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Working in Small Groups


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Webinar for the Northern Waters Library System, presented by Stef Morrill, November 2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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Working in Small Groups

  1. 1. Working in Small Groups A webinar for NWLS November 4, 2013 STEF MORRILL, WILS
  2. 2. Beyond Networking: Building Meaningful Relationships and Collaborations JEAN ANDERSON, SCLS STEF MORRILL, WILS
  3. 3. Two seconds about me….
  4. 4. Interacting without interacting…..
  5. 5. Picture pages exercise: List some groups that you work in….
  6. 6. A few advantages of collaboration…. Not going it alone. Shared resources. Shared success and failure. Marketing and exposure. Better service!
  7. 7. Source:
  8. 8. Big Concept 1 Every message has a relational dimension and a content dimension
  9. 9. Would you please help me with this?
  10. 10. Picture pages exercise: It’s been a bad day at the library. Someone poured an entire bottle of glue in the bookdrop overnight, and it just got worse from there. You spent 15 minutes listening to an irate patron. The printer is working intermittently. All of the things on your list for today – including preparation for a board meeting– just flew out the window…and now you’re going to be late for a meeting. You need to let people know you’ll be about five minutes late.
  11. 11. Hi all – I’m running about 5 minutes late. So sorry! See you in a few minutes. Hi all – I’m having the worst day ever. It’s been problem after problem at the library, and I am going to have to come back here immediately after our meeting. I’m running about 5 minutes late right now, but I may be later. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Hi all – Do you know what happens when someone decides to pour an entire bottle of glue in the bookdrop? Well, I do, after today! Been a bad one…and I’m running about 5 minutes late. Be there as soon as I can.
  12. 12. Big Concept 2 Rewards - Cost = Outcome (the only math in the presentation, I promise!)
  13. 13. Big Concept 3 Genuineness is essential
  14. 14. Book Break #1
  15. 15. The Vulnerability Spectrum Phatic statements: I’m fine. How are you? October 2012 Factual statements: I’m a librarian. Evaluative statements: I liked that movie. Gut level statements: I miss you. Peak statements: I was hurt when you said that she is the most talented.
  16. 16. TRUST
  17. 17. The Clicking • • • • • • Similarity Complementarity Reciprocal Attraction Competence Proximity: Being where you are Disclosure (vulnerability)
  18. 18. Picture pages exercise: Go back to that list of groups that you wrote. Pick one that works. Knowing what makes a group click, what do you think might make that group click?
  19. 19. How to never, ever have anyone want to work with you again.
  20. 20. Be Negative
  21. 21. A B
  22. 22. Don't Share
  23. 23. Find ways to undercut someone's value.
  25. 25. Never tell people their value to you
  26. 26. Picture pages exercise: Go back to that list of groups that you wrote. Pick one that doesn’t work. Think about all of the behaviors we talked about….what do you see in the group that makes it not work? Can you change anything you do to make it better?
  27. 27. Book Break #2
  28. 28. Examples of collaboration: Your turn!
  29. 29. Questions?
  30. 30. Thank you! Stef Morrill WiLS 608-216-8319