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Gwen stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby


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Gwen stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby

  1. 1. Adverts tend to feature the product that they are trying to sell and the brand. For musicadverts, the artist tends to be both the product and the band. Music adverts are used inmagazines to sell CDs and digipaks. The main image used on a magazine advert is usuallyof the artist so that the person reading the magazine is instantly drawn to a face theyrecognise so they will want to read more and find out more. The advert will normally alsoinclude a release date so that the reader can find out when the CD is available to buy.In this Gwen Stefani advert, we see a large image of Gwen which is an enlarged version ofthe image on the CD cover, the colour scheme that is used in this are quite faded but Gwenstill stands out against the background of the image. The image is quite seductive, she islooking down the camera lens and this supports the image of the artist as this is the type oflook she goes for, and it also makes it appealing to the male viewer.The artists name is in big lettering, the same lettering that is used on the album cover and onher own clothing range, this will give fans of Gwen Stefani who recognise this a sense ofshared knowledge. It also stands out against the faded colours of the background and thegold/yellow colour makes it seem royal. This theme is kept in the advert by the fact that sheis holding a crown and sitting on a thrown. The album title and information are in smallerlettering below, so you first recognise the artist and then go on to read about the release dateand other important information.There is a relationship between the texts and images shown on the advert in that it all keepsin with the theme of royalty. It shows that Gwen seems to be a queen and this could suggestthat they are trying to promote her as a the queen of music, which is appropriate as she hasbeen a recording artist for many years.