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Social Marketing Barriers for Coaches


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How professional coaches and mentors can overcome three common barriers that are holding them back from successfully using social media to reach and help more people.

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Social Marketing Barriers for Coaches

  1. 1. Push Past These 3 Social Marketing Barriers That Stop Most Coaches Want to create a profitable social marketing plan for your coaching business and discover proven formulas for growing your business and help more people? BARRIER #1 You've not taken the time to get organized, and create a social marketing plan OVERCOMING THIS BARRIER: • Develop specific goals for your social marketing activities • Create and share content designed to reach those goals • Follow a schedule and be consistent BARRIER #2 You're not creating social content that actually gets people to take action OVERCOMING THIS BARRIER: • Know what your target audience wants • Post content to engage, inspire, and entertain them • Always make sure to tell them what to do next BARRIER #3 You're not posting the RIGHT message on the RIGHT social network for the RIGHT audience OVERCOMING THIS BARRIER: • Know who you are speaking to • Know where they hang out online • Know what matters to them KEEP MOVING FORWARD Want to REACH AND HELP MORE PEOPLE by leveraging the power of social marketing? Come join our community at The Power Of Reach!