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Cyprus Wine Project


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2012 Cyprus Wine Presentation. A Collaborative Project for development of Cyprus Wine. Strategy and advocacy for the Cyprus Wine Sector - Updated 2013 version will soon be made available for download.

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Cyprus Wine Project

  1. Wine CyprusA Nature of Wine
  2. 3 Words to Cyprus WineXynisteri Maratheftiko Commandaria
  3. Re:Discovering A Wine Nature• Natural wealth• A unique time for Winemaking• Transmissible heritage
  4. A sense of Place: Richness of Cyprus Biodiversity A sense of Place from the richness of Biodiversity
  5. Vine & vines soil diversification To Vine Variation
  6. Cyprus Vines A terroir in the making
  7. Cyprus Vines: rebuilding a territory
  8. Traditions of monastic wines preserved
  9. Dynamic Vine Growing complicity with Cyprus Winemakers
  10. Vine growing landscapes – quality wine influencing replanting
  11. A renewed confidence for Cyprus indigenous grape varieties
  12. Cyprus a potential for wine tourismwith cultural richness of rural areas
  13. A Multi-dimensional Aspiration Place Experience Wine Winery
  14. A Wine Nature Breaths Changes When a wine makes the effort of getting comercialised – it’s a clear signal for the future
  15. PreferenceCustomer Moves Source: Wine Intelligence
  16. Cyprus gastronomic wine context emerging Local Wine Context
  17. Cypriot GastronomyCypriot Gastronomy
  18. Heightened Wine appreciation for Cyprus Wine and service Wine appreciation
  19. Changing nature of wine discoveryin Cyprus in line with current trendsChanging Nature of Wine Discovery
  20. From Influencers to wine appreciations: setting the markInfluencers to wine appreciation Source: Wine Intelligence
  21. Wine Engagement Source: Wine Intelligence
  22. A dedication to Variety – commitment to integral quality from grape growing to wine making Dedication to Variety
  23. Muscat: The notion of vintages that carries the prize of consistency for Ayia MavriMuscat The notion of vintages that carries the prize of consistency
  24. Transmissible heritage – winery integrated activities transmitted through generations – VouniThe integrated winery carried by future generations Panayia VouniPanayia
  25. Vouni Panayia breaking the mold – new indigenous vairieties on the market – Promara Wine, 2011 Promara
  26. Connected to an essence of Nature – Ezousa Wines withmodern wine making know howEzousa
  27. Pushing the limits of local red Maratheftiko – Ezousa Eros Maratheftiko
  28. Wine collaborations – complicity of wine making in Pelendri at Tsiakkas Winery Wine Collaborations
  29. Expanding horizons of Maratheftiko or VamvakadaPelendri
  30. Expanding horizons by Tsiakkas WineryMaratheftiko
  31. Commandaria the dormant gem of Cyprus Wine slowly being revived Commandaria
  32. Commandaria revival consolidated by KyperoundaCommandaria
  33. Kyperounda wine making without limits Kyperounda
  34. High Altitude wines and not only at KyperoundaKyperounda
  35. Xynisteri Whites Vintages surprising subtleties Xynisteri
  36. Dynamism of Cyprus Wines in AOC Commandaria also working with cooperatives Zoopigi
  37. Show casing Commandaria: at ZoopigiCommandaria
  38. Consistency of Cyprus Winemaking by KeoMallia
  39. Explorations are boundless with reds and Commandaria Vintages
  40. New Players consolidated, Pera Pedi, Constantinou WineryConstantinou
  41. Xynisteri outstanding 2011 Xynisteri
  42. Generational Successes – Argyrides estatesArgyrides
  43. Single Vineyard spirit cultivated Estate Vineyards
  44. Challenges are breathing life into wine sector also for renewals Kolios
  45. Identity the making Renewals
  46. New Projects, new scopeopening in Cyprus territory New Projects
  47. Larnaca Emerging Wine Making and Wine tourism region for development: lefkara at heartLefkara
  48. Ktima Christoudia Christoudia
  49. Dafermou winesLefkara
  50. An exercise for the preservation of HeritageZoopigi
  51. Expansion Valisikon Winery in Kathikas Vasilikon
  52. Expanding consolidated business and wine favoritesKathikas
  53. New Horizons for Cyprus Wines locally and abroadWine Interpretations New Horizons, New Places
  54. Cyprus Wines broadening it’s horizons The New Wine Horizons
  55. The annual Cyprus Wine Awards – a competition thatshowcases annually the best in More to a Competition Cyprus Wine Grand Gold Winner Cyprus Annual Wine Awards, 2012
  56. The Cyprus Wine project: Strategy,advocacy and support Cyprus Wine Project | strategy · advocacy · support E | W | TT| @winecyprus