Windows Azure Virtual Networking


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  • Set the context…
  • Microsoft think about the stack to provide connectivity between on-premise and cloud.Specifically this deck focuses on the last two layersFAQ: Diff between Servicebus and ConnectServicebusvs connect – SB requires app code change, Connect doesn’t. With Connect, all apps can use the connection, With SB – only the app.
  • Developers view of an organizational infrastructure is simple (they think of a service requiring connectivity with an on-prem machine). Explain the 3 core benefits of Azure ConnectExplain that developer view of on-premise infrastructure is simple. They only think of machines that they want to establish connections for, so Connect Use picture to help understand how Azure Connect worksThe dots on the on-prem machines are agents that need to be installedThe lines are machine to machine connections that can be configured or re-configuredAll machines where the end points are installed can talk to each other (even if no cloud machines are instantiated).
  • Re-emphasize benefits and value prop in Customers words
  • Virtual Network allows enterprises to extend their datacenter to the Cloud and use Cloud as a logical extension of their on-prem infrastructureExplain the benefits on the leftUse the picture to show subnets that exist on-prem and how subnets can be created on Azure (different colored subnets have different IP ranges)VPN device on prem sets up a secure pipe to an Azure gateway
  • Explain scenarios where one would use Azure Connect and scenarios where one would use BrooklynEmphasize one is not a subset of another, but address distinct set of use casesEmphasize there is no positioning conflict between them
  • Presenter Note: Use this slide at your discretion, when applicable to your customer conversation.AWS has a solution called VPC that compares with Brooklyn for site-to-site connectivityGoogle App Engine has SDC (software data connector) for developers. Microsoft has network connectivity solutions across both audiences and offers virtual networking solutions for control and abstraction  this is our competitetive advantage.
  • Presenter Note: Use this slide at your discretion, when applicable to your customer conversation.Both Azure Connect and Brooklyn can be used with Worker and Web roles (PaaS) as well as VM role (IaaS)  more flexibilityAWS’s VPC cannot be used with Elastic Beanstalk, thus restricting support of PaaSSimilarly, Google’s SDC is just a PaaS type offering
  • Windows Azure Virtual Networking

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