Real-time marketing: latest ad gimmick?


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A discussion around the sustainability of real-time marketing efforts for brands and our approach at Innocean USA on how we applied it to the launch of our mobile app for Hyundai.

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Real-time marketing: latest ad gimmick?

  2. 2. MORE THAN JUST OREO AND #ROYALBABY, RIGHT?REAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // This is what we think of when it comes to real-time marketing. Social posts that are part of trending conversation, to get people to pay attention to us. And now, it has become increasingly noisy in this space. Is this the best we can expect from RTM? Is this sustainable? How can we elevate this practice into something really worth talking about?
  3. 3. SO WHAT IS RTM?REAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Or to put it in another way, real-time marketing is about messaging. Or, is it? Why does it have to be about something we say? Why can’t RTM be something we do or create for people?
  4. 4. AND I DON’T MEAN THIS...REAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. This will not be sustainable. How can we make RTM less of a gimmick and more of a real opportunity to inspire creativity and value?
  5. 5. SOMETHING LIKE THIS...REAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Real-time marketing doesn’t have to be a stunty, shouty message screaming for attention. Sometimes, it could be something of value to people. And it doesn’t have to look and feel like a punchline or a witty tweet.
  6. 6. IT STARTS WITH LISTENINGREAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // As with any informed marketing, it all starts an understanding of the conversation and/or behaviors taking place. Listening provides us with the context that’ll inform our work. We also need to think about how we can use listening to inform every other aspect of our work, beyond just creating social media posts.
  7. 7. AND FINDING THE RELEVANCEREAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Coming-up with a clever punchline to a topical conversation is only part of it. We need to figure-out how our brand is part of the conversation and the value it provides our audience. And we should practice patience and restraint from feeling like we need to be a part of every trending conversation. BRAND AUDIENCERELEVANCE Belize Tourism Board in response to the mention of Belize on Breaking Bad Bud Light trying to jump on the popularity of the return of Breaking Bad TV show. The Lakers want us to #NEVERFORGET about what, exactly?
  8. 8. OUR APPROACH ON RTMREAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Informed by data and insights, our approach to RTM goes beyond a clever tweet or FB post. data-driven social listening cultural insights Input Output strategy communications product development
  9. 9. SOMETIMES WE CAN PLAY ALONG WITH EVERYONE ELSEREAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // But we can’t always rely on luck and something to fall into our laps so that we can create something in real-time. By coincidence, we happened to have had a shark-themed graphic for our Chop Shop builds. And we felt that our community would respond well to this post. Luckily for us, we were right.
  10. 10. SO, HOW DO WE USE DATA TO INFORM OUR EFFORTS?REAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Work with all your partners to look at the data in different ways to create opportunities for targeted and relevant content. We used science, data and a little creativity to keep the conversation going. Rivalry was a key element to the Chop Shop experience. Using hyper-targeted Facebook Dark Posts, we were able to optimize engagement and sharing.
  11. 11. DATA AND SOCIAL LISTENING CAN ALSO INFORM HOW WE APPROACH CAR CONFIGS REAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // We’re constantly looking at the user data to inform our strategy and future development of the Chop Shop experience and how we approach the Build & Price tool on
  12. 12. SUMMARYREAL-TIME MARKETING 101 // Use listening tools and find relevance for your brand and audience in your real-time marketing efforts Use your available data, glean from cultural insights to inform your strategies and ideas Think of real-time marketing beyond that catchy tweet or Facebook post Practice some restraint. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.