced waiver of patent rights, and developing the subcontract agreements. • Assisting client with development of concept papers, proposals, and red team proposal reviews. Learn how to use government partnerships as part of your open innovation work process. Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  7. 7. What’s New?• Phil Winkler has been nominated to run for President-elect, AIChE in the 2013 election• Phil Winkler Appointed Member of the Advisory Board Council with the Small Business Development Center at the University of Central Florida (UCF), Orlando, Florida• Phil Winkler Appointed a Peer Reviewer for the Illinois Clean Coal Institute Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  8. 8. What’s New? (Cont.) FY 2014 Budget Request Highlights (all comparisons are to FY 2012 enacted levels)• $69.6 billion for non-defense R&D, an increase of $5.9 billion or 9.2 percent• $73.2 billion for defense R&D, a reduction of $4 billion or 5.2 percent. Cuts to DOD R&D are targeted mostly at weapons systems development activities, leaving increases for DODs 6.1 basic research account ($2.1 billion, up 6.0 percent) and $2.9 billion for DODs Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (up 1.8 percent)• $31.3 billion (up 1.5 percent) for the National Institutes of Health (NIH)• $12.7 billion (up 18 percent) for DOE R&D activities, including $379 million for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and $5.2 billion for DOEs Office of Science• $11.6 billion (up 2.6 percent) for National Aeronautics and Space Administration R&D activities• $7.6 billion (up 8.4 percent) for the NSF budget• $754 million (up 21.0 percent) for NISTs intramural laboratories• The President again proposed a one-time investment of $1 billion to launch a network of up to 15 manufacturing innovation institutes. Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  9. 9. Successful Technology Demonstration Projects with the DOE and APLiquid Phase Methanol Demonstration Flue Gas Desulfurization Eastman Chemicals Plant, Demonstration Kingsport, TN NIPSCO Bailey Station, Indiana Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  10. 10. AP Partnering with the Government (DOD) Ballistic Armor ResearchForklifts Powered byHydrogen FuelingTechnology - DDDP OBIGGS for C-17, F-22 Coatings for Seawolf Submarine Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  11. 11. AP Partnering with the Government (DOE) ARRA Funded projects AP Middletown Waste Energy Recovery Project at AK Steel DOE Award = $30 million DOE Award = $71.3 million AP CO2 Capture Project Hydrogen Production at Port Arthur, TX AP Development of Lower Cost Thin Film Solar Cells DOE Award = $253 million DOE Award = $1.5 million Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  12. 12. AP Trexlertown Thin Film 2,000 Kw Solar FarmJuly 12, 2011Air Products “Flips the Switch” on its Headquarters Solar Farm2MW Solar Farm Online and Delivering Renewable Energy to Corporate CampusToday at a ceremony at its corporate headquarters, John McGlade, Air Products’ (NYSE:APD)chairman, president and chief executive officer, flipped the switch on the company’s new 2MW solar farmthat is capable of supplying enough energy to power more than half of Air Products’ administrationbuildings.State of PA Solar Energy Program Award = $1.0 million Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  13. 13. The most successful government funding initiatives within corporations are directly linkedto the business technology objectives and product/services strategies.The GSC approach to establishing an external funding capability for research anddeveloping the Federal market can best be described by the following diagram: Proactive Federal Market Development Federal Market Strategy Pre-Solicitation Business Development Proposal Development, Submission, & Negotiation Contract Management Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  14. 14. Proactive Federal Market DevelopmentOnce the Federal market strategy is completed and a repeatable set ofprocesses and capabilities (platform) are established through the appropriatebalance of internal resources and qualified third party partners, effectiveexecution can drive proactive management and pursuit of the Federalopportunities: Federal Market Strategy Pre - Solicitation Business Development Proposal A Development & Negotiation Contract A Management Proposal B Development & Negotiation Contract B Management Proposal C Development & Negotiation Contract C Management External Funding Program Management Months Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  15. 15. Government Contracting Offerings• Pre-solicitation Business Development – Identifying strategic R&D & Acquisition programs – Marketing for funding opportunities – Commercial Item Sales – Government lobbying• Proposal Development, Submission, & Negotiation – Developing winning proposals – Negotiating agreements• Contract Management – Managing agreements – Protecting intellectual property – Providing contract accounting – Focus Account Management Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  16. 16. Marketing for Funding Opportunities: 1980’s to Present• 1980’s – Positioning Unsolicited Proposals• 1990’s – Positioning BAA’S – Earmarking• 2000’s – Earmarking BAA’S – Positioning• Recent – Reactive ARRA FOA’s• Current - Position and Maintain Congressional Actions forProgram Increases; Policy Actions; Authorization bills. Government Contracting Specialists, LLC
  17. 17. Thank You!Government Contracting Specialists, LLC PHILIP W. WINKLER MANAGING PRINCIPAL 2071 Chalmer Terrace – Suite 120 The Villages, FL 32162 philwinkler@gcspecialists.com www.gcspecialists.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/philipwinkler CELL: (484) 515-9072 Government Contracting Specialists, LLC