Social Media Case Study of Lakme Fashion Week


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The case study brings to highlight the effective use of social media for Lakme premier event Lakme Fashion Week. Using various social media platforms, the brand created an astonishing high level of buzz and participation. The campaign has helped the brand build its core mktg values

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  • Mention contests were around the styles and trends being unveiled at the fashion week and beauty tips. 35 to 70 entries is too broad… can mention total entries in all contests put together. Also mention reach i.e. tab views.
  • Say Expert speak ….along with this include a few tweets / updates we did on the tips given by sushma and sudeep. Put an average no of interactions on those updates. Highlight if there was any worth mentioning comment from audience – can be a question, a thanks, a feedback etc
  • Put some numbers on interactions and reach
  • Make this slide more neat…looks very cluttered
  • This slide Need better presentation. FB numbers – mention exact no. of fans. Do an analysis as average cost per fan through ads = Rs. 7 hence we got an advantage of 7*3100 INR through pure organic efforts. Twitter – capture total mentions / retweets also
  • Social Media Case Study of Lakme Fashion Week

    1. 1. Leveraging Lakmé Salon at Lakmé Fashion Week 2012 A Social Media Marketing Case Study by Windchimes Communications
    2. 2. The Brief Leverage Lakmé Salon’s collaborationwith Lakmé Fashion Week on the digital space
    3. 3. Background Lakmé Fashion Week on-ground properties:– Talent Box Preview shows for new designer labels– A Lakmé Studio providing hair, makeup and nail services– Team Lakmé Studio- National Experts and Stylists from across the country Lakmé Salon currently has social media presence on and The goal of the project was to leverage these on-ground properties on the social media platforms
    4. 4. ObjectivesCreate online buzz before Lakmé Fashion WeekStrengthen position of Lakmé Salon as Skin and Hair expert
    5. 5. ObjectivesCreate online buzz before Lakmé Fashion WeekStrengthen position of Lakmé Salon as Skin and Hair expert
    6. 6. Contests Talent box 2011 MemoriesWhat we did to create a buzz Conversations
    7. 7. Talent Box MemoriesCreated an online property on Facebook for Talent Box atLakmé Fashion WeekThe interactive Tab performed the following functions: Wall Contests Photo Gallery Video Gallery Tab reach: 4894 in 7 days
    8. 8. Contests to win invites Photo-Slogan Contest on 2 Slogan Contests on– Upload a stylish pic of you and – Complete the slogan: your friend and complete the “Lakmé Salon makes me fast and Slogan “Lakmé Salon makes me fabulous because...” fast and fabulous because...” OR– 30 total entries received in 3 days– 14 winners were invited to the event “Lakmé Salon inspires me to…” – 10 total entries received in 2 days – 6 winners were invited to the event Reach: 14,035 Reach: 4,000 over 3 days In 2 days
    9. 9. ConversationsEngage audience by giving expertadvice about grooming for FashioneventsIntroduce Talent Box to theaudienceDrive the audience to the Talent BoxTab 435 active interactions over 4 days
    10. 10. ObjectivesCreate online buzz before Lakmé Fashion WeekStrengthen position of Lakmé Salon as Skin and Hair expert
    11. 11. Approach
    12. 12. Highlight Experts and Daily Contests Stylists Social Media CornerWhat we did to bring Lakmé Studio and Lakmé Fashion Week alive Engage with Engage with Influencers Designers Generate Live Updates from Testimonials Talent Box 2012
    13. 13. Daily Engagement and InteractionsAll efforts were directed to make every fan sitting in each corner of India feel a part of ‘Lakmé Fashion Week’ Conducted daily contests related to beauty to engage audience – 3 contests were conducted around styles and trends being unveiled at Lakmé Fashion Week during the 5 day event – 154 total entries were received and 3 winners were chosen for each contest. Gratification: Lakmé Salon vouchers Makeup related word Guess the eye puzzle shadow shade Contest Reach: 9,694 over 5 days Guess the nail paint shade
    14. 14. Highlight Team Lakmé StudioTeam Lakmé Studio included: – National Hair and Makeup Experts – A team of Hair and Makeup Stylists from over 170 salons across the country Lakmé Studio Talent was showcased via photographs and conversations National Hair and Makeup Experts at Work
    15. 15. Highlight Team Lakmé Studio Experts Speak:– Tips, Tricks and Trends by experts Team Lakmé Studio showcased through services, products and Makeovers Conversations about Products Makeover Albums Reach: 14,545 Feedback from a customer Julie about haircut
    16. 16. Talent Box 2012Lakmé Studio Talent was showcased in the form of Hair and Makeuptechniques implemented for the Talent Box shows via photographsand conversations Backstage Buzz highlighting Show photos highlighting hair & makeup techniques looks created Photo Albums Reach: 1,44,095
    17. 17. Talent Box 2012Lakmé Studio Talent was showcased in the form of Hair and Makeuplooks created for the Talent Box shows via photographs andconversations Makeup Look for one of the Hairdo created for one of shows the shows
    18. 18. Interactive Engagement A fan posted a Photo asking for Lakmé Expert opinion on her hairdo after Lakmé Salon created a braided hairdo for a showA fan posted a Photoasking for Lakmé Expertopinion on her hairdo Audience appreciating National Hair Expert’s hairdo creation
    19. 19. Lakmé Studio @ Lakmé Fashion WeekA Social Media Corner was set up at the Lakmé Studio– More than 100 customers joined community and gave instant feedback on the wall or via status updates among 200 customers who availed of services Status Update appreciating Lakmé Studio Audience appreciating makeover
    20. 20. Influencer Engagement StrategyIndian Vanity Case chosen as the official blogger for LakméSalon– wrote 2 blogposts per dayBloggers Meet– Bloggers interacted with Experts– Innovative Services were launched– Use #BloggersMeetPromoted the use #LakméStudio in all communication– #LakméStudio was also used by influencers at the event
    21. 21. Influencer Response10 Bloggers attended the Bloggers Meet @Lakmé StudioInfluencers retweeted Lakmé Salon content
    22. 22. Influencer ResponseInfluencers created content about Lakmé SalonInfluencers generated on the spot feedback for services
    23. 23. Engagement with Designers Designers gave instant feedbackvia and Designers retweeted Lakmé Salon content Designers promoted their shows using Lakmé Salon content
    24. 24. Resulting Brand Perception
    25. 25. Growth of 3152 to Fanbase Growth of 72 Followers 737 approx daily No. of Retweets: 60 stories created No. of Mentions: 104 ResultsNew Services introduced to 100+ 1,35,005 audience reached customers during LFW throughout campaign Instant Testimonials for Over 30 blogs posts services: 50+ 50+ queries answered by experts
    26. 26. Thank You