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Sara Gold discusses her experience with various ebook purchase and licensing models for the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC) and the WPLC Digital Library (OverDrive).

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  • I’m one of 3 project managers for the WPLC and I am the Selection Committee Coordinator. My background is originally in publishing, working for a bookseller, then publisher and distributor.
  • WI was one of the first states to successfully create and maintain a shared ebook and digital audiobook collection. How many of you are familiar with the WPLC Digital Library?

  • The WPLC was created and organized as a contractual agreement between the 17 Wisconsin public library systems for the purpose of supporting and promoting digital ebooks and audiobooks to public library
    Started in 2003 with a collection of audiobooks. 2005 signed a contract with OverDrive for an audiobook collection. Oct 2009 the first ebook was added.
  • This is what the collection consists of today
  • Collection Focus
    Broad, current, and popular and intends to serve the varied interests of the statewide community.
    Titles selected reflect contemporary significance instead of long-term enduring value.
    Collection is intended to serve the general patron instead of the researcher.
    Selectors focus on popular genres in the fiction collection with an emphasis on romance, mystery, and science fiction, focusing on best sellers.
    Non-fiction subject areas include, but are not limited to; biographies, travel, business, health, computers, and historical materials.
    For details please see WPLC Collection Development Policy on the WPLC website.
  • You can see the exponential growth of this collection!
    Between 2012 and 2013, there was a 81 percent growth in circulation

    Feb we were #1 out of all OverDrive customers for circs
  • Each committee member has a genre or area of focus.
    They collect both audio and eformats for their area.
    1 person oversees patron requests
    1 person oversees Harper Collins titles
    Selectors build lists each month in Marketplace, the ordering component of OverDrive. The lists are merged into two lists: Adult and YATC
    Only one person places the orders.
  • $1 million content budget is broken down into automatic orders called “holds managers”, RTL are patron recommended titles
    Selectors spend $24000 per month on adult titles
    $8000 for YA/Childrens
    Just added Streaming video last month
    Have a holiday reserve fund to beef up copies of popular titles in December
  • So how do we pay for everything? We are in the third year of our $1 million buying pool.
  • In reality there are thousands of publishers producing works that people want to read but where the digital world intersects the public library there are six that everyone wants
  • Publishers nearly 50% of all adult bestsellers

  • Patty Smith, Robert Wagner, Cokie Roberts Barbara Kingsolver, Adriana trigiani, Joyce Maynard , Ann Patchett
    Well rounded publisher
  • Also strong educational division
  • In the news for their contract issues with Amazon. Amazon wants to be able to set the price at which they offer ebooks and Hachette is pushing back saying as the publisher they should be able to set the price. Amazon has suspended pre-orders of new Hachette titles, raised prices and stopped re-stocking existing ones. Today however some authors and titles have reappeared on Amazon’s website..
  • Owned by CBS
  • E Is For Book

    1. 1. Sara Gold sgold@wils.org Community Liaison & Service Specialist, WiLS
    2. 2. Format Titles Copies Audiobook 14347 25836 eBook 33011 109959
    3. 3. #2 in checkouts #11 in collection size #2 in registered users
    4. 4. 279,619 514,645 1,190,918 2,151,575 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total circulation 243,579 278,082 366,798 540,943 2010 2011 2012 2013 Audiobook circulation 243,579 278,082 819,726 1,607,254 2010 2011 2012 2013 Ebook circulation 2,934 2,165 1,785 972 2010 2011 2012 2013 Music circulation 2,934 2,165 2,609 2,406 2010 2011 2012 2013 Video circulation
    5. 5. 34 members: 24 Adult Selectors and 10 Young Adult/Children Selectors Each library system was asked to nominate 2 candidates Current members serve a 2 yr appointment with an option to renew.
    6. 6. Shared Cost Model 17 public library systems 25% of each system’s share is based on their % of the state’s total population and the other 75% is based on the system’s % of the total state’s collection usage which is based on checkouts currently. Each system has their own funding arrangement with their member libraries for their share of the buying pool that is typically a combination of system aid funding and library contributions.
    7. 7. One Vendor/One Platform One Copy/One User Metered Access Titles (most cost effective plan in terms of cost per circ) Inability to Purchase from Several Large Publishers because We are a Consortium
    8. 8. Affordable Platform Options for Local Digital Content Access to Simultaneous Use Plans for Classroom Text Sets See Major Publishers Incorporate the Simultaneous Use Model into Mid/Backlist Titles Newspapers, Newspapers, Newspapers Online Magazine Service with Decent Statistics Guidelines on Weeding Collection
    9. 9. Largest trade publisher in the world 1 copy 1 user, with unlimited uses Average price per title is $85  Both Audio and eBooks available to consortia
    10. 10. Strong in Adult Fiction and Nonfiction as well as YA/Children Biographies, Women authors, Divergent Trilogy Introduced metered title model. 26 checkouts per title and then title must be repurchased. 1 copy per user Average price is $18-$30 per title  Both Audio and eBooks available to consortia
    11. 11. Classics imprint and strong front and backlist in NF titles Now owned by Random House but retains its own identity. Titles must be repurchased after 12 months. 1 copy, 1 user Average price per title is $28 Both eBooks and Audio available to consortia
    12. 12. Business, adult fiction and nonfiction & strong juvenile fiction collection Backlist available for 52 checkouts or 2 years Average price per title is $28 eBooks (backlist titles) available to individual libraries but not consortia Audio available to consortia
    13. 13. Home to very prolific writers James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Sandra Brown, Nelson Demille and children's books New eBooks released simultaneously with print and 1 copy 1 user for unlimited uses. eBook is 3x highest print price for first year and then 1.5 x highest print price thereafter Audio available to consortium. Only children's eBooks available to Consortium. Individual libraries can purchase all eBooks.
    14. 14. Strong in nonfiction and strong in Childrens & YA Dan Brown, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King Audio and ebooks not available to libraries widely
    15. 15. Sara Gold sgold@wils.org 608.616.0355 www.wils.org Twitter: wilscommunity@wils.org http://www.wplc.info/ http://dbooks.wplc.info/