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SAP & Mendix - a piece of cake?


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In this presentation we discussed customers challenges. We address tangible questions on why and how you could apply an agile solution on top of SAP. Which choices to make, like Fiori or Mendix and zoom in a bit on differences. We mixed these experiences with an live demo.

This session was hosted at the 10th anniversary of #sitNL -SAP Insidetrack in The Netherlands at 10-11-2018 by Bart van den Heuvel and Wim Snoep.

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SAP & Mendix - a piece of cake?

  1. 1. SAP & Mendix a piece of cake? Wim Snoep - SAP consultant Bart van den Heuvel – Mendix Consultant sitNL 10 november 2018
  2. 2. Introduction Wim Snoep – SAP SL Technology Bart van den Heuvel DTS - Mendix
  3. 3. Mendix – a piece of cake?
  4. 4. Agenda • Intro • Tangible questions • Demo • Summary
  5. 5. Can you keep up with the hares?
  6. 6. Mode 1 vs Mode 2
  7. 7. Do you know what grows in your garden? Hoe ziet jouw landschap eruit / welke backend soorten, ontsluiting van …? / aantal bronsystemen
  8. 8. Does SAP S4/HANA / ECC offer you everything you need?
  9. 9. Fit-to-standard or customization?
  10. 10. Define your population What type of developer is represented most in your company?
  11. 11. Is everyone on board?
  12. 12. Practical example
  13. 13. The Ciber employee app Customer journey SAP Odata connector Demo Architecture
  14. 14. Application landscape – the garden Integration OData Connector System of records AFASSAP S/4HANA Engagement Employee App App module Repository Security Authentication / Authorization SAP API Management
  15. 15. SAP OData connector
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. To summarize Just a piece of the cake! • What mode are you operating on? • What grows in your garden? • Extension of S4 datamodel required? • Fit to standard or standards won’t fit? • Adoption / reskilling developers? • Is your business ready to be closely involved?
  18. 18. Any questions?