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Building bridges to the next century


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Published in: Education
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Building bridges to the next century

  1. 1.  Home Outline Bridging the remote to the World High expectations from high school to college Bridging the past with the modern Fiscal responsibility Cost comparisons Conclusion Questions
  2. 2. Pat Windish
  3. 3.  Bridging the Remote to the World Bridging Student Expectations from High School to College Bridging the Past with the Modern Bridging Technology with Fiscal Responsibility
  4. 4. Connecting the Motivation Student involvementWorldInternet use to bring the Students get excited Students are more apt toworld to the classroom about learning be interactive
  5. 5. E- readersLaptops I-Pads Technology
  6. 6. Chalk and chalkboard  “All 8th Gr. StudentsThe use of chalk and chalkboardhas been replaced by interactive Students no longer will sit unnoticed in the back of a must be technologically boards classroom literate regardless of the student’s Students works more freely race, ethnicity, gender, f Students become a stronger educational unit Every student now has the ability to work simultaneously with their amily laptop income, geographic location, or disability.” Past to Present (NCLB U.S. Dept. of Ed.Twenty-five years ago, having acomputer in your was a mark of No school today seems complete without a full complement of 2001) distinction desktop computers
  7. 7. Then Now(cost in today’s dollars) Cell phone $4000 I-Phone $499 ($8595) Computer-no mouse Laptop $599 $600 ($1767)Dot Matrix $450 ($1326) Office Jet Printer $899Apple II $2638 ($7770) I-Mac $1699
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY FOR FUTURE COST OF AN EDUCATIONSUCCESS LEARNING LAB Research shows that when  The cost runs about $800 students learn to use and for a home theater apply applications used in  $2,600 for a tablet PC the world of work, such as  $2,700 for a 1,700 lumens word processors, spreadsheets, c projector  $300 for cables omputer-aided drawing, Web site  Total of $7,300. development programs, and (Domermuth, David Jan2005) the Internet, they acquire some of the prerequisite skills for workforce preparedness
  9. 9. Are we doing all that we can?Bringing the world to our classroom. Setting high expectations for our students entering college. Bring the past to the present. Being fiscally responsible.