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Thesis Chapter 1


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Thesis Chapter 1

  1. 1. JMJ Marist Brothers<br />Notre Dame of Dadiangas University<br />Marist Avenue, General Santos City<br />Auto-Back up File with Compressor<br />A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty ofCollege of Engineering and TechnologyNotre Dame of Dadiangas University<br />In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements forThe Degree of Bachelor of ScienceIn Computer Science<br />Proponents:<br />Agreda, Jonathan B.<br />Danial, Jade G.<br />Sesican, Demond S.<br />Mr. Rumil S. Mendoza, MSIT<br />August 4, 2010<br /><ul><li>Research Description</li></ul>Overview of the Current State of Technology<br />Computer files have become a common business tool. Many computer systems provide methods for protecting and saving the memory size of these files because it serves as the modern counterpart of paper documents which are usually kept.<br />When computer files are extremely important, a back-up process is used to protect against damage or even loss. If something happens to your computer, you will be pleased that you have these backups. You don’t have to backup your entire computer. Those files or documents that are yours, especially to those irreplaceable ones, should be saved in a particular location where they cannot be damaged. <br />Sometimes, it is useful to store a group of files in one file so that they can be backed up, easily transferred to another directory, or even transferred to a different computer. It is also sometimes useful to compress files into one file so that they use less disk space and download faster.<br />To speed things up and make efficient use of disk space, many large files are compressed. Software developers today develop a file compression application to reduce the size of a file, shortening the time it takes to download. Compression software uses complex mathematical equations to scan a file for repeating patterns in the data. It replaces the data with smaller codes that take up less room. (<br /> At first glance, this seems very mysterious. How can you reduce the number of bytes and then add those exact bytes back later? As it turns out, the basic idea behind the process is fairly straightforward, this includes creating an application that somehow showcase the issue in regards to the time of compressing and to the reduction of the number of bytes and append the exact bytes back. <br />Research Objectives<br />General Objective<br />This research aims to develop an Auto-Backup File with Compressor.<br />Specific Objectives<br />In order to achieve the general objective, the researchers should execute the following:<br />To gather information needed in the study;<br />To analyze and provide procure solutions to the problems;<br />To design the application with accordance to the requirements stated; and<br />To develop the program.<br />