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Introducing Personal Event Networks


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Introducing Personal Event Networks

  1. 1. In a mobile world...everyone is connected.
  2. 2. In a social world… everyone is connected to the people that matter.
  3. 3. Beyond mobile is a world ofsocial products and services
  4. 4. In the world beyond mobile…...all things are connected to the people who use them.
  5. 5. What happens when we connect you toall the things in your life?
  6. 6. Your things cooperate toaccomplish your purposes.
  7. 7. IntroducingPersonal Event Networksfrom Kynetx...
  8. 8. Whenever a product you ownalerts...
  9. 9. notifies... ! e d o k b o
  10. 10. acts...
  11. 11. Your personal event network is there to listen...
  12. 12. To orchestrate...
  13. 13. To integrate those actions and align them with your context...your purpose.
  14. 14. Personal event networks are a social network for your things.
  15. 15. A personal event network...
  16. 16. ...enables cooperatingnetworks of products and services
  17. 17. ...makes every product a platform
  18. 18. ...supports intention-driven automation
  19. 19. ...makes the world your user interface
  20. 20. ...transforms the way you interact with everything around you.
  21. 21. "Social products and servicesyou dont mind hearingfrom..."