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Government +Market Be Rational Uic& Hkbu Homework


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uic summer program homework

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Government +Market Be Rational Uic& Hkbu Homework

  1. 1. By Ke W ng n a Em Ta ilie ng ID:0 5 3 5 8 3 10 ID:0 5 2 2 8386
  2. 2. How does a rational government + market should be ?  1.Joseph Stalin’s model?  2. Great Depression in 1929.  3. What about Franklin .D. Roosevelt’s achievement to the U.S in 1933?  Op n d o p lic e or o y
  3. 3. Irra na p o le tio l e p VS Irra na m rke tio l a t
  4. 4. Impact to S U LOOK FOR MORE DETAILS
  5. 5. Collective farming J s p Sta c a da o e h lin re te hig c nc ntra d hly o e te m d l in So t Unio oe vie n a ric g ulture,w d no e o t w nt toe p s his a m ha ize p rs na fa e o l ilure b, ut und r thism d l the e oe p lic b g ve e o y y o rnm nt w sve irra na a ry tio l
  6. 6. Great depression The great depression conduct hundreds million of unemployment and the million of bonds become a waste paper in one day. It is obviously the market failure its function and the market law ineffective and seemd it is happening now in the world but we ask the reason the irrational market mostly come out by some people’s irrational actions. The big inflation came out great depression.
  7. 7. Let’s summarize a little bit. In the historical points of view, people cannot depend on governmental adjustment only, either the invisible hand. They both cause “disaster” in economic development and the running of the international system.
  8. 8. No matter rational government or market, they have to be operate in the way which is true of the development of economic.
  9. 9. LOOK FOR MORE DETAILS Franklin D. Roosevelt  “ large sums of federal money for direct payments to needy citizens through grants (rather than loans) to the states.  A vast program of public works— the construction of public buildings, highways, dams, and similar projects — was begun under the Public W orks Administration (PW A).  provisions for paying farmers to reduce the acreage of certain crops and to limit livestock holdings. These measures were intended to reduce surpluses, which caused low prices.”
  10. 10. Great diction of economic reform Deng talk about economic reform is imply “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” and make the society especially the economic part get development. It also was a good example of combination capitalism and socialism. Some times mixture is a rational action.
  11. 11. References Re f Me s s Roosevelts New Deal, lie a ure ,  2.htm Analysis of Roosevelt's " New Deal" 