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Student kiosks in the library – guided autonomy


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Mini- Grant presentation for SUNY Ulster

Published in: Education, Technology
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Student kiosks in the library – guided autonomy

  1. 1. * Mini-Grant Presentation April 11, 2012
  2. 2. * Student user name and password required for any computer activity - Spring ‘09 *
  3. 3. * Student needs to reset their password* Student needs to do a quick check of the library catalog* Student needs to look at the bookstore information on course materials* Student needs to borrow a textbook that is on reserve but does not know the name of the book* Student needs to be shown where a building is on campus *
  4. 4. September through December for each year 2008 2009 2010 2011 701 655 861 797*
  5. 5. On-site Library ActivitySummary of fall library gate counts 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11September 10470 12730.5 16752 19361October 8989 13183 15525 14559November 8394 10517 11663 15221Fall Totals 27,853 36,431 44,540 * 49,141 *Numbers include estimates for 4 weeks during the fall due to power outages. *
  6. 6. * Much easier to work with students at the Kiosk* No login is required* Students can be independent after the first interaction *
  7. 7. * Library Tour Library Tour *Library Assessment Project - This summer analyzing questions asked at reference & circulation desks during the spring semester.How do we efficiently answer the most frequently asked questions.
  8. 8. * The project was expanded by seven additional workstations.* Two Ncomputing units were added to Student Accounts –used by students to pay their student bills* Five Ncomputing workstations were used to replace the aging Dell computers in the writing center. These are used a full workstations. *
  9. 9. Susan Knox 1875-1959Reading in the Garden ArtStor image