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Positioning your blog

  1. 1. Positioning Your BlogPositioning Your BlogMegan Kenney@sonadoraWannabe Wino blogKathleen Rake@kathleenrakeBetween the Vines / ClickMedia WorksThea Dwelle,@luscious_lushesLuscious Lushes Wine Blog
  2. 2. Positioning Your BlogHow can you position yourself and your blog to stand out inthe crowd of wine bloggers? With over 2,000 active wineblogs in the US alone, it can be hard to find your place in theswarm.Today, these seasoned writers will give you their thoughts onhow to achieve your goals, connect with the industry, make aname for yourself and find your rhythm.
  3. 3. Positioning Your BlogBe credibleKeep it real!cred·i·ble/ˈkredəbəl/AdjectiveAble to be believed; convincing.Capable of persuading people that something will happen or besuccessful: "a credible threat".Synonymsbelievable - trustworthy - plausible - reliable - trusty
  4. 4. Positioning Your BlogNetworking•Get to know your fellow bloggers•Find out who the local bloggers are•Organize communal tastings•Share your resources•Integrate yourself with the food blogger community•Get to know your industry peers•Attend as many events as you can•Share your invites and info – know your local bloggers andnetwork
  5. 5. Positioning Your BlogBe consistent!Small changes are great, big changes areconfusing!
  6. 6. Positioning Your BlogHow to access wine events• The best way to gain access to wine events is to pay for them!Being and engaged and interested wine citizen will allow you to spendquality time with the winemakers and winery staff pouring at thisevents.• Network, network, network• Check to see if there is a media option.
  7. 7. Positioning Your BlogSetting and achievingyour goals• In order to define your goals for your blog, you need to understandthem.• Are you trying to gain traffic?• Are you trying to gain recognition?• Are you just having fun?• The most important aspect of attaining your goals is to be consistent
  8. 8. Positioning Your BlogMaking a name foryourselfWho are you?What is your brand?
  9. 9. Positioning Your BlogConnecting with the industryYou’ve already made a great start by beinghere, at the Wine Bloggers Conference!Turn around and introduce yourself to someoneyou don’t know.The next time you are at a wine event, spendsome time chatting up the people pouring.You’d be surprised what you can learn!Networking takes time and effort. Just likefinding a job.
  10. 10. Positioning Your BlogSelecting subjects foryour blog posts
  11. 11. Positioning Your BlogDon’t be a mooch – thewine whore mentality
  12. 12. Positioning Your BlogHow do you start bloggingversus drinking wine?
  13. 13. Positioning Your BlogHow to differentiateyourself• Bring something new to the table.• Why are you unique? Distinguish yourself!There are thousands of wine blogs out there. Why should I read yours?
  14. 14. Positioning Your BlogBe in it for the long haul –don’t go in to it lightlyA successful blog, as in any medium, is one thatis consistent, and stays with it for the long haul.Your audience will come to count on you to postwith some consistency.Thea – 6 yearsMegan –Kathleen -
  15. 15. Positioning Your BlogEducate yourself!• The most successful wine blogs appeal to the masses because theyknow their subjects.• You don’t have to be a Sommelier, or a WSET Diploma holder. You justneed to understand what your talking about and don’t make it up!
  16. 16. Positioning Your BlogHow do you approach large formattasting?
  17. 17. Positioning Your BlogEngagement is the secret to your success!• Search• Connect• Engage
  18. 18. Positioning Your BlogLearning how to use social media toengage a global audience• Social media has been evolving, particularly over the last 5 years.The top social media platforms are powerful tools to help youengage with wine tourists.• Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube are great ways tostructure your message and hone the art of the soft sell.• Engage people one on one, or in large groups to create brandawareness for wines, regions, or a countries virtually.• Allows a consumer to Search, Connect, Engage and spurs salesconversion
  19. 19. Positioning Your BlogThe world is changing! We are becoming mobile, and we are changing the way we communicate witheach other. Do you text before you call? Do you tweet before you email?As evidence of this shift in communication methodologies, today, over 75% of individuals (in the US)belong to at least one social network. Keeping in mind that social networks can be both professional, andpurely social, or some combination of each, you are opening up a widely paved path to communication.With word of mouth marketing being the single most influential driver of purchasing, that’s a huge datamine.One critical factor in new media is mobile media and the use of the smart phone. One source estimatesthat of mobile phone owners, 1 in 2 will own a smart phone by the end of 2011. Currently, over 1 millioniPads have been sold in the US. Not counting alternative smart tablets, like the wifi enabled Kindle orNook, this is market is becoming more and more savvy and requires access to data on these devices.Users can read, edit, update and participate in social media from ANYWHERE - 30000 feet, on a boat, in awine cellar. This emergence of “anywhere” technology means that your customers are accessinginformation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are seeking meaningful content during these times.
  20. 20. Positioning Your BlogTwitter is one of the fastest growing channels in the social mediadomain. Businesses from mom and pop shops to world wide brands likeNike utilize twitter to embrace and enhance their brand image.Twitter is about building relationships. If you embark on a twitteradventure, be sure that you are able to engaged with your followers in ameaningful way.What does this mean? This means you will need to spend a significantamount of time reacting and interacting with your followers. Companiesand personalities that are successful on twitter actively engage theconsumer and begin conversations. Host a Q&A with a winemaker. Hosta discussion about the region you offer tours in.
  21. 21. Positioning Your BlogRemember, Twitter is about conversation, and engaging your followers.If you tweet WITH them they will come; tweet AT them, and they willunfollow and possibly speak negatively of your online presence,something you really don’t want to encourage. As it is a conversation,please refrain from scheduling tweets and auto-messaging followers.This is a deterrent, since it defeats the purpose of Twitter being a two-way conversation.Twitter is a great tool when you are newer to the bloggerspherebecause you can engage in conversations, be that with a brand or apersonIt’s also great to engage a technical audience if you have questionsabout your tools.
  22. 22. Positioning Your BlogFacebook is perhaps the easiest social media outlet to become involved in.Here, you can create a page for your company, and introduce it to people youknow. In turn, people that “Like” your page, can recommend it to their friends,thereby creating the viral marketing that is so powerful. Facebook, like othersocial media outlets, is inherently viral. It is an opt-in marketing tool, wherepeople choose to Like your page, and then choose to tell their friends aboutyour page.If you create a page on Facebook, Be sure that you are actively engaging withyour audience on your page. you will need to spend a bit of time posting short,meaningful content pieces that people will be interested in reading. this inturn, will encourage your readers to repost this content to their readers.
  23. 23. Positioning Your BlogHaving a page dedicated to your blog is a great way to connect and engage withan audience that you might not already be familiar with!Over 50% of my Facebook Fans are not my “friends”.
  24. 24. Positioning Your BlogVideo content can be an important component in your new & social mediastrategy. Increasingly, video content draws viewers from across a broadermarket segment.When you think about adding video to you program, it is important to havethe expertise to product clear, concise, quality material rather than homegrown efforts. This will reflect on your brand.In the wine business, some ideas for video content include–Discussions with the winemaker–Wine Reviews–Travel blogs–Virtual toursIncorporating Video in your Blog
  25. 25. Positioning Your BlogBuild Community on Social Media:Search
  26. 26. Positioning Your BlogBuild Community on Social Media:Connect
  27. 27. Positioning Your BlogBuild Community on Social Media:EngageNotice that engagement moved from Twitter to Facebook
  28. 28. Positioning Your BlogBuild Community on Social Media:The Hashtag• A hashtag (#hashtag) is a searchable conversation string on twitter.The use of hashtags in the wine industry has exploded in the past 5years.– Some great examples of hashtags are:– #bcwinechat– #varietaldays• Varietal days are also useful for associations that wish to promotetheir region, such as #chardonnayday, which focused on a specificvarietal. You can opt to provide media samples, group tastings, andother sponsored events but you can also encourage the wider winedrinking public to just grab a bottle of wine and tweet along.• Events are planned to coincide with the varietal themes, and winedrinkers around the world can meet each other (virtually) anddiscuss the wine they are drinking.
  29. 29. Positioning Your BlogVarietal Days• Inform people who are interested in thevarietal but not familiar with your region • #Champagneday• #cabernetday• #pinotsmackdown• #grenacheday• #tempranilloday (#tempranilo)• #chardonnayday• #malbecdayParticipate in varital days buybuying your favorite wine, andtweet along!
  30. 30. Positioning Your BlogBuild Community on Social Media:The Hashtag
  31. 31. Positioning Your BlogBuild Community With Online TastingsOnline wine tastings are a great way for you to buildi commity.While established bloggers are often invited to participate, theseevents are open to the public as well.Some ideas are:• Whole Foods Taste & Tweet• Varietal Days• Event DaysJust grab a bottle that fits the event, and tweet along!
  32. 32. Positioning Your BlogEngaging the press corps• Before 2012, few people from the US had heard ofthe Okanagan. But, waging a 2 year campaign tobring 300 bloggers, media reps and wine industryprofessionals to the region for the Annual WineBloggers Conference has paid off! This year, theannual conference will take place in the region’s heartof Penticton.• It’s important to expose your region to internationaltravelers. Just because tourist are not yet in yourarea, doesn’t mean they will not venture to the areain the future. By developing this message early andoften, you can place your region and your winery atthe forefront of their travel minds.• While BC wine is rare outside of the immediatelocation, the cleaver use of marking has made it aclear and logical destination in my travel mind. Whynot pop over from Vancouver for the weekend?
  33. 33. Positioning Your BlogDo I have to write about everywine?This is a very personal decision. Some bloggers don’t write about wines theydon’t like. Some do.Some bloggers write about every sip, from a vacation wine to a sample.