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Information system for production management


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Presentation on application of MIS on production management.

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Information system for production management

  2. 2. Allocate Schedule Resources Productio n Complete Source Job Raw Material Quality Check Inventory Testing SendTHE PRODUCTION PROCESS Receive Order Order
  3. 3. MIS REQUIREMENT Material Mgmt Inventory Monitoring Mgmt Prod MIS Resource Quality Planning
  4. 4. Invento Bills ofry Data Material s Plannin g Data End Item Producti Data on MIS MRP Reports Personn Producti Process Quality el Data on Control Control Process Reports Reports Inspecti ng Data Producti JIT on Reports Schedul
  5. 5. Strategic Tactical Operational• Plant • Planning • BoM Location • Quality and • Inventory• Market Share Inspection • End Item• Competitors Data Data• Production • Personnel Process
  6. 6. THE PRODUCTION PROCESS - MIS Goods Schedule Issue and Release Completion Convert Confirmati Production on Proposal QualityRun MPS w/MRP Inspection Order Receive Order Settlement
  7. 7.  Material requirements planning (MRP) ◦ Determine when finished products are needed ◦ Determine deadlines accordingly  Manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) ◦ Network scheduling ◦ Improve customer service and productivity  Just in time (JIT) inventory system  Inventory and materials delivered right before usageMANUFACTURING MIS
  8. 8.  Sales and Marketing Department for demand  Design Department  Inventory Management System - IM  Human Resources Department - HRM  Line Manager  Quality DepartmentSOURCES OF DATA
  9. 9.  Computer assisted design and Manufacturinfg – CAD/CAM  Can be a source of data to other departments such as Finance, S&D – eERP  Can be extended to supply chain partners – SCMFURTHER SCOPE
  10. 10. Thank You Questions??