Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables youto quickly build, deploy, scale and manage applicatio...
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Windows Azure Datasheet


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An overview of Windows Azure for Web applications, Cloud Storage, Big Data, Rich Media and Mobile. Get a free Windows Azure trial:

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Windows Azure Datasheet

  1. 1. Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables youto quickly build, deploy, scale and manage applications across a globalnetwork of Microsoft datacenters. You can build applications using mul-tiple languages, tools and frameworks.KEY USE CASES FLEXIBLE APPLICATION MODELWEB APPLICATIONS Windows Azure provides a rich set of application services,Build anything from lightweight including SDKs, caching, messaging and identity. You canweb sites to multi-tier cloud write applications in .NET, PHP, Java, node.js, Python, Ruby, orservices that scale up as your using open REST protocols. This is all part of our promise totraffic grows. let you build using any language, tool or framework.CLOUD STORAGERely on geo-redundant cloud ALWAYS ON, ALWAYS HEREstorage for back up, archiving, and Build resilient applications with automatic OS and servicedisaster recovery. patching, built in network load balancing and geo-redun- dant storage. We also proudly deliver a 99.95% monthly SLA. You can rely on our decades of experience in datacenterBIG DATA & HPC operations and trust that everything we offer is backed byGet actionable insights from your industry certifications for security and by taking advantage of a fullycompatible enterprise-readyHadoop service. DATACENTER WITHOUT BOUNDARIES We make it easy for you to integrate your on-premises ITMOBILE environment with the public cloud. Migrate your virtualAccelerate your mobile app devel- machines to Windows Azure without the need to convertopment by using a backend hosted them to a different format. Use the robust messaging and networking capabilities in Windows Azure to deliver hybridin Windows Azure. Scale instantly solutions, and then manage your hybrid applications from aas your install base grows. single console with System Center. GLOBAL REACHMEDIACreate, manage and distribute With datacenters around the globe, a massive investment in datacenter innovation and a worldwide Content Deliverymedia in the cloud - everything Network, you can build applications that provide the bestfrom encoding to content protec- experience for your users wherever they are.tion to streaming and analyticssupport.ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Like it? Try it.Learn more: http://gettag.mobiPricing & purchase options: © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. COMPUTE CLOUD SERVICES VIRTUAL MACHINESCLOUD SERVICES INTERNET ENTERPRISE LOAD BALANCER VPN VM GALLERYUse Cloud Services to quicklydeploy and manage multi-tier WINDOWSapplications and let Windows Azure VIRTUAL MACHINEShandle details like provisioning, VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 LINUXload balancing, and healthmonitoring for continuous LOAD BALANCER HYPERVISORavailability. SQLVIRTUAL MACHINES WEB ROLE ... INSTANCESDeploy and manage your own STORAGEvirtual servers in the cloud. You can VHD 1 VHD 2 VHD 3choose Windows or Linux as the OS,pick an image from the gallery tostart a VM or bring your own VM QUEUE MOBILE SERVICESand run it on Windows Azure.MOBILE SERVICES WORKER ROLE WORKER ROLE WORKER ROLE MOBILE BACKEND SERVICESAccelerate mobile app development WORKER ROLESby letting Windows Azure handle TYPE: X TYPE: Y TYPE: CACHE DATAbackend tasks like authenticatingusers and sending push notifica- WINDOWS 8tions. Supports popular platforms SCRIPTSlike iOS and Windows Phone 8. :-) USER AUTHWEB SITES DATAGet started with Web Sites for free, PUSH WINDOWS PHONE 8then scale as you go. Launch a SQL DATABASE TABLE STORAGE BLOB STORAGE NOTIFICATIONS iOSsimple site based on frameworks ANDROIDlike WordPress, Joomla and Drupalwith just a few clicks. DATA SERVICES APP SERVICES NETWORKINGSTORAGE CACHING VIRTUAL NETWORKStorage services provide multiple options for Caching helps applications scale and be more Provision and manage virtual private networkssecurely managing data and are accessible via responsive under load by keeping data closer to (VPNs) in Windows Azure and securely link theseREST APIs. Use Blobs to store up to 100 TB of application logic. with your on-premises IT infrastructure.unstructured text or binary data (video, audioand images). Use Tables for NoSQL unstruc- CONNECTtured data, and Queues for reliable, persistent SERVICE BUS Quickly and easily create a secure IP-levelmessaging between applications. Enables loosely-coupled communication between connection between Windows Azure services and any applications--whether on-premises or your on-premises resources such as databaseSQL DATABASE cloud--for improved scale and resiliency. servers.A full featured relational database-as-a-servicebased on SQL Server technologies that offers WINDOWS AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY TRAFFIC MANAGERhigh-level of interoperability and availability. Windows Azure Active Directory is a modern, Load balance incoming traffic across multiple REST-based cloud service that provides identity services running in the same or differentSQL REPORTING management and access control capabilities for datacenters to ensure high performance,Build reporting capabilities into your Windows applications. availability and resiliency.Azure applications without the need tomaintain your own reporting infrastructure. MEDIA SERVICES CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORKHDINSIGHT Allows you to build end-to-end workflows for the Improve your application’s performance byBased on Apache Hadoop, HDInsight reduces creation, management, and distribution of media caching content at the location closest to yourthe complexity of working with big data in Windows Azure that have the flexibility, customers so that you can provide them with thethrough integration with familiar tools like scalability, and reliability necessary to serve a best possible experience.Microsoft Office and System Center. global audience. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.