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Evaluation short operation segment


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It is head to head analysis to study the impact of multi short operation segments with a direct flight operation. A case study of SAH-CAI-SAH and SAH-ADE-CAI-ADE-SAH, here we study the impact of introducing Aden sector with the direct flight of SAH-CAI
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Evaluation short operation segment

  1. 1. Evaluation Short Operation Segment By : Mohammed S. Awad Aviation Consultant
  2. 2. OUTLINE  Basic Data Yemenia 2008  Flights No. 602-603  Flight No. 602  Passengers Analysis  Market Segment Analysis  Flight No. 603  Passengers Analysis  Market Segment Analysis  Calculation of CASK & Cost/cycle.  Analysis per Aircraft  A330-200  B737-800  A310-300  Indirect Operation Summary  Direct Operation Summary  Profit &Losses Analysis for Direct and Indirect operation.  Adjusted Cost/FltHr based on the short cyclic operation  Yield Analysis  Results & Summary
  3. 3. Basic Data Yemenia 2008
  4. 4. Flight No. 602-603
  5. 5. Flight No. 602 Passengers Analysis
  6. 6. Flight No. 602 Segment Analysis
  7. 7. Flight No. 603 Passengers Analysis
  8. 8. Flight No. 603 Segment Analysis
  9. 9. Calculation of CASK & Cost/Cycle
  10. 10. ANALYSIS per AIRCAFT
  11. 11. 200-330SAH by A-ADE-CAI-ADE-SAH
  12. 12. 800-737SAH by B-ADE-CAI-ADE-SAH
  13. 13. 300-310SAH by A-ADE-CAI-ADE-SAH
  14. 14. SAH-ADE-CAI-ADE-SAH irect OperationInd
  15. 15. SAH-CAI-SAH Direct Operation
  16. 16. SAH-CAI-SAH vs SAH-ADE-CAI-ADE-SAH 2500000 2100000 2000000
  17. 17. Effects of the cyclic cost in short segment operation – main formula 2/)*/ /)/(( / FltHrFltHrCost FltHrCycleCost FltHrCostAdjusted  
  18. 18. Effects of the Cyclic Cost in Short Segment OperationAdjustedCost/FltHr The above graphs shows the effects of short times sectors i.e Any length time sector less than one hour will effects directly on the adjusted value of the cost of flight hour
  19. 19. Yield Analysis
  20. 20. Summary & Results: The Study shows clearly that Yemenies lose their international and regional profits on the domestic network, instead of gaining that profit, it bleeding in the domestic network. For example SAH-CAI-SAH In case of operating A310 yemenia lose annually 2,500,000 USD In case of operating B737-800 yemenia lose annually 2,100,000 USD In case of operating A330-200 yemenia lose annually 2,000,000 USD If YEMENIA draw out from the domestic market, they will avoid these loses, and their share will increase as they will serve all the domestic points vis Felix Airways, Yield Analysis shows that the difference between highest yield ( SAH ) & and the lowest one ( ADE) is 33 USD, So what ever passenger get via SAH it will belong to Yemenia, while passengers moving to another domestic destination , Felix Airways can make the necessary arrangement to pick him up to the domestic destination.
  21. 21. Contact : Mohammed Salem Awad Hadi Aviation Consultant Tel: 00 967 736255814 Email: My Studies and Articles: