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Volvo Digital Media Campaign


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Volvo Digital Media Campaign

  1. 1. By: Courtney Wilson
  2. 2. About Volvo Cars Founded in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 1927. For over 80 years Volvo has provided transportation related products and services with a focus on quality, design, safety and environmental care. The Volvo Iron Mark is the universal symbol for strength and endurance, which reflects the Volvo commitment to high safety standards.
  3. 3. Volvo Challenges & Goals The highly competitive auto manufacturing industry creates numerous rivals for Volvo to outshine and out sell. Constant advances in technology force Volvo to keep up with new innovative technology in automobiles. With a new digital media strategy Volvo will advance beyond all competitors with increased sales and higher brand recognition.
  4. 4. Social Media Facebook- Update profile timeline daily and share photos posted by consumers. Also create interest groups and a fan page to help drive targeted traffic to Volvo main webpage. Twitter- Encourage customer feedback by directly tweeting at Volvo, to gain consumer insight. Through every advertising channel implement #Volvo to promote discussion about the brand in the Twitter community. YouTube- Post updated videos frequently including commercials, giveaways and quality interviews with CEO Stefan Jacoby, to share new and exciting information about the company. Instagram- Create contests and giveaways for consumers uploading the best photos of their Volvo to increase excitement about the brand.
  5. 5. Internet Marketing Launching an internet marketing campaign will have benefits such as; increased sales, greater consumer purchasing intent and increased buyer recommendations. Advertise Volvo with Google AdWords and reach more customers directly by purchasing keywords used by niche audience. - Design personal and creative advertisements - Choose keywords directly related to Volvo - Save money with these pay-per-click advertisements
  6. 6. Internet Marketing Con’t Potential Google AdWords Keywords -Volvo (which has global monthly searches- 13,600,000) -Vehicles for sale (global monthly searches- 4,090,000) -Sedan (global monthly searches- 3,350,000) -Car Safety (global monthly searches- 450,000) Sample Google AdWords Advertisement: Volvo New & Used Cars! We value quality, design and safety $1000 off 2012 Volvo S60
  7. 7. Mobile Strategy With an increasing number of people using smartphones, Volvo needs to establish a mobile marketing strategy Including an app for people to download where: -Volvo can send promotional deals directly to consumers to reach them instantly -Consumers can interact in a Question & Answer forum while on the go -Consumers can be involved in competitions, such as an Instagram photo contest
  8. 8. Target Market The Volvo brand has a reputation for car safety which could be used to target these demographics: -Families -Parents of teen drivers -Men & women age 65+ Google AdWords also has a contextual targeting feature which scans millions of web pages, analyzing texts to ensure that your ad finds its way to the best possible audience.
  9. 9. Budget Breakdown Digital Media campaign budget for one year: Total budget- $4,000,000.00 Social Media Campaign- $1,500,000.00 Internet Marketing Campaign- $1,000,000.00 Google AdWords Campaign- $500,000.00 Mobile Advertising- $500,000.00 Additional Fees- $500,000.00 Additional funding for seasonal peaks -August (when the new models arrive) -Holiday season (November-January)
  10. 10. Evaluating Success Measure campaign effectiveness with Google’s Reporting Tools: -Demographic Report can help identify your ideal target audience by showing if your ad performed better with certain groups -Reach and Frequency Report can tell youhow many people saw your ad and how many times they saw it over a period a time -View-Through Conversion Report shows youthe number of online conversations that resulted after a viewer saw but didn’t click on your ad