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9 frame analyses 2


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Published in: News & Politics, Education
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9 frame analyses 2

  1. 1. 9 Frame Analyses<br />Pixie Lott – All about tonight<br />The first frame shows the female wearing a tight revealing costume. She is centrally framed in a dark background with streetlights on opposite sides of her. This allows your attention to be focused on the female and shows the importance of her presence. The dark tight clothing allows the females sexual appeal to come through and relates to stereotypical girls wanting to attract the other sex. The shot is medium long allowing the viewer to see the full of the females body.<br />The second frame is of males looking directly into the camera. This is a medium close up so that the viewer is able to see the reactions of the males and females. By the males looking directly into the camera it is as if they are gazing upon the viewer putting the viewer in the singers position. The whole idea of ‘bad boys’ is given off through the graffiti on the wall and the dark colors and clothing worn such as the headphones.<br />The third frame shows a close up of a mobile phone text message. The idea that the singer is texting stereotypically puts her into a younger age group as the younger generation is linked with texting. Contradicting this the message on the phone shows that the singer is slightly older as no abbreviations are used. The nail varnish is pink on the singer, which is stereotypically a female color. <br />The fourth frame shows super imposing one track over another. Through this we see the singer dancing and close ups of her face. This flaunts the female’s features off and again refers to her attraction for the opposite sex. Through the female’s use of makeup, the main areas such as the lips and eyes are highlighted and the use of red and black enhances them, also the colors red and black are referred to as sexual colors as red is passionate and black is seductive.<br />The fifth frame shows the singer dancing centrally in the middle of two males. Through this shot we can see that the singer is attracting the opposite sex and is becoming part of their focus. The males show a bad boy mysterious effect through their eyes being hidden by glasses and having no sleeves with their arms out. This shows stereotypically that this look is what is most attractive for females; the idea of the unknown is enticing. <br />The sixth frame shows the singer in a different costume. In the image the legs still remain bare and lace is used. This shows the sex appeal still as lace is stereotypically associated with sexual connotations and also the idea of the legs being bare. Slicked back hair is also used so that the singer’s facial features can fully be seen and the use of red and black makeup still remains. Black leather couches are used as leather also contains sexual connotations. This gives off a whole bad girl image of the singer, as if she has a dark sexual side. <br /> <br />The seventh frame is an extreme close up of the singers face. As you can see the makeup for the singer has changed as well as the hairstyle again relating to that singer has two sides to her. The lips have calmed down to a more feminine color of pink however black is still used to enhance the eyes as stereotypically these are a main attraction for the male. <br />The eighth frame shows a group of girls all dancing synchronized. This image gives the whole idea of girl power off through the use of dark tight clothing and them all being together. The singer is still the main focus in this shot as she is centrally framed and is revealing the most flesh putting your focus onto her. <br />The final frame uses super imposing again to flash from the singers ‘bad girl’ side and close ups of her mouth etc. This shows the singers sexual appeal off through her facial reactions and close ups proving that the main focus is on her and she is dominating all. <br />