20140219 techdays mini 앱 개발 세미나(4)


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  • Component costs are projected to reduce drastically by 2016Controller and connectivity costs are projected to drop by ~50% of the 2010 costsSensor costs are projected to reduce between 20% - 50%More sensors are being integrated on a single chip to reduce power, cost and physical sizeLow-cost connectivity chips for WiFi, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN and Bluetooth Low Energy are widely availableTI’s WiFi chip module is priced at $10 for a quantity of 1000 chipshttp://www.dragoninnovation.com/projects
  • In addition, we’ve added significant new capabilities in Windows 8.1, all accessible to Windows Store app developersCapabilities like Point of Sale/Service device integration, Bluetooth, USB and WiFi direct.We’ve added WebGL for HTML/JS apps, and 3d printing accessible to any Windows Store appWe’ve added new Contacts and Appointments APIs to enable better integration with those things that make the device and your apps more personal.And much moreNew APIs are in blue (examples: Point of Service, USB, Diagnostics, PDF, etc.)
  • 20140219 techdays mini 앱 개발 세미나(4)

    1. 1. 2월의 주제 사물인터넷과 Windows 8 앱의 연결! 2014년 명품 특강! IoT 사물인터넷과 Windows 8 Microsoft 김영욱 부장
    2. 2. “Internet of Things” Computing Era Computing Devices Evolution to the “Internet of Things” Mainframe Mini Computing Client / Server Desktop Internet Cloud & Mobile Cloud & Digital Computing ? Data Management Apps 1960’s Business Logic Apps Process Automation Apps Web Apps 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s Institutional computing One device for many users Mobile Apps 2000’s Mass market One device for one user Apps, Open APIs & Big Data 2010’s 2020’s Multi-device computing Many devices for one user
    3. 3. Volume Diversity
    4. 4. Windows Embedded Retail Manufacturing Healthcare
    5. 5. Windows Embedded 산업용 패널 컴퓨터, 임베디드 컴퓨터 [부트윈] 전해질 분석기 [아이센스] 휴대용 차량진단기 [지아이티] 금융자동화기기 [노틸러스효성] Internet Phone이 결합된 디지털 사이니지 [여의시스템] All-In-One Slim POS [하나시스] 골밀도측정기 [오스테오시스]
    6. 6. New Updated User interface Accessibility Data binding Devices Live tiles and toast Input Controls Graphics and media HTML5/CSS XAML Communications and data Speech synthesis Services Portable Geolocation Point of service Direct3D Direct2D Direct Write Local storage SMS HTTP Skydrive Sensors Proximity USB Playback Capture PlayTo Streams Background transfer Contacts Bing HID WiFi direct Bluetooth Canvas SVG WebGL Syndication Networking Appointments Azure Mobile Printing 3D printing Scanning XML and JSON Contracts PDF Xbox Live Fundamentals Application services Threading/timers Memory management Globalization Cryptography Authentication Diagnostics
    7. 7. • 하나의 칩으로 구성된 작은 컴퓨터 • processor, memory, input/output • 주로 Embedded 영역에서도 최저 성능/비용 • Arduino, Raspberry Pi…………
    8. 8. • Typical components include: • • • • power circuit programming interface basic input; usually buttons and LEDs I/O pins
    9. 9. Making-robots-with-arduino.pdf
    10. 10. Specification Making-robots-with-arduino.pdf
    11. 11. Arduino I/O Boards 14 current boards
    12. 12. Shields
    13. 13. Datalogging Shield Shields Wave Shield Touchscreen Shield
    14. 14. More Shields… XBee Shield Ethernet Shield Wifi Shield
    15. 15. Fingerprint Scanner Sensors Gas Sensor Temp & Humidity Flex Sensor Geiger Counter
    16. 16. Sensors Photo/thermistor, infared, force sensitive resistor, Hall effect, Piezo, tilt sensor..
    17. 17. Sketches Includes Globals void setup() void loop()
    18. 18. todbot.com/blog/bionicarduino
    19. 19. http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/Environment 1. 2. 3. 4. Sketch programming Compiling Upload Test
    20. 20. • 첫 번째 샘플 LED 점멸 • File > Examples > Digital > Blink • 13번 Pin과 GND를 연결한다. www.instructables.com
    21. 21. pinMode(pin, mode) Sets pin to either INPUT or OUTPUT digitalRead(pin) Reads HIGH or LOW from a pin digitalWrite(pin, value) Writes HIGH or LOW to a pin delay(ms) –Pauses for a few milliseconds delayMicroseconds(us) –Pauses for a few microseconds
    22. 22. setup( ) : 최기화에 필요한 내용들을 기술한다. loop( ) : main( )함수에 해당하는 곳이지만 지속적으로 반복하는 점이 차이
    23. 23. • • • • Digital has two values: on and off Analog has many (infinite) values Computers don’t really do analog, they quantize Remember the 6 analog input pins---here’s how they work
    24. 24. SoftwareSerial : Bluetooth 모듈 시리얼 포트를 지정한다. BTSerial.begin( ): 통신을 시작한다. BTSerial.write( ) : 문자를 전송한다. BTSerial.read( ) : 문자를 수신한다.
    25. 25. 1. STATE 2. RXD 3. TXD 4. GND 5. VCC 1 3 2 5 4
    26. 26. Namespace Windows.Devices.Enumeration Windows.Devices.Bluetooth Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.Rfcomm Windows.Networking.Sockets; Windows.Storage.Streams;
    27. 27. Windows.Devices.Enumeration DeviceInformationCollection DeviceInformation 장치들의 목록을 검색하고 장치 정보를 가지고 있을 수 있다.
    28. 28. Windows.Devices.Enumeration RfcommDeviceService 블루투스 장비를 추상화 하고 있으며 이 클래스를 통해서 등록된 블루투스 장비를 연결할 수 있다.
    29. 29. BluetoothDevices = await DeviceInformation.FindAllAsync( RfcommDeviceService.GetDeviceSelector( RfcommServiceId.SerialPort)); foreach (var deviceInfo in BluetoothDevices) { lstBluetooth.Items.Add(deviceInfo.Name); }
    30. 30. var ConnectionDevice = RfcommDeviceService.FromIdAsync(deviceId); var RfcommService = await ConnectionDevice; if (RfcommService != null) { var Socket = new StreamSocket(); var ConnectAction = Socket.ConnectAsync( RfcommService.ConnectionHostName, RfcommService.ConnectionServiceName,
    31. 31. SocketProtectionLevel.BluetoothEncryptionAllowNullAuthentication); await ConnectAction;
    32. 32. MessageReceived Event 메시지를 받았을 때 BluetoothDevices Property 전체 블루투스 디바이스 목록 Disconnect() Method 연결 끊기 SendMessageAsync() Method 메시지 보내기 ConnectToServiceAsync () Method 연결 시도
    33. 33. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IoTLove/ http://1drv.ms/1fd9JwL
    34. 34. 2014년 1월 새해 명품 특강! 센서 활용 앱 개발 경품추첨 마이크로소프트 웨지 모바일 키보드 스컬프트 컴포트 마우스 Notice • 행사 종료 후 설문지를 작성하여 등록 데스크에 제출해 주세요. 소정의 기념품을 드립니다.