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Melissa Meulenberg - Hard Rock Hotel Chicago


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Presented at Chicago AMA's BrandSmart 2010, June 24 at the UIC Forum.

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Melissa Meulenberg - Hard Rock Hotel Chicago

  1. 1. Jumping into the Social Media Moshpit Melissa Meulenberg, eCommerce Manager
  2. 2. Background – Implementation and Strategy – Our Hotel The Hard Rock Brand Why We Decided To Jump Into The Moshpit Overview General Information About Our Listings Strategies We Use To Pick Up Fans And Followers Our Social Media Method to Providing Kick Ass Service – Damage Control – Reward Program Favorite Social Media Guest Stories Overview Sticky Situations + How We Respond to Complaints Our Strategies for Acquiring Positive Consumer Reviews
  3. 3. Background
  4. 4. Background <ul><li>381 Guestrooms </li></ul><ul><li>60% Corporate/Group, 40% Leisure </li></ul><ul><li>Independently owned and managed </li></ul><ul><li>AAA 4-diamond rating </li></ul><ul><li>No burgers </li></ul>Hard Rock Hotel Chicago
  5. 5. Operating Values: Create brand excitement through innovation Deliver kick ass service “To spread the spirit of rock 'n' roll by creating experiences that rock.” Encourage everyone to maximize their potential Take personal accountability for getting results Practice honesty, integrity and professionalism AUTHENTIC Background Hard Rock Corporate Values
  6. 6. 1,528 “Fans”/“Likes” 2,650 “Followers” Ranked #46 “ Social Media”/ “Web 2.0” is defined as anything on the web that is generated by the “user” Background
  7. 7. The Obvious – Customer Service - to address customer service issues - respond to compliments/complaints. Prospecting - to attract new customers. The Not-So-Obvious – CRM (Customer Relationship Mgmt) - to stay “front of mind” for past users. Branding - to assert the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago as a subject matter expert on music, Chicago, and hospitality. Why Did We Decide to Tweet/Facebook? PR – to increase amount of potential users that know about our hotel. Background
  8. 8. Getting Started
  9. 9. Be Interesting Be Authentic Our Guiding SM Principles Getting Started Be Funny Be Helpful
  10. 10. Getting Started Putting Our Best Face Forward on Time Commitment – 5-30 minutes per day Facebook Goal: One Update per Day. Response posted within 24 hours. Pickup: +30 Fans/Week Notes: Drink Recipes Packages/Promos Open Positions Funny Stuff
  11. 11. Getting Started How We Roll (and Rock) on Time Commitment – 5-30 minutes per day Twitter Goal: One “Retweet,” One Update, One Mention/Response per Day Pickup: +52 Followers/Week
  12. 12. Picking Up Fans and Followers
  13. 13. We Update Often How Often Is Often? What Do We Talk About? Music News & Articles Travel News & Articles Upcoming Events Welcomes Renovation Updates Industry Buzz Hashtag Topics Chicago “Things To Do” Promotions Discounts Bar Cocktail Recipes “ Did You Knows” Charitable Undertakings Quotes How We Pick Up Followers
  14. 14. We Join in on Conversations Not just conversations about US! How We Pick Up Followers
  15. 15. We Use Hashtags/Trending Topics Using hashtags categorizes your tweets. Commenting on trending topics allows a larger pool of users to find your tweets. #followfriday #traveltuesday #musicmonday #nowplaying How We Pick Up Followers
  16. 16. We Pay Special Attention to Hashtags Used by Hard Rock Guests #magnetglobal #svmomschevy #neocon How We Pick Up Followers
  17. 17. We Cross-Reference How We Pick Up Followers
  18. 18. How We Pick Up Followers
  19. 19. We Search…Everyday <Default Search> @HardRockChicago – is someone that knows my handle talking to me or about me? hard rock hotel chicago – is someone that does NOT know my handle talking about me? How We Pick Up Followers
  20. 20. Prospecting: chicago hotel deal – is someone looking for a deal for a hotel in Chicago? What kind of deal can I send? good chicago hotel – is someone asking advice about which hotel to stay in when they travel to Chicago? Branding: Hard Rock – is there Hard Rock brand related news happening that I can retweet? How We Set Up Our Searches On How We Pick Up Followers
  21. 21. We Ran a Promotion 09.09.09 9 rooms for $9 on 09.09.09 “ RT to win! @HardRockChicago is giving away 9 rooms for $9. Winners selected 9/9/09! #contest #hardrockchicago09” Increased average weekly follower pickup rate by 350%. How We Pick Up Followers
  22. 22. Our Social Media Version of Kick Ass Service (Plus Storytime)
  23. 23. Seek out and respond to complaints/questions/concerns. Provide assistance to questions that have NOTHING to do with our business. Thank those who share compliments with their friends and followers in a special way. Our “Social Media” Version of Kick Ass Service Guiding Principles for Kick Ass Service
  24. 24. Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter Our Twitter/FB Reward Program An in-house guest shares a compliment about us on Twitter... We follow them...and click to their page to see if we can find their full name…
  25. 25. Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter Our Twitter/FB Reward Program We do some detective work to see if we can find the guest. We usually can! We read their blog/website/ Twitter feed to see if we can get an idea of what they like…
  26. 26. Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter Our Twitter/FB Reward Program This guest’s blog mentioned Reisling Empowerment Notification Form: Put in an order to room service for wine and Vosges chocolate bars Handwritten Thank You Note… “Thank you so much for sharing your praises for the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago on Twitter! Here is some world-famous Garret’s Popcorn on me as a token of our appreciation. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable.”
  27. 27. Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter Our Twitter/FB Reward Program
  28. 28. A Warm Welcome Originates On Opportunity to open up communication Comfortable for the guest Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Facebook
  29. 29. Our Irreverent Sense Of Humor Gets Us Somewhere on Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter PG-13
  30. 30. An Example Response to Neighboring Office Workers Who Complain About Seeing Your Hotels' Guests Naked Hard Rock Hotel Chicago’s Notes Hello. Our offices are across the street and it would be nice if you can inform your guests to shut the blinds of the window that is for the shower. Yesterday I saw some woman soaping up her junk. It was not pretty. She needed a waxing and a few sit ups, let alone her soaping her junk. Mr. XXXXX– Thank you for your observations about our bathroom windows affording you a unique and interesting view. Presumably, our guests can see that there is an office building across the street, and were they so inclined they could easily pull the blind. What can I say? I guess some of our guests enjoy a little exhibition. John Price General Manager Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter Original Letter General Mgr Response
  31. 31. Thank you Hard Rock Hotel. For saving me from abject humiliation from the certain circulation of internet photos of my postpartum ass. Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter
  32. 32. Mom101 Blog Comments: This is the most awesome example of social media &quot;customer service&quot; that I have ever heard. Way to go, Hard Rock! Amazing use of social networking. Like others have already said... how awesome they have a sense of humor AND good customer service. That is awesome. and the hard rock people had me at the little dog with a mohawk. I'm getting such a great chuckle! Those are the kinds of people who I want running the places I go! Excellent reporting, 101. Love the GM too, it is refreshing to see someone enjoying their job and not taking life so dang seriously!!! Our Version of Kick Ass Service on Twitter
  33. 33. Damage Control Social Media Damage Control
  34. 34. Damage Control Real Situations We receive a poor review on Tripadvisor or Yelp Our valet partners damaged a guest’s Porsche and the guest shouted about it on our wall A disgruntled former employee made inappropriate posts on our wall A guest tweeted about how our rooms are a “design abortion.”
  35. 35. Damage Control Twitter Damage Control Example:
  36. 36. Damage Control
  37. 37. Damage Control Glad you enjoyed your stay with us (and Elvis)! It really helps us out when our happy guests tell their fellow travelers about their experience on Tripadvisor. Here is a link if you feel so moved! <link> Having a blast in the windy city. Hotel is awesome.
  38. 38. “ Found” opportunities for providing great customer service for our guests. Two-way engagement potential Unique Source of referral and word-of-mouth support What We See as the Real Return on Investment Conclusion
  39. 39. Thank You Melissa Meulenberg eCommerce Manager Hard Rock Hotel Chicago [email_address]