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Iloilo river devtproject b

  1. 1. Iloilo RiverDevelopment Project Presented by: Jed Patrick E. Mabilog City Mayor, Iloilo City Finals of the 2010 LivCom Awards Hilton Hotel, Chicago, USA, Nov. 4-8, 2010
  2. 2. Iloilo River Iloilo City Central Philippines
  3. 3. Iloilo River HISTORICAL BACKGROUNDIRONG-IRONG - One of theterritories in the island acquiredby Bornean Chieftains from alocal “ATI” Chieftain throughbarter“IRONG-IRONG” RIVER – Siteof Pre-Spanish settlement
  4. 4. Iloilo River HISTORICAL BACKGROUNDVILLAGE OF “IRONG-IRONG”(Now Iloilo City) - seat of Spanishinfluence in the Island during theSpanish era.ILOILO RIVER - host of thegalleon trade from Visayas toMoluccasILOILO PORT - the rapideconomic growth of the place ledto the opening of the port in IloiloRiver to the World Trade, 1855
  5. 5. Iloilo River TODAY• 35 villages (out of 180) are found along the river• No less than 53,000 people living along the river banks• Land Use – combination of residential, commercial, institutional, open space, fishpond, transport facility and mangrove areas
  6. 6. Iloilo RiverATTRIBUTES• An estuarine, 15 km long• Maintains high level of productive biological activities• Serves as habitat and nursery of many important fish species
  7. 7. Iloilo RiverATTRIBUTES • Supports the growth of 22 mangrove species out of 35 national species • Home of the rare plant and animal species 1. Sonneratia ovata (mangrove) – rare in the region 2. metapenaues insolitus (shrimp) - rare in the country
  8. 8. Iloilo RiverATTRIBUTES • Heritage site - home to 19 heritage structures • Site of the world renown “Dinagyang” Festival
  9. 9. Iloilo RiverRESOURCE UTILIZATION• Fishing• Fishpond Cultivation• Salt Production• Spawning Area of Important Fish Species
  10. 10. Iloilo RiverRESOURCE UTILIZATION• Transportation• Port Facilities• Research & Education• Recreation
  11. 11. Iloilo RiverISSUES1. Water PollutionCauses• Untreated wastewater from 121 of 180 villages• Untreated wastewater from hotels and hospitals• Substandard septic tank design, no regular maintenance• Presence of solid waste
  12. 12. Iloilo River ISSUES1. Water PollutionImpacts• Poor water quality - low dissolved oxygen has been observed for the past 5 years• Waterborne diseases, particularly among children• Threats to aquatic life – fish kill
  13. 13. Iloilo RiverISSUES2. Reduction of Mangrove AreasCauses• Infrastructure development• Conversion of mangrove areas to: 1. Business and residential areas 2. Fishpond• Illegal cutting
  14. 14. Iloilo RiverISSUES2. Reduction of Mangrove AreasImpacts• Destruction of spawning areas• Declining fish population• Threats to biodiversity• Soil erosion and flooding
  15. 15. Iloilo River ISSUES3. Over fishingCauses• Presence of illegal fish pen• Uncontrolled fish capture in the past decadesImpacts• Declining fish population• Threats to biodiversity• Loss of livelihood to some fisher folks
  16. 16. Iloilo RiverISSUES4. FloodingCauses• Narrowing of waterways due to encroachment of structures• Soil erosion due to destruction of mangroves• Increase sedimentation in the river beds• Climate change
  17. 17. Iloilo RiverISSUES4. FloodingImpacts• Disrupted communities• Loss of life• Loss of livelihood
  18. 18. Iloilo RiverISSUES5. Lack of Public AccessCauses• Encroachment Impacts• Lack of tourism and recreational activity• Low level of public awareness on the issues & problems of the river
  19. 19. Local ActionsManaging Iloilo River Thru ParticipationThe Iloilo River Development Council• Promote co-management of the river through inter-agency cooperation Council Regular Meeting The Civil Society A Lions Club Meeting• Encourage public initiatives through the involvement of civic clubs, schools and universities
  20. 20. Local ActionsMaking Iloilo River Healthy Thru Social Marketing• Annual Celebration of Iloilo River Week• Billboards, Posters and Leaflets• Public Exhibits• Radio and TV Interviews• Forums and Workshops
  21. 21. Local ActionsMaking Iloilo River Healthy Thru Low Cost Wastewater Treatment TechnologiesPilot Program• Construction of the model Low Cost Treatment Plant in partnership with USAID Model Low Cost WWTP at the SlaughterhouseReplication Program Actual adaptationn of the low cost model by lloilo Mission Hospital• Workshops, forums and study tours for hospitals and hotels• Actual adaptation by several hospitals• Technology clinics for hotels on-going
  22. 22. Local ActionsMaking Iloilo River Healthy Thru River Clean-up Programs Youth Program • Youth forums • Periodic clean-up drive the river Students from JBLF helped clean Students from JBLF helped clean the River Volunteer Program • Maintenance of weekly clean up in partnership with NGO’s Philippine Navy Naval Reserve Unit
  23. 23. Local ActionsMaking Iloilo River Healthy Thru Linkages With Other ProgramsWater Quality Management Area (WQMA)• An multi-agency collaboration to establish water quality monitoring and financial liability mechanism WQMA Governing Board MeetingSeptage Management Program• Preparation of Feasibility Study in collaboration with the city water provider and the USAID Septage Mgt Planning with USAID Personnel
  24. 24. Local ActionsAwareness Raising for Biodiversity in Iloilo River Management Painting Contest Exhibits
  25. 25. Local ActionsManaging Biodiversity in Iloilo River Thru Mangrove Reforestation • Mangrove reforestation involving students and civic clubs • Mangrove studies and researches
  26. 26. Local ActionsManaging Biodiversity in Iloilo River Thru Sustainable Fishery • Removal of Illegal Fishpens
  27. 27. Local ActionsProviding Access to Iloilo River• Construction of 8 Km Boulevard - Preferred site of healthy lifestyle - Site for Iloilo River promotion The Efrain. Trenas Boulevard
  28. 28. Local ActionsManaging Public Safety in Iloilo River• Flood Control Project in Collaboration with the National Government - Dredging - Concrete rip rapping of river banks
  29. 29. Local ActionsPreserving Iloilo River’s Heritage• Cultural Heritage Conservation Guideline completed 1st Quarter of 2010
  30. 30. Iloilo River in the FutureCenter for the Promotion of Urban BiodiversityObjectives 1. Promote eco-tourism 2. Provide students & city residents the opportunity: a. for leisure travel along Iloilo River b. experience exotic bird watching, visit rare mangrove areas c. learn about the river’s unique ecosystem 3. Increase awareness program to other venues in Iloilo River
  31. 31. Thank You