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Kayl 12 frame

  1. 1. Shot 1 : 0:04 seconds <br />The first shot I have decided to use is a long shot showing a full length view of the artist, I think this has been used to show how small he is in context with the letter he is leaning agaisnt which also links to the whole message of the song and the video. The subject (artist) is situated on the left hand side of the screen agaisnt the large letter "E" which stands for he's bands name "Example", the letter almost looks like it's shadowing the artist which shows the audience that the artist wouldnt be known to them if it wasn't for hes band hence the size difference. <br />I believe because the artist wanted to voice out such a strong opinion about the generation we live in and how no body is treated the same because we are all different the composistion of the shot only includes the letter and the artist to make sure the audience's attention is completely focused. <br />The artist is wearing a baseball jacket and converse type shoes which is what the audience are used to because it's how he stands out from other artists. The main prop used in this shot is the giant letter which gives off alot of impact and is very eyecatching. The location and colours used again are very minimal to make sure all attention is focused on the point the artist is trying to get across so this shot looks like its been shot in a studio which is better than a busy background and the colours are black and white which contrast well together and make it stand out compared to other videos. <br />Shot 2 : 0:09 seconds <br />The second shot shows a birds eye view frame used to show the various tattoo's on this one individuals body and also hes body language. This camera shot has been used I believe to show how individual this person is,compared to the "average person" who wouldnt be seen to have that many tattoo's. I also think its been focused just on the persons body is to show the subject they are focusing on as he's head is not in the frame because linking back to the narrative many people are not accepted for what they are so it's as if he doesnt have the right to be fully shown because he doesnt look the same as everyone else. <br />I really like the way this show hasnt had much effort put into it in the way the composistion isint directly in the middle and you can see someone else sat next to the person. Also no costumes or make up had to be used because the main subject is the male's tattoos and being shot in natural light means you can see them alot more,as you can see the subject is sitting on a car which again means no real posistioning has gone into this shot. <br />Shot 3 : 0:20 seconds <br />This shot is more of a close up of the artist to show the real emotion in he's face and I believe this is because the narrative of the video he is trying to get across to the audience means alot to him. He is posistioned in the middle of the frame because he is the only singer in the band, so all attention is on him. You can see from the focus in he's eyes that the words he is singing have truth in them. Again the colours are black and white which are only shown on shots of the artist himself, this may play another part in the narrative to show he is "different" from the rest of the people in he's video. <br />Shot 4 : 0:26 seconds <br />This is one of my favourite shots from the video because instantly you can tell these girls love to be different and are confident in there own skin. They are both framed in the middle of the shot so you can also see the background behind them this maybe because it will intrigue the audience as to why the location for this shot is in the woods/forest and not in a busy town centre where girls there age normally hang around. The costumes used in this shot I believe would be the girls own clothes as they play a significant part in what makes them different, this element I believe is used throughout the video in the way that no directors or costume designers have given anyone (but the artist) clothes to wear and the camera crew have gone to them to shoot thier outlook on life for the video's narritive. There facial expressions show that although they are different they are not happy and this is again what links back to the narritive of people not being accepted because there different. <br />Shot 5 : 0:36 seconds <br />The shallow focus on this shot makes it much more interesting to look at and although it's a medium shot the composistion shows two people in the shot both on different levels but are still linked together this maybe to get the viewers to widen what they are looking at in a shot and to also link back to the narrative which this shot does well. The army tank at the back of this shot with one of the people stood on top of it indicates the narrative to the shot relates to voilence and fighting and how it occurs frequently around the world and as the man closest to the camera is clenching he's fist it suggests to me that because these two men are "different" voilence is something they may have to take from other people whether it be mental discrimination (racism) or physical (fighting). The costume that these two men are wearing is very casual, however the leather hat and jacket that the man closest to the camera is wearing suggests he has he's own sense of style, just like the other people in the video. One of the reasons for the prejudice and discrimination they recieve. As this shot is in a deserted field it does work well with the tank and the characters each of them are playing. <br />Shot 6 : 0:44 seconds <br />Shallow focus is again used in this shot but as the shot moves to the right the quality of it becomes deeper. I believe they have used this effect in the editing stage because you can see what the objects are in the shot without it being clear and without it the whole shot would of been pretty plain. The shot includes two peices of china hanging from peices of rope and with the background faded I can still make out that it's in a forest, so they may have been used to reflect the personality or the love of one of the people used in this video, this certainly shows the element of them being different but not necesserily in a bad way. But I think the main use of them is to show the entrance into the place all of these people hang out in away from the world of people who discriminate them. <br />Shot 7 & Shot 8 : 0:52 & 0:53 seconds <br />I have decided to analyse these two shots together because they both have the same narrative behind them they have just been shot in two different locations. Shot 7 has been taken from the forest scene wereas shot 8 has been taken from underneath a tunnel. These places/locations both indicate to me that they are places these people chose to hang out at. Both camera angles are long shots so you can see everything that is happening and also pick up on every little detail. The composistion of the shots is also really similar because the main element of each is shot 7 has a circus type of tent and shot 8 has a variety of speakers and the people are all posistioned around these which I believe contains the music that they are all dancing too. You can't see what make up each of the people have on in the shots but the costumes used I would believe are there own clothes because as you can see they are all dressed individually because they all have seperate styles and linking this back to the narrative of the video it now leads onto these two locations are the only places these groups of people can hang out with each other without feeling like someone doesn't like and you can see there positive emotions in there body language, even though they all look like they are having a good time I do believe that they shouldnt have to hide away from everyone to be thereselves. <br />Shot 9 : 1:08 seconds <br />The composistion is the only reason I chose this shot because the man is standing so close to the camera he looks as if he is almost being squashed in by the two high rise buildings. I think the buildings indicate this man standing up for himself agaisnt the disrespectful people because of the lyric "If we don't kill ourselves, we'll be the leaders of a messed up generation" and the messed up generation line is what the rest of the world believe these group of people are which is wrong. The camera has also been posistioned on a low angle to make sure the male was centre of the image with the two buildings at either side. Again the costume/make up looks like the males own choice and again shows how he is different. The lighting is very good because the camera is facing up over it's catching all the light from the blue skies which reflects perfectly over the shot. Linking back to the narrative this shot shows a change in the "generation" as you can see the male's body language has changed and he seems to be alot more confident and a "leader" of what he believes in, he's looking at the camera directly as to say "this is me" which is I think what the artist wanted the video to do, for people who are seen as different or individual to know it's ok and to be confident in who they are. <br />Shot 10 : 2:10 seconds <br />This is another artist shot because I thought that it was needed to show how he's body language and emotion had changed from the beginning of the video and also that he still has shots in it and the limelight has not been taken away. This is a medium close up shot of the artist and the reason I dont think they used a close up is because they wanted to give the effect of the artist getting closer up into the camera lens in a way that he was making sure the audience are still paying attention, Like a check point really. The composistion includes the artist and also the "E" logo because thats how everyone recognises the artist it's also been used so you seperate the artist from the other people used in the video. The location, props and costume are all the same as shots 1 and 3. This shot I believe just shows by the artist facial expression he is wondering if the viewers are taking the video meaning in. <br />Shot 11 & Shot 12 : 3:01 & 3:08 seconds <br />These two shots are like shots 7 & 8, very similar so I am going to analyse them together. The camera is again at a medium shot for both of these because they include various number of different people so I decided to use these two shots because you can see most of the groups in both shots. In shot 11 it includes the group having a powder paint fight and in shot 13 it shows the group jumping through water sprinklers, I believe these two activities have been used to show the groups celebrating and could be for many different reasons but I believe the main one is that they are all confident now in who they are and know that being different isint a bad thing infact it's better than following the crowd. Costumes and make up can't really be seen in either of the shots because of the action that's taking place and the props (paint and water) that are being used. The narrative of the video ends with all the people included in it jumping around having fun with each other and appreciating how different they are but by taking part in these activities shows they are just like the rest of us and I believe the story behind this video is so clear and a really good message to send out and the performance by the artist and the other people used in the video relates to the message really well.<br />