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Winovation credential

  1. 1. WI•NOVATION® unique recipe for ideation
  2. 2. Every marketer faces a market truth that: - Products are increasingly commoditized - Market is hence more & more competitive Brands are pushed to come up with new news quickly and product life cycle is shortened INNOVATION WINS!
  3. 3. And obviously, the first and upmost important step for a proper product innovation is to generate new ideas IDEATION COMES FIRST!
  4. 4. An new PATENTED qualitative research tool invented by WIMI, specifically for ideation… WI•NOVATION®
  5. 5. Intellectual Property Bureau of the PRC The methodology fits the requirements of being NEW & CREATIVE as stipulated by the law
  6. 6. 4-people discussion & workshop session -2 X Consumers + -1 X Art & Design Professional + -1 X Client Side Professional THE QUAD
  7. 7. The first time to bring in all 3 different perspectives: 1) Consumers’ new ideas from first hand usage angle – a reflection of needs, actual usage experiences, common beliefs and attitudes… 2) Art & Design Professionals as the “engine” of creativity with their talents and skills in creation 3) Client Side Professionals to contribute based on their profound knowledge of the product category and also a balancing power of creativity vs. feasibility THE QUAD
  8. 8. Definition of participants: -Consumers -A friendship pair -At least one of them is heavy and involved user of the product; the other one at least non-rejector -Art & Design Professional -Student or part-timer or freelancer in any art and design -At least non-rejector of the product -Client Side Professional -Related staff from marketing, research, product development and even advertising agency THE QUAD
  9. 9. A sharing session by the Consumers (and probably by the Art & Design Professional) on needs & wants, usage experiences, dissatisfactions & unmet needs, related knowledge, belief and attitude Also an interactive process for Client Side Professional to understand target consumers Achieving an alignment on key, basic understanding as the food for thoughts to carry on THE INSIGHT
  10. 10. It is true that good ideas can come anytime and all in a sudden, anywhere and out of nowhere However, with specific task force formed, we have to make sure the participants able to unleash their creativity at the specific time and place Hence, we have developed our own approach to stimulate creativity in 5 different directions Through proper introduction of the directions, examples sharing and probing, moderator helps the task force to start their “creative engine” THE IDEATION
  11. 11. Direction 1: Maximization & Minimization An approach to go EXTREME By enlarging or reducing certain aspect to the limit (not just size) THE IDEATION
  12. 12. Direction 2: Reverse Thinking What it is? WHAT IS NOT? Coca-cola is liquid, not solid Biscuit is crunchy, not soft BUT WHY NOT? THE IDEATION
  13. 13. Direction 3: Combination & Separation Function-oriented innovation Combination – the pursuit for multiple benefits Separation – the pursuit for simplicity, purity THE IDEATION vs. vs.
  14. 14. Direction 4: Perfectioning Things are not never perfect in our world and perhaps a very common experience: When you eat a nice dish in a restaurant – “Ah, it would just perfect if it could be more spicy…” or; When you buy a nice coat – “Ah, it would just be perfect if it could trim a little bit on the waist line…” A free flow of thoughts to change, add- on or disregard some details, accessories The desire to IMPROVE & CUSTOMIZE for oneself THE IDEATION
  15. 15. Direction 5: Crossing Over / Fusion Bold ideas requiring cross categories mixing – often involving out-of-the-box thinking A desire to EXPERIEMENT THE IDEATION
  16. 16. thank you