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International sales training- English language in Hochiminh Vietnam

We are the pioneer in international sales training to Vietnamese salespeople and IT- BPO outsourcing professionals in HoChiMinh Vietnam

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International sales training- English language in Hochiminh Vietnam

  1. 1. 1. Teach young Vietnamese to sell international -US & UK. 2. Do outsourcing customer services. ?
  2. 2. • These jobs are in demand : 1. Sell international working for international firms in VN. • 2. Customer service for outsourcing companies in Vietnam. • It takes 5 modules to train a student to be a salesperson speaking English. Responding to English speaking bosses in UK or US.
  3. 3. • Use video and text book below to train students. • Instructors are American and British instructors with business experience. • We can also learn from famous salesmen like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar. • We recognize the cultural difference, therefore we will high light the different strategies in communication and negotiation.
  4. 4. We recognize the differences in East and West cultures, Following slides :
  5. 5. Vietnamese/
  6. 6. Tips for Success : 1. Find the right people 2. Think beyond the short term 3. Be sensitive to timing 4. Turn negatives into positives 5. Show it is good for Vietnam 6. Be flexible 7. Avoid becoming indebted 8. Build on successes and failures 9. Minimize your “no’s” 10.Control your emotions 11.Increase your importance (status) 12.Be yourself.