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a collection of Green Packet's case studies for the modems used in various scenarios and countries, leading to the success of the wimax service providers there.

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Green packet-wimax-modem-case studies-2012

  1. 1. Foreword ContentsBroadband deployment is a centralpreoccupation of most, if not all, Building A Successful 4G WiMAX Visioncountries. Mobile broadband plays 4G WiMAX Portfolio – Building Blocks for Successa significant role in realizing thevision of a “connected” society in Communicating 4G WiMAX Success Storieswhich people have timely access • Packet One Networks (P1), Malaysiato other people, information and How Adopting Quality Performance Helped P1’sservices they desire. Next Stage of GrowthThe mobile Internet is rapidly • Qubee, Bangladeshevolving and users today demand Delivering Broadband Internet to the Massesfast next-generation mobilebroadband services. The • Maximali, Georgiaemergence of 4G standards have Finding a Niche in Small-Medium Businessesbecome the development trend of • vividwireless, Australiathe whole telecom industry. Embracing MultiplayInnovation is the essence forconstant progress. • Swift Networks, Africa Fast Tracking 4G in NigeriaGreenpacket is a leading innovatorproviding both 4G devices and • Telemax, MongoliaSmart Connectivity Solutions. Over 4G Data and Internet Risingthe past 3 years, Greenpacket has • wi-tribe, Pakistancollaborated with over 40 Delivering Better Broadband Experienceoperators providing mobile WiMAXdevices and 35 operators onsoftware solutions globally. Duringthe evolution process, we have Greenpacket’s Global Deploymentcome to understand the goals,needs and challenges ourcustomers are facing and tosupply innovative solutions that fit Enabling Successful &them individually. Meaningful ConnectivityIn this edition, we will share Software Solution Portfoliostories of how Greenpacket workshand-in-hand with operators in Communicating Software Solutions Success Storiesdelivering innovative 4G products • PCCW, Hong Kongand software solutions that brought Converging 3G and Wi-Fi; Best in Service and Connectionbusiness success to the operators.This booklet is segmented into • Time Warner Cable, USA2 sections that highlight Unifying Mobile Broadband Access in a Single,Greenpacket’s portfolio of 4G Easy-to-Use Interfacedevices and Smart ConnectivitySolution success cases. By sharingthese significant achievements,we believe that our portfolio will Behind Every Successcreate a value to you for future About Greenpacketcollaborations. Awards & Accolades Contact Us
  2. 2. 4G WiMAX Device Portfolio Portable USB Indoor Outdoor Details Simple Wi-Fi High Gain Simple Multi-Port Simple Simple Pocket USB USB USB IAD IAD Outdoor Modem Router Modem Modem Modem Modem Modem 2.3GHz 2.4GHz Frequency 2.5GHz 3.5GHz Wideband Support Personal Broadband Shared Broadband Usage Home Networking SME Networking Enterprise Networking Urban Coverage Suburban Recommendation Rural Data Service Voice USB 2.0 Wi-Fi Connectivity Ethernet POTS 25dBm - 28dBm Tx Power* 23dBm - 24dBm 14dBm¹ 14dBi Antenna Gain 5dBi 2dBi Series Name Pocket Modem WN Shuttle UT Tower DV OX* Tx Power stated does not include diversity gain. Diversity gain of 2dBi is conventionally observed across all Greenpacket’s products & subject to field environment. Please refer to individual Greenpacket product brochures for details.¹ Subject to field environment variation of +-1.5dBm.Building Blocks for SuccessCompetitive Advantage of GreenpacketTechnology Expertise Wideband Support• IEEE 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX) Wave 2 Standard • One device to access W iMAX in the 2.3GHz to compliance. 2.7GHz or 3.3GHz to 3.8GHz frequency range.• Advanced antenna technology implementation (MIMO, High Transmission Power Beamforming) for exceptional performance. • Above industry average high transmission power to• Strong strategic alliances & IOT track record with major combat technological uplink performance limitations WiMAX ecosystem players, including Huawei, ZTE, resulting in greater range performance, reduced Motorola/NSN, Samsung, Purewave, Airspan, Alvarion, network re-connects and dropped packets for a Alcatel-Lucent, Mediatek, GCT, Beceem and Sequans. consistent service coverage. Plug ‘n PlayHigh Antenna Gain • Instant Internet connection minus the complication.• Advanced antenna design with higher antenna gain, radiates and receives WiMAX signals from any direction Stylish Design for great flexibility in modem placement. • Strong aesthetic values to appeal to style conscious users.
  3. 3. vividwireless, AustraliaEmbracing Multiplay“The Tower modem cleverly combines WiMAX and Wi-Fi in one, allowing users to share broadbandconnection on-premise. Its stylish design will help us increase user adoption.” Martin Mercer Chief Executive Officer vividwireless vividwireless Challenges with Fast, Affordable 4G Broadband vividwireless launched its wireless broadband services during a period of rapidly growing demand, stimulated initially by the iPhone and the iPad, and subsequently by the growing number of Android smartphones and pads. The scramble to sign up these new broadband accounts has seen a rapid fall in data plan charges across the country. Operators are now seeking to provide more services to improve profitability and share in what has become a competitive market, with Telstra, Optus and VHA all claiming 98% or better population coverage with 3G networks. How can vividwireless win market share from the ISP’s and 3G/3.5G incumbents? Low entry price plans and product bundling are insufficient to sustain long term growth. vividwireless must distinguish itself through a strategic service and product positioning in the market, monetizing multimedia rich content and VoIP services. It is, in fact, well placed to do so, being a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Group Holdings Limited.
  4. 4. A key differentiator in the market proposition, performance, is highly dependent onthe target market sector and infrastructure investment. vividwireless’ WiMAXnetwork has currently the most advanced technology, offering superior performanceto all the other 3G networks. The performance of vividwireless’ network launched inPerth in March, 2010 has been excellent, with smaller networks launched inmetropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Brisbane.vividwireless’ business objectives are rooted in delivering exceptional customerexperience & service quality, with better and faster wireless services at valuebased price points. WiMAX technology has an advantage in its time to market,without the complexity of pits and pipes, fixed DSL services or cell site build-out(in 3G with spectrum constraints). Being able to take your service with you toanother location within the coverage area (nomadic services), is a greatadvantage against DSL and HFC services in homes and offices. vividwireless hasalso been creative in offering customers the ability to run multiple devices on theone account, instead of requiring separate broadband accounts for home, office,kids and mobile needs. vividwireless pty ltd was incorporated in 2009 and has offices in Sydney and Perth, Australia. vividwireless pty ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Group Holdings Limited. vividwireless provides wireless broadband services on a WiMAX network supporting voice and data in its product portfolio. The network launched in Perth in March, 2010 and has since expanded to select parts of metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Brisbane. vividwireless is changing the way consumers utilize the power of wireless broadband services. Fast, portable wireless Internet services with affordable and premium devices: USB modems, Wi-Fi hotspots and desktop modems with built-in Wi-Fi, LAN and VoIP capability set new benchmarks for customer service and value for money.
  5. 5. Quick Factbox Stimulating Demand for Broadband Uptake Another differentiator that has proven successful is vividwireless’ device strategy. Brisbane Distinctively designed modems with exceptional performance have significantly influenced uptake of its WiMAX service.Perth Sydney Adelaide Canberra vividwireless turned to Greenpacket for the premium DX series WiMAX indoor Melbourne modem solution. With Greenpacket’s versatile modem, vividwireless was able to address different segment users such as residential and more recently, smallSeriously fast and affordable businesses, offering them high performance Internet without waiting for installation,4G broadband in metropolitan Wi-Fi for connectivity and VoIP telephony. These are important features, becauseSydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, generally, indoor users have longer sessions, more users and more intenseCanberra & Brisbane. bandwidth requirements. The portability means users can enjoy WiMAX without the constraints of a fixed location. vividwireless has also recently moved to take strategic advantage of the VoIP ports data in the DX. Current offerings from competitors do not bundle the telephone cheaply. plans Fixed line telephones carry a monthly service fee of $20-$30, plus the added cost of local calls, STD calls and ISD calls. It is not uncommon for monthly bills to be $100 or more. Being able to offer a phone service at a fraction of the price of a fixedMonth-to-month plan, or select telephone service within a single subscription, supporting multiple users hasone of the fixed term options boosted subscription rates. VoIP call quality is excellent and affordable, without fixedand really save. line charges and costly SDD and IDD rates. The bundling of VoIP services with high speed Internet into a unified bill allows increased monthly billing, increased margins on the data service, and builds on customer satisfaction. pre-paid vividwireless’ broadband Internet service is not limited to voice and data. Potential plans new revenue streams can be derived from incorporating high quality content such as IPTV and video. WiMAX technology is well suited to data applications with high bandwidth utilization with amazing DL speeds. This fulfils a key strategy forTop up anytime online or at a vividwireless, increasing the attractiveness of its offering with quality content, whileparticipating retailer. at the same time layering premium services on the data channel for increased billing and margin per customer. broadband & phone Optimized for indoor useNo more costly landline rentalcharges. Make national,international and mobile callsthrough the Internet. phone plansBring it all together with one Ease of usegreat plan. vividwireless Boosting indoor with reducedbro adb an d & p h one i n a n coverage with Wi-Fi customer supportall-in - on e, eas y t o i n s t a l lbundle option that will haveyou up and running in minutes.
  6. 6. Key Drivers for Broadband Australian Broadband DevelopmentAdoption• Mobile Internet with 4G Historically, Australia was lagging behind APAC counterparts, with Internet services s p eed s at high rates for fixed ADSL, and wireless services that were too slow and not• Content rich experience; data-centric. Cellular service providers were typically slow to respond to wireless I P T V, Vo D , Vo I P, m u s i c , broadband demands by providing wireless Internet services as a supplement over gam in g their 3G networks. By 2009¹, a vast majority of the business sector was on• Explosion of smart devices broadband with an annual growth rate of between 10% and 15%. Likewise,• Application stores the residential broadband market grew by 50% more than business market. In 2009, there were close to 200 Internet service providers in Australia providing retail broadband. However, the market was dominated by a small number of companies; Telstra supplies nearly 45% of services, followed by the second-largest player, Optus, with around 11% of the market. The remaining market share is distributed over 180 small and medium sized providers. The enabling factor for subscriber growth will come from untapped demand both in cities and sub-rural areas, where intense competitive pressure will start to depress prices further. Forecasts indicate there will be double digit subscriber growth² for the next five years. 1 Source : BuddeComm 2 Source : BMI Australia Telecommunications Report 2009 Towering the DX Traditional devices merely bridged the service into the premises. Today, devices are becoming more advanced and structured, aiding network coverage and capacity. One of the major challenges faced by WiMAX operators lies in providing sound indoor coverage, due to the higher frequencies of transmission. This challenge is far less for operators using frequencies often a third or a quarter of the WiMAX frequency. Device improvements including smart antenna, chipset and power amplifier design, beamforming and other enhancing technologies play major roles in contributing to the network quality and performance. The DX WiMAX modem was accorded the prestigious iF Product Design Award 2010 and 4GWE Product of the Year 2010 award for its excellent aesthetics and performance. Three key areas that are distinctive include: • Optimizing indoor coverage (high gain antennas, Switched Tx Diversity, TDD-SOFDMA, MIMO A & B, ARQ & HARQ and high transmission power) • Boosting coverage with Wi-Fi access • Ease of use (reduced customer service support). The DX Tower is part of Greenpacket’s portfolio of next generation Wave 2 compliant WiMAX Modems for residential and small-medium business users. It is a WiMAX Integrated Access Device (IAD) that features a blend of superior aesthetics, data and voice access ports, high gain antennas with omni-directional performance to offer best-in-class performance.
  7. 7. The DX is designed robustly to overcome penetration losses due to buildingHow did vividwireless benefit? penetration. Given high gain dual antennas and advance antenna technology• The DX230 was instrumental supported for switched Tx diversity, the UL performance and its link budget can be in fast tracking vividwireless’ improved by allowing the modem to select the stronger transmit radio signals from subscriber acquisition the best antenna to improve overall transmission signal strength. Field results• Increased useable coverage show that the DX230 increases the usable coverage area because of its higher area, extending service gain antennas. The DX is optimized for indoor performance without having to experience to greater urban overlay microcells that may not be economically attractive and are time and sub-urban areas.• Optimized customer care, consuming. with minimized reduction in customer calls for technical The use of omni-antennas is an advantage in acquiring the most optimal radiation support as well as over the patterns in a uniform distribution relative to the base station orientation. This gives air device interrogation and greater flexibility in terms of the modem placement while indoors, when the update location of the base station is difficult to determine.Greenpacket‘s Strengths Wi-Fi is used as a complementary booster in yielding improved indoor coverage.• Wide ranging devices including Wi-Fi and WiMAX transmitters are built within the modem to allow simultaneous desktop modems, USB dongles supplied globally to service connection to the base stations. The compatibility of Wi-Fi and WiMAX facilitates providers in APAC, Europe, multiple devices to be connected within the perimeters of the house or small office. Middle East and Africa (MEA), Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) and North America (NA)• Dedicated and competent localized support team• Strategic alliances with Fostering Partnership Go-to-Market partners, including OEM’s and chipset Greenpacket believes strongly in supporting vividwireless’ market strategy, and is manufacturers committed to providing strategic long term solutions. The success of the partnership is echoed in the positive consumer take up of these devices. The GP edge is evidenced in its global presence in Telco deployments. Continuous investment in R&D and intensive training of highly qualified technical experts assures WiMAX operators have world class support.
  8. 8. SWIFT NETWORKS, AfricaFast Tracking 4G in Nigeria“We’re offering access to the Internet at a game-changing speed. With higher speed access,Nigerian businesses and consumers will be more productive and competitive as they are able to domore everyday at 4G speeds. They will also be able to share the same 4G connection, make andreceive clear voice calls at affordable prices, without the complications of cabled networking.” Chuma Okoye Chief Operating Officer SWIFT Nigeria Broadband at a Glance SWIFT launched its WIMAX 4G service in January 2011 with a rigorous coverage ambition to reach up to 10 million¹ people. It prides itself on leadership in innovation and utilizes the best technologies to empower the savvy Nigerian at work and home. To achieve and sustain this, SWIFT has to differentiate itself in the very competitive Nigerian telecoms market. Nigeria has a population of more than 150 million people, with over 150 ISPs in operation offering broadband Internet service speeds ranging from 32kbps to 8Mbps for residential, enterprise and corporate markets. However, the broadband Internet market is still underdeveloped and is weighed down by various factors including low fixed-line and PC penetration, poor wireless network infrastructure, service quality, and high connection cost. Typically, ISPs provide broadband Internet experience either via legacy cabled copper or VSATs (direct satellite Internet access solution) which are clunky and inflexible in terms of accessibility and installation charges. In short, broadband Internet was a costly affair for the general public. 1 Source : Technology Times -
  9. 9. Nigeria is Africa’s largest communications market, ideal for growth; large young population and modest penetration levels.Previously, it suffered from the lack of international connectivity. The arrival of MainOne in 2009 and Glo1 submarine cable in2010 can now connect Nigeria to West Africa and Europe, resulting in more international bandwidth to operators, transformingbroadband adoption, ie. cheaper and faster Internet access to the end-users.SWIFT Networks Ltd is a Lagos, Nigeria based provider of multi-service broadband telecommunications services to businessesand residential subscribers in the 3.5GHz spectrum. Its services include WiMAX 4G broadband Internet, digital telephony,data and video surveillance solutions.The company is providing its next generation 4G service branding “SWIFT 4G Broadband” available in Lagos and with a networksignal covering over 10 million people with further expansion also in progress.*Source: Nigeria Communications WeekCustomer Objectives The SWIFT Advantage• Provide improved broadband speeds SWIFT’s 4G launch heralded a new service experience for most users since high• Provide converged broadband speed Internet, VoIP, multimedia content were previously inaccessible in the Nigerian service for voice, data and market due to poor wired network infrastructure and unreliable wireless services. Internet SWIFT Networks remains conscious of delivering above market customer• Overcome poor indoor experience and careful in its strategy to deliver consistent access speed of 2Mbp performance per subscriber. Conventional USB modems perform marginally better than indoor modems. However, in dense city dwellings like Lagos, the propensity for multipath propagation impairs performance, negating its effectiveness to offer a stable and reliable service. SWIFT understood the importance of selecting the right product strategy in entering the competitive market. In order to win customers and cap market share, the UH350 proved to be a key differentiator, outperforming conventional USB modems in the market. The advanced antenna designs render NLOS limitations to the most minimal, thus performing on par as one would expect from a fixed wireless modem. With equivalent entry price points, SWIFT managed to provide greater access speeds and capacity to keep their customers satisfied. Additionally, there are no more fixed monthly charges passed on to customers. 60 50 Equivalent USD 40 30 20 10 0 Operator E @ Swift Home @ 3x more capacity 3GB, 384kps 10GB, up to 2Mbps with 10% savings Monthly subscription Single modem price
  10. 10. Product Facts Solution for Success• Wideband support for frequency 3.5GHz -3.7GHz SWIFT built Nigeria’s first commercial WIMAX 4G broadband network in Lagos and• High gain antenna up to 5dBi looked to Greenpacket for the UH modem, the world’s first high gain USB modem• Smart Signal Transmission to maintain leadership in the wireless broadband expansion and data growth Algorithm segment. The development of more advanced antenna technology, chipsets and• High transmission power power amplifiers are capable of improving coverage. The UH modem proved to be• Suited to indoor, outdoor and a success with users, as it matched a broad range of uses in indoor, outdoor and nomadic usage portable conditions.• Accorded iF Product Design Award 2010 and 4GWE WiMAX 4G signal like other wireless technologies is susceptible to indoor Product of the Year 2010 award penetration losses most often limiting cell coverage. The UH modem is designed with Switched Tx Diversity algorithm which allows the modem to intelligently switch transmission path based on stronger signal strengthKey Benefits to SWIFT and high gain omni antennas to facilitate greater precision transmission.• Capturing market presence for personal and residential This gives an impressive improvement in the UL performance, augmenting the segments overall coverage and capacity capability by up to 20%, as opposed to costly• Extending coverage and service network infrastructure investments. The UH modem helped set a market to urban and sub-urban areas leadership for SWIFT and sets it apart from the conventional broadband service• Accelerating returns on investment, with exceptional value and performance package plans. while reducing capital expenditure on geographic expansion Figure 1 : UH Modem
  11. 11. Telemax, Mongolia4G Data and Internet Rising“Telemax’ superior network performance is attributed to the continuous innovation andpartnership with Greenpacket. The breakthrough high-performance gain modem of the DX andUT is reliable and effective, serving the segment market for personal and residential domains.” Bayarbat Ariunbold Chief Operating Officer Telemax Communication Telemax Communication LLC is part of Wireless Internet Rising the Altai Holding investment and conglomerate companies in Mongolia The Internet market is a small but growing sector with penetration rate of with diversified investments in areas roughly 11%¹. Market penetration continues to remain strong in the urban such as retail, hotel management, IT, centers, with a rising urban population. Government initiatives such as the telecommunication, finance and securities. e-Mongolia National Program are helping to spread Internet awareness and usage throughout the country. An FttB project covering all Ulaanbaatar Telemax launched its 802.11e WiMAX in districts, hotels, schools, and government houses are developing as a the 2.5GHz band to offer wireless transition to advanced communication services. Internet service in 2009 in the city of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city in Mongolia 1 Source : Internet World Stats 2010 Penetration by Population and home to about a third of the nation’s population, serving 4G data and voice in the city as well as plans to extend services to some of the outer cities of Ulaanbaatar where wired infrastructure is lacking.
  12. 12. Customer Objectives Winning Strategy• Provide fixed wireless Internet broadband to urban population Mongolia has a population of approximately 3 million (U.S census bureau, 2010)• Provide converged broadband with GDP per capita USD2,027(ppp) according to IMF. The sparse population service for data and high speed density of 2 people per km² inhibits the modernization of fixed infrastructure. Internet With distinctive go-to market strategy in device pairing and service plans, Telemax challenged the 20+ ISP rivals that had inflexible subscription plans comprising of dial-up, DSL, ADSL, and fiber optic-based services that were more suited to large-scale enterprise usage. The concentration of urbanites and light business users flourishing in main cities presents untapped opportunity as a result of e-commerce growth. A key enabler of online businesses is spurred by versatile modems with capability to enable multiple services such as online banking, online shopping and Internet marketing. Figure 1 : UT ModemProduct Facts Solution for Success• High gain antenna• Smart Signal Transmission Taking into consideration the assessment of user demographics, commercial Algorithm needs and service needs, Greenpacket’s UT250 modem was ideal for addressing• High transmission power up to broadband users on-the-move. It is a light-weight, easy to carry USB modem that 28dBm (DX Tower modem) is packed with practicality and performance.• High transmission power up to 24dBm. (UT modem) Understanding the limitations of city dwellings and indoor performance due to• Wi-Fi compatibility (DX Tower penetration losses, the DX250 modem is designed with Wi-Fi compatibility to modem) boost indoor coverage. The DX250 is a high performance modem, with industry grade specifications suited for residential and light business (SoHO) users requiring voice, data, fax applications with 2 LAN ports and 2 voice ports with QoS support to ensure reliable service.Key Benefits to Telemax• Establishing key service Both the UT and DX incorporates advanced antenna technology capable of differentiation for high quality data applications. selecting the best signal quality for better uplink performance and higher• Extending coverage and service transmission power for improved SINR to reduce penetration loss. It is to urban and residential users. aesthetically designed and functional with minimal requirements of technical configuration to fit usage, embodying a true plug-and-play experience. The unique features of the UT and DX helped set the competition apart with more users getting online for equivalent or better speeds at fair price package options. Figure 2 : DX Modem
  13. 13. wi-tribe, PakistanDelivering Better Broadband Experience“wi-tribe aims at enhancing online access in emerging markets, both for individuals andbusinesses, creating a community with benefits for all – that’s why all our subscribers declare‘my tribe is wi-tribe’” wi-tribe Backed by unrivaled experience, Wireless Broadband in Pakistan knowledge and ability, wi-tribe, under the Qatar Telecom (Qtel) Pakistan, being one of the first in the region to adopt WiMAX technology, has seen Group launched commercial acceleration of mobile broadband in the past few years. Pakistan’s broadband services on July 2009. The vast market is growing and expected to reach 4.3 million by the end of 2013. wi-tribe, experience this world leader as one of the many players in this broadband market, entered at a point when brings to the table has fuelled the other industry players were posing an immense challenge on price cuts. growth of the wi-tribe venture worldwide. As a new entrant, wi-tribe had foresight and ambition to introduce a high-performance broadband experience that would give freedom to its wi-tribe is redefining the broadband customers. From its inception, wi-tribe was focused on providing its customers experience across the globe, with its presence and services in with seamless connectivity as well as unhindered customer care. wi-tribe was Pakistan, Jordan, the Philippines careful with the phenomenon of broadband providers quoting huge Mbps service and Doha, Qatar. speeds but delivering disappointing speed performance. Rather than following the competitive strategy of price cuts and undermining performance, wi-tribe chose to approach its market with high quality service in its five selected cities of operation – Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi.
  14. 14. Customer Objectives Winning the Market• Provide wireless Inter net broadband to urban population Distinctive go-to market strategy in device pairing and service plans helped wi-tribe• Provide converged broadband succeed over other Internet Broadband providers (ISP) that were offering inflexible service for data and high subscription plans comprising of dial-up, DSL, ADSL and fiber optic services that speed Internet were more suited to large-scale enterprise usage and costly to implement. In this competitive market, increasing concentration of urbanites was additionally putting pressure on service providers to deliver the best online experience. Often, mobile carriers providing data plans in the market were struggling to deliver consistent service over their EDGE/GPRS or CDMA-EVDO network, resulting in less reliable performance over basic USB dongles. The UH modem created the right environment and opportunity for wi-tribe to position its growth segment for semi-nomadic use. A key enabler of broadband is spurred by versatile modems with the capability to enable multiple services such as social networking, messaging, video and increasing online banking needs. Combining the aspects of service, product packaging, positioning and flexible pricing ensured the success of wi-tribe to claim its position in the fiercely competitive Pakistani market. Figure 1: wi-tribe Pocket ModemProduct Facts Solution for Success• High gain antenna• Smart Signal Transmission Greenpacket’s world’s first high gain antenna modem, the UH350 was ideal for Algorithm addressing broadband needs for semi-nomadic demographics of the target• High transmission power up to market. It is a light-weight, aesthetically built modem that is packed with 25dBm practicality and performance, which is easy to use with plug-and-play mode. It does not require complex configuration and is cable-less to give unparalleled device performance equivalent to a conventional fixed indoor modem, in terms of functionality. The versatility to allow portability from indoor to outdoor givesKey Benefits to wi-tribe convenience without compromising the broadband experience.• Establishing key service differentiation for high The UH350 gives high speed performance and coverage by incorporating performance Internet service advanced antenna technology capable of selecting the best signal quality for• Extending coverage and service better uplink performance and higher transmission power up to 25dBm for to urban and residential users improved SINR to reduce penetration loss. The UH350 having won multiple awards for its performance and design; 4GWE Product of the Year 2010 and Europe’s International Forum of Design respectively has re-affirmed its strength and powerful capability to offer superior broadband experiences to wi-tribe’s customers and keeping them happy.
  15. 15. Greenpacket’s Global Deployments NA Region - 5 service operators - 2 countries MEA Region - 16 service operators - 8 countries CALA Region - 8 service operators - 8 countriesDevices WiMAX CPE Success StoriesRegion Operator Country Region Operator Country Region Operator CountryAPAC vividwireless Australia CALA Nuevatel PCS Bolivia MEA NetOne Angola Multinet Bangladesh WIND Telecom Dominican MENA Telecom Bahrain Qubee Bangladesh Republic Datak Telecom Iran Planet Online Laos E-Networks Guyana Mobinnet Iran P1 Malaysia Digicel Cayman MTCE Iran Telemax Mongolia Islands MTN Irancell Iran Mobilink Pakistan Digicel Haiti Mada Kuwait Qubee Pakistan Digicel Jamaica BURCO Malawi Wateen Pakistan Viti Tahiti Clever Technology Nigeria Wi-Tribe Pakistan TSTT - Blink Trinidad & Direct On PC Nigeria Globe Telecom Philippines Tobago Spectranet Nigeria Limited Nigeria Liberty Philippines NA Craig Wireless Canada Swift Networks Nigeria Smart Communications Philippines Digitel USA GO Telecom Saudi Arabia Global Mobile Taiwan Hayat Telecommunication Saudi Arabia Vee Telecom Taiwan EU MVM Hungary Aptics Trading Zimbabwe Vmax Taiwan Aria Italy Zapp Portugal 2K Telecom Romania Clearwire Spain CIS BABILON-T Tajikistan (Europe) ICON Communications Armenia Maximali Georgia Intellecom Ukraine
  16. 16. EU Region - 9 service providers - 9 countries APAC Region - 32 service providers - 12 countriesSoftware ICM Success StoriesRegion Operator Country Region Operator CountryAPAC China Telecom China MEA Mobily Saudi Arabia China Unicom China NA Comcast USA PCCW Hong Kong Sprint USA SmarTone Vodafone Hong Kong Time Warner Cable USA Indosat Indonesia EU Telefonica Spain PT Berca Hardayaperkasa Indonesia PT FIRST MEDIA Indonesia PT Telkom Indonesia DIGI Telecommunications Malaysia Maxis Malaysia Globe Telecom Philippines Philippine Long Distance Philippines Telephone Company (PLDT) Smart Communications Philippines SingTel Singapore StarHub Singapore Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan FarEastTone Telecommunications Taiwan Tatung Infocomm Taiwan
  17. 17. Contact Us Headquarter Green Packet Berhad Packet Hub, 159, Jalan Templer, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. +603 7450 8888 / Americas Green Packet, Inc. 21060 Homestead Rd., Suite 220, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA. +1 408 774 9333 / Europe Middle East & Africa Green Packet Network W.L.L. P.O.Box 1504, Manama, The Landmark Seef, Bldg: 2417, Road 2831, Al Seef District 428, Kingdom of Bahrain. +973 17 560 500 / Australia & Oceania Green Packet (Australia) Pty Ltd 20 Jimada Avenue, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086, Australia. +61 2 8090 4100 / China Green Packet (Shanghai) Ltd Suite 21213,498 Guoshoujing Rd., Pudong New Area, Shanghai, 201203, China +86 21 5102 8028 / Far East Green Packet Networks (Taiwan) Pte Ltd Green Packet Berhad (Taiwan Branch) 6F, No. 21, Lane. 583, Rueiguang Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 11492 , Taiwan (R.O.C) +886 2 2627 1355 /
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