9 frame analysis


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9 frame analysis

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analysis<br />Two door cinema club – what you know <br />This first frame is taken from the beginning of the video. The females are all dressed identically showing off areas of the body that appeal most to males. The white background contrasting with the vibrant clothing allows the females to stand out. Through the medium long shot you can see the whole of the female’s body.<br />The second frame shows the females dancing around the band but creating a pathway towards them representing their importance, as they are central. The bands use of dark clothing contrasts with the use of the vibrant colours in the video so allows them to stand out with ease. <br />The third frame is over the shoulder of the female showing that she is the object of his attention. The band member is looking directly at the female and through the camera being positioned over her shoulder it is like we are being out in her place. <br />The fourth frame is a long shot of the females dancing. In this shot the females have changed clothing but are still revealing key areas of the female body. They have remained vibrant so that they stand out and are still identical. Uniformed gender suggests a stereotypical view on gender, that females are all the same.<br />The fifth frame shows explicitness of the female in the bath and that she is the bands main attention as the identical females are in the background and are receiving no attention unlike the female who is centred at the front in perfect view of the band. Through the bath being white and the bubbles you can see clearly the females flesh allowing her sex appeal to shine through.<br />The sixth frame shows the main singer of the band walking through various groups of females while the other band members are sat socialising. The females are showing various body parts off and the main focus of the shot is the female doing the splits to show appeal to the male, the male however pays no attention, this shows the opposite of a stereotypical male as he doesn’t have the usual stereotypical male look on females.<br />The seventh frame is a long shot showing the females dancing provocatively in front of the males showing a stereotypical female wishing to receive the male’s attention. There is a slight representation that the males are trapped through the use of the colours, through the wall and the females.<br />The eighth frame shows a colour transformation through the saturation and by slowing the pace down allow a shadow of colour to fall behind. This contrasts in the earlier stage of the video as it goes from a bright to dull background. This allows the video to become more interesting and effective.<br />The final frame is a medium shot of the band central together; this gives the viewer the idea that they stick together as throughout the video they have never been separated. This can also be linked in with their outfits, as they are similar dark colours. Through the band being central it shows their importance and flaunts them off. <br />