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  • Assume digital
  • Live demo=CHEESE Handout: digital basics and ½ sheet promo
  • Option to integrate titles with the rest of the collection, or separate out Search is integrated with the rest of the collection
  • Rochester Public Library Wplc, too demo
  • Level of engagement 1 Flowchart demo
  • Scenario #2 Where else is it available? Eg. County histories, WHO, google books, LSTA digitization of local resources grants (ends up in WHO)
  • /
  • #3 in  registered users #3 in checkouts #27 in size of collection #1 in holds
  • Aggregators represent authors with one or two titles
  • Ask for volunteers Focus on getting examples Put into question form
  • recap
  • Adding local content to over drive

    1. 1. Adding local content toWisconsin’s Digital Library WAPL conference May 10, 2012
    2. 2. Handouts• Wisconsin Heritage Online brochure• WHO Digital basics• Supplier (aka author) agreement• Collection development policy excerpts and adding content flowchart
    3. 3. Local content• Collection of photographs• Local author’s latest book• Author talks• Video of a community concert• Recording of a reading from local dignitary• Out-of-copyright books• Scrapbooks
    4. 4. WHO is a collaborative statewide digitization program sponsored by Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) It provides digitization training, collection hosting services, and a portal website,, where users can search the collections of all participating libraries, historical societies and museums. Over 115,000 digital resources are currently available through the WHO portal!
    5. 5. Community reservethrough OverDrive and the Wisconsin Digital Library • Hundreds of FREE library-contributed titles • Many formats – Text: EPUB and PDF – Audiobooks: WMA (DRM protected) and MP3 – WMA Music – WMV video • NOT a storage solution for digital collection
    6. 6. Community Reserve books showup in the general catalog search 50 copies is a clue that it is from CommRes
    7. 7. At a glance Community Reserve• Long time storage and • No preservation or ownership:preservation no permanent URL to access• Interoperable metadata • No exportable metadata• Historical primary sources • Primarily for access • Broad, current and popular
    8. 8. Overlapping collections• Digitize in a repository like WHO first• OverDrive’s Community Reserve – Makes it available in another format, to another audience – Circ stats can be tracked in OverDrive – Your content can be picked up nationally (titles must be available for free for all OverDrive subscribers)
    9. 9. Community Reserve: Levels of engagement1. Add existing content2. Add new content of old works already digitized3. Add new content of new works4. Add new content of old works not digitized
    10. 10. Add existing Community Reserve content to WDLFind title in Community Reserve Browse titles in Community Reserve • Database of peer- contributed titles – 1200+ titles – FREE – No accompanying Download to cataloging Wisconsin’s Digital Library • Access to database tied to Content Reserve authorization Example: demo
    11. 11. Level of engagement 2: Is it appropriate Adding new content of old works already digitized for Wisconsin’s No Example:Out of copyright local history text from WHS resources Digital Library? yes Talk to WHO Is it available in Refer to your system rep on OverDrive’s Marketplace? WPLC selection committee yes Add through no Community reserveBuy it, it’s added
    12. 12. Level of engagement 3: Is it appropriate Adding new content of new works for Wisconsin’sExample: Digital book by a local author Digital Library? Is it available in Refer to your system rep on OverDrive’s Marketplace? WPLC selection committee Will the author yes cede rights and shun yes no monetary gain?Buy it, it’s added Refer author Add through to other avenues no Community reserve to get in marketplace
    13. 13. Step by step: Digital book by a local author WPLC selection policy • Scope: broad, current and popular • Criteria include – Identified, expressed, or anticipated need in the general community – Attention of critics and reviewers – Prominence, authority, significance, and/or competence of author or creator
    14. 14. OverDrive Marketplace, aka Content Reserve • Only two of the “big 6” publishers sells to libraries • $1,000,000 statewide buying pool for 2012 – Includes $300,000 LSTA – About 5% acq budgets – Still hard to keep up with demand
    15. 15. If the book isn’t available in OverDrive’s Marketplace • Because of technical and licensing limitations personally purchased eBooks can’t be accepted • Authors with at least 10-15 published books can apply to be represented • For authors with fewer books, OverDrive suggests working with an aggregator such as Independent Publishers Group
    16. 16. Community Reserve • eBooks – EPUB, PDF • Audiobooks – WMA (DRM protected) – MP3 • WMA Music • WMV video
    17. 17. Adding local author’s book to Community Reserve• Refer title to Selection Committee• Meet with author to agree on the process – No monetary gain – Book is available for free download to all other OverDrive libraries in the U.S. – Complete the Supplier Agreement Form: Scan and send to [TBD: WPLC?]• Create metadata and upload
    18. 18. OverDrive metadata• Limited and general• No written standards
    19. 19. WHO metadata• Based on Dublin Core, a widely used international standard• Guidelines developed by Wisconsin librarians and archivists, available online at
    20. 20. How can Wisconsin develop and maintain a cooperative collection?• Parameters: broad current and popular: what does it mean for local content?• Procedures and documentation to develop – Metadata standards – Administration (securing permissions) – Storage decisions• Promotion
    21. 21. What to add whereCommunity Reserve WHO• Titles already in • Primary sources related to Community Reserve DB Wisconsin history • Visual materials--photographs,• Books out of copyright postcards, maps (but books, that have been digitized manuscripts, letters, clippings• Local productions out of are appropriate too) copyright consideration • Out of copyright or have secured permission from• Works by local authors copyright holder who’ve relinquished their • Digital content that needs the digital rights assurance of long-term preservation and accessibility
    22. 22. Jane Richard 608-263-5051Member Services Librarian Project ManagerWisconsin Library Services Wisconsin Public Library Consortium Emily Pfotenhauer 608-265-2138