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Connecting Things


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The internet of things will lead to a computing experience that is vastly different from what we have today. What will this experience be like and what will the architecture of an internet with trillions of nodes be like? This talk combines a look at this inevitable future with a discussion of some very practical experiments going on right now.

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Connecting Things

  1. 1. Connecting Everything Phillip J. Windley, PhD CTO, Kynetx, Inc.
  2. 2. Internet of Things
  3. 3. The Internet of Things will lead to a computing experience that is immersive & pervasive.
  4. 4. Ambient Computing
  5. 5. vs
  6. 6. But it’s bigger than that… ! Everything will have an online representation.
  7. 7. Connections Everywhere The things you own The things you don't Different types of connections
  8. 8. What will its architecture be?
  9. 9. Imagine a mountain representing today’s billion node network...
  10. 10. From Trillions by Maya Design
  11. 11. From Trillions by Maya Design
  12. 12. The Current #IoT Model Won’t Scale
  13. 13. Me
  14. 14. GE
  15. 15. GE Internet of My Things Me
  16. 16. Building the Internet of Me
  17. 17. But it’s not just about manufactured things...
  18. 18. A Few of My Things GE Internet of My Things Me
  19. 19. A Few of My Things Lights
  20. 20. Fuse is Three Things
  21. 21. We give each thing a persistent compute object, or pico
  22. 22. Picos are online computers Identity—they represent a specific entity Storage—they persistently encapsulate both structured and unstructured data Open event network—they respond to events Processing—they run applications autonomously Event Channels—they have connections to other picos APIs—they provide access to and access other online services
  23. 23. Picos Are Decentralized & Networked
  24. 24. Built on open standards Built on open source
  25. 25. Picos Ease Modeling Lynne's Cloud Phil's Cloud owner 2 Tom's Cloud 3 owner 1 1 4 borrower
  26. 26. Picos support a new Web programming model
  27. 27. Web Application Browser Application Data
  28. 28. Web Application Browser Application Data
  29. 29. Picos Use an Event Query Model functions return results based on persistent data UI updates presentation using query API pico User Interface query API name functions email persistent storage phone event API rules Done or Cancel user makes change in UI resulting in an event rules validate and process event, often updating model
  30. 30. Why do this? Orthogonality and modularity are powerful: network effects! More flexible Less work Less expensive More private
  31. 31. APIs APIs Other Data Sources Web Services Rulesets Social Social File Guard Tour Library Fuse Library UI Support Notification Service CloudOS Service Configuration Management Personal Data Service Guard Tour Fuse Home Management Intentcasting To Do & Reminders Vehicle Manangement Timeline (social) (contact) Picos Support A Familiar Model ... ... Persistent Data Applications CloudOS User Space Services & Libraries Persistent Compute Object Kynetx Rules Engine Kernel Space
  32. 32. Programming Model Program in any language you like OAuth access to pico Pico provides user data processing API and inter-pico communications
  33. 33. Managers Report Index Institution Report Report "2" Report "2" "2" Reports Guards Report "current" Report "1" Guard "Frank" Tour Index Location Index Location "R7RK" Tour "LUFX" Location "T67G" Tour "KUFF" Tours Tours Tours Tours Locations Locations Locations Locations Subscriptions permanent temporary Location "G5YH" This can get complex…
  34. 34. What Technology Wants
  35. 35. Recommended Reading Mirror Worlds, David Gelernter Snowcrash, Neal Stevenson Rainbow's End, Vernor Vinge Trillions, Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay & Mickey McManus
  36. 36. My book on how this can be built now
  37. 37. CloudOS White Papers
  38. 38. docs
  39. 39. Connecting Everything ! Contact info: Phil Windley @windley