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Google Tools


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Andrea Coffin, Community Liaison and Service Specialist, WiLS

Discover an array of underused & overlooked Google Tools to find copyright-free photos & graphics by color & size in Google Images, create flowcharts in Google Drawings, make use of Google Communities, explore Google Trends & YouTube Trends to learn what's of interest to your community, create & share maps, and see how Google Cardboard can let you experience virtual reality the fun & cheap way.

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Google Tools

  1. 1. Andrea Coffin, Community Liaison & Service Specialist, WiLS September 15, 2015 T ls
  2. 2. Google Tools • Free • Customizably (!) collaborative • Browser- and cloud-based • Supported in perpetuity?
  3. 3. Google Images • Search Tools • Size • Usage Rights • Image search with images
  4. 4. Google Drawings • Create and edit graphics • Flowcharts and workflows
  5. 5. Google Communities• What are good fits for a Google Community? • WPLC OverDrive Support • WI DPI WeTECH • Moderate and organize
  6. 6. MyMaps • Create your own maps of existing locations • Upload spreadsheets or enter manually to make national, regional, or local maps • Customize pins (appearance and labels)
  7. 7. Google & YouTube Trends • Trending web searches and videos • Local interest indicator • Good fodder for social media, displays, etc. for engagement • Everyone loves Taylor Swift
  8. 8. Google Cardboard • “Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way.” • $20! And accessories! • Community created apps • Jump coming soon • Makers!
  9. 9. Andrea Coffin Community Liaison & Service Specialist, WiLS Questions ?